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  • Paradigm shifting approach to managing stress urinary incontinence
    • FDA-cleared for over-the-counter marketing
    • Outstanding efficacy established in a multi-center, 350 subject clinical study
    • Fortune 100 company as a strategic partner

  • Mobile hardware and cloud system for capture and review of cardiac data
    • Active pilot study at a major academic institution
    • Anticipated 510K filing with FDA by April; approval expected late summer
    • Captures and analyzes patient ECGs more efficiently and cost effectively

  • Disruptive Telehealth Innovation for Mental Health
    • Mobile application platform for video telehealth + behavior analysis
    • Mental Health Parity Act+ACA = 62M new mental health patients entering market
    • Beta testing with patients, providers, and pilots with key B2B partners

  • B2B mobile platform to track health progress between consultations
    • 40,000 patients currently using the FOLUP platform
    • Focus on enterprise partners that cover health care costs
    • Unique approach educates patients to become educated about their disease

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