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  • The Freespira Breathing System is the first at-home, FDA cleared, drug-free panic disorder treatment
    • Results with patients in clinical trials and in commercial use are outstanding
    • PAHS has support from Key Opinion Leaders and commercial Centers of Excellence
    • Experienced team with relevant experience delivering health solutions.

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  • Core Mobile makes acute and post-acute healthcare - mobile, efficient, coordinated
    • Improves patient satisfaction, outcomes, efficiency, and reduces readmissions
    • Seed funding from Citrix, Harvard, Keiretsu, Venture-Med, Lone Star Angels
    • Go-To-Market agreements with Dell, Cisco, SAP and channel partners of SAP

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  • An online marketplace for the $8.4B personal training industry connecting clients to vetted & trusted trainers
    • Over 250 trainers and 60 gyms in NYC on the platform
    • #1 search result for "personal trainer" and "personal trainer NYC"
    • 800% growth since June with 70% repeat rates

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  • Crossing Chronic Total Occlusions (CTO) in the Peripheral Vascular
    • FIM Clinical Data: 23 Procedures (90% Clinical Success , 100% Safety)
    • R&D Complete, IP filed, QA System established, Manufacturing finalized
    • Lead venture investor: Upstart Ventures $600K and Healthbox $50K

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