Market insight We bring together groups of experts to learn and develop market insight. Participating experts get access to the insight and can connect with each other.
Deal sourcing We give priority to companies referred to us by experts. Over time this lets experts build a reputation for being a high quality dealflow source.
Deal screening Experts can help screen deals through Review Panel and by invitation. Participating experts get first access to invest and can connect with companies directly.
Portfolio support Early-stage customers need access to customers and talent (employees and advisors). We help connect experts with opportunities for both.
  • Digital Health
  • Health IT
  • Payers
  • Providers
  • Employers
  • Patients/Consumerization
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Startups
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Finance/fundraising/deals
  • Capital Raising
  • Legal
  • Software development
  • Topical - Regulatory, payment, clinical strategy, etc.

Build valuable relationships

The expert networks helps build relationships that can lead to more substantive engagements and expand your network.

Build influence

Participating as an expert helps you solidify your reputation as a healthcare expert and build influence.

Accelerate healthcare's transformation

Your expertise helps others make better decisions at the earliest and most important times.

Stay plugged in

Participating makes it easy to see and stay up to date on the most exciting health innovation happening everywhere.

1. Create and share your expert profile

Your profile highlights your expertise and helps others find you. You can also share your profile through your own networks to maximize your visibility.

2. Innovators request a call

When a startup, investor, or other innovator thinks you're a good fit, they'll request a call, providing a short description of what they're looking for and suggesting a few times they're available.

3. Call requests come to you

If you want to take a call, confirm the time and we'll send you both a confirmation with a conference line. As you take more calls, your reputation will grow and the most exciting innovators will seek you.

4. Complete your call

Come to the call ready to provide concise, intelligent, and actionable advice and feedback to their needs. These aren't sales calls, so be sure to provide as much value as you can.

5. Get paid and build your reputation

You'll get paid soon after the call. The more calls you take and more people you help, the more your reputation will grow, increasing your influence among top startups, innovators, and investors.