Since 2005, LSA has invested nearly $50 million in over 40 companies, receiving an additional $1 billion in follow-on funding and 8 liquidity events. LSA is ranked first among all angel groups by CB Insights.

  • CV Ingenuity, Corp. is developing drug-eluting balloon platform technology for cardiac and peripheral arteries.
  • Moleculo, Inc. has developed a novel DNA sequencing method that provides very long and accurate reads.
  • MoMelan Technologies, Inc. operates as a developer of a device to treat skin disorders by expanding the surface area of skin grafts.
  • N Spine, Inc. is focused on posterior dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine via minimally invasive surgery.
  • Nanostim, Inc., is developing leadless, implantable cardiac pacemaker.
  • Textronics, Inc. is a leader in the development of wearable sensors for use in fitness and health monitoring.
  • VasoNova is developing a self-guided PICC catheter to improve placement efficient, patient throughput and decrease time and expense.
  • Zogenix is a specialty pharma focused on the development and commercialization of therapies for CNS disorders and pain.
  • Carmenta Bioscience is improving maternal and fetal health by developing a highly accurate, serum-based diagnostic test for preeclampsia

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  • Male fertility management that empowers men to monitor their sperm quality, take charge of their fertility, and improve their chances of conception.
  • Moleculo, Inc. has developed a novel DNA sequencing method that provides very long and accurate reads.
  • MoMelan Technologies, Inc. operates as a developer of a device to treat skin disorders by expanding the surface area of skin grafts.
  • N Spine, Inc. is focused on posterior dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine via minimally invasive surgery.
  • InvVax is commercializing the world's first universal influenza vaccine.
  • Gemmus Pharma, Inc. is developing innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of influenza and other viral infectious diseases.
  • Tiatros is the world's first Healthcare Relationship Management solution delivered from a HIPAA compliant health cloud.
  • nVision is developing a technology that can be used in gynecologist offices to detect tube blockage.
  • Revolutionizing drug discovery by translating big data into pipeline drug candidates with a higher probability of success.
  • Niveus's Muscle Stimulation System 110 provides comfortable and effective stimulation to the quadriceps, easily integrating with clinical workflow.
  • Bring your veterinarian to your pet via live video chat or message.
  • Platform that leverages the enormous pharmacokinetic benefits of large protein molecules in a simple, small drug molecule format.
  • Electronic nicotine delivery that reduces smoking urge while using 40-70% less nicotine.
  • Radical improvements in surgical technology, starting with blunt dissection.
  • VaxArt, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development of oral vaccines.
  • Retrotope is a clinical stage pharmaceutical startup developing ways to control metabolic processes associated with the oxidative stress conditions.
  • BioTrace Medical Inc. is developing a novel cardiovascular device that is used in percutaneous aortic valve procedures.

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Allan May

Allan MayChairman

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Allan is a founder of Life Science Angels ( ), the largest angel organization in the U.S. focused solely on early stage medical device and life science start-ups, and comprised solely of high net worth individuals from the medical device or biotech fields. Since 2005, LSA has invested over $35M in 32 early stage companies, attracted in excess of $700M in contemporary or follow-on venture capital, and achieved five favorable exits. In 2011, Allan initiated the Life Science Angel Network, a syndicate of angel groups throughout the United States, which will focus on increasing the syndication and capitalization of highly vetted medical device and biotech startups.

In 2007, Allan joined renowned inventor, entrepreneur and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Thomas Fogarty, in co-founding Emergent Medical Partners, a boutique venture fund focused on early stage medical device company creation and investing. EMP has made 25 investments to date with 4 successful exits, including eValve and Ardian.

In 2010, Allan was elected Chairman of the Board of the Kauffman Foundation’s Angel Capital Education Foundation, now known as the Angel Resource Institute. ARI, a nonprofit devoted to the promotion and study of angel investing, works closely with the Angel Capital Association in furthering angel investing and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Allan has been founder, Chair/CEO, or investor in over 50 medtech and biotech startups, including Athenagen (Comentis), Nanostim, nSpine, and BioMimedica. He lectures frequently at universities, conferences and government programs on trends and developments affecting early stage biotech and medtech investing. He co-chaired Singularity University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track at its 2011 FutureMed Program, and is a member of the editorial board of Elsevier Windhover’s In Vivo magazine.

