1. Deep market knowledge
We understand the major changes happening in healthcare. We also leverage a 3,500+ person expert network to help navigate complex markets. Plus, we've built and exited both healthcare and software companies, so understand the complexities of both.

2. Connections to potential customers
We've built relationships with a wide range of potential customers, many of whom are proven early adopters.

3. High Visibility
Our network and online ecosystem reaches tens of thousands of people in healthcare. We use this reach to attract customers, employees, and others.

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Our model is a combination of fund and direct investing.

1. The Quad Aim Fund invests
We are primarily a fund. We screen and invest in each company before the platform. You choose whether you want investors other than the fund to invest.

2. Quad Aim Fund investors can invest
Once the fund invests, we'll open it to the fund's investors to co-invest with the fund. Many of these investors are highly-experienced healthcare and software experts and entrepreneurs.

3. Platform investors can invest
After fund investors have the option to directly invest, we open the deal to our network of other member investors.