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  • An industry-first high-definition EEG (electroencephalogram) brain activity recording and monitoring system.
    • FDA-cleared for human neurological clinical application
    • $2.1M in revenue for 2014
    • Installed in major institutions across the U.S. (4 large hospitals)
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  • Our platform connects pharmas with a network of physicians and hospitals to find patients for clinical trials
    • $1M Annual Run Rate
    • Marquee clients such as Pfizer, Novartis, Abbvie and Boston Scientific
    • Partnered with Practice Fusion, Allscripts, Athena and Medidata among others
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  • Low cost, point of care diagnostic platform to early intervene in 6+ diseases; first focus on chronic wounds
    • started with the exit: NDAs w/7 global wound care cos, 3 negotiating exclusivity
    • tested chemistry, have prototypes, designing clinical trial; fast-path FDA 510k
    • 5 well-known, world-class wound clinicians, academics, & innovators as advisers
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  • Core Mobile makes acute and post-acute healthcare - mobile, efficient, coordinated
    • Improves patient satisfaction, outcomes, efficiency, and reduces readmissions
    • Seed funding from Citrix, Harvard, Keiretsu, Venture-Med, Lone Star Angels
    • Go-To-Market agreements with Dell, Cisco, SAP and channel partners of SAP
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