Casey McGlynn

Casey McGlynnCo-founder

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In 1990 Casey McGlynn formed the Life Sciences Group at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, a nationally recognized leader in the representation of startup and emerging growth companies in the life sciences field. Mr. McGlynn has one of the largest practices in the country focused on Medtech, Mobile Health and Biotech companies.

Mr. McGlynn has formed, represented, sold and taken public many of the most important medical device companies started during the last 25 years.

Over much of his career, Mr. McGlynn participated in forming and managing several small funds all of which have been top quartile performers. In 2005 Mr McGlynn founded Life Science Angels, an angel organization focused on investing in biotechnology and medical device companies. Since formation, LSA has invested over $30 million in more than 40 companies which have received an additional $600+ million in follow-on funding from VCs.

Norm Gitis

Norm GitisBoard of Directors and Medical Device Screening Chair

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Excellent experience in starting, funding and successfully growing high-tech companies with worldwide sales.

Recent experience in successfully selling a scientific instrumentation company, with numerous offers from public corporations and private equity firms.

Author of over 30 patents. Star expert witness in patent and product-quality legal proceedings in bio-medical, computer peripherals, aerospace and other industries, in courts of Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, London, Phoenix, San Francisco, etc.

Active in two areas:

  • engineering expert in legal proceedings on product quality and patent infringement related to materials and coatings, wear and tear, scratch and fatigue, friction and stiction, lubrication and thin films
  • funding and business development in med-tech, nano-tech, scientific instrumentation, lubricants and thin films.

John Reppas

John Reppas, MD PhDBoard of Directors and Biotech/Pharma Screening Co-Chair

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Dr. John Reppas is the Washington, D.C. based Director of Public Policy for the Neurotechnology Industry Organization. Previously, he was a fellow in the Department of Neurobiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Bio-X program at the Stanford University School of Medicine. His longstanding scientific interest is the biological basis of higher brain function. Dr. Reppas is an expert in next-generation neuromodulation technologies, brain-machine interfaces, and human brain imaging, and in using these platforms to develop therapies for diseases of the brain and nervous system. He is an advisor to early-stage life science companies and their investors, and also an angel investor. He graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelors of Medicine, received his MD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, and a PhD from the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.

Specialties:High-technology policy and advocacy; private equity, venture and angel capital; mobile health; consumer and patient choice behavior; data-mining and analytics; neuromodulation; brain-machine interface; brain imaging; neuroscience; psychiatry; neurology.

JC Simbana

JC SimbanaBoard of Directors

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Over fifteen years of experience in venture banking and equity research.

My focus is working with startups, entrepreneurs, angels and VCs working in the broader healthcare sector.

My goal is to build a community of the most innovative startups/entrepreneurs and helping them connect with my network of VCs and strategic partners.

I assist in helping clients (startups/entrepreneurs) with their fundraising strategy, and mentor a number of companies through my involvement with a couple of incubators, accelerators and entrepreneur organizations.

Specialties: Fundraising strategy, networking, venture banking, debt financing, biotech, medtech, therapeutics, biopharma, diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, tools, nutraceuticals, digital health, healthcare IT, health tech, community building, building relationships with select VC firms, partners, and GPs.

Chuck Sted

Chuck StedBoard of Directors

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From 2004 to retirement in 2013, Chuck was president and CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health, a $1 billion annual net revenue, clinically integrated system of four hospitals, 49 clinics, 350 employed and 700 active independent medical staff. He was CFO from 1998 and negotiated the merger of three health systems to form HPH. HPH is nationally recognized for its leading use of the EPIC electronic medical record system in support of its transformation to an accountable care organization. Chuck served on the board of HPH and each of its 14 non-profit and for profit subsidiaries.

From 1992 to 1998 Chuck served as CFO of Bank of America Hawai‘i. He was with Ernst & Young from 1974-1992 and became an audit partner in 1985.

Laura Dietch

Laura DietchBoard of Directors

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Laura Dietch is a senior executive with more than twenty five years of experience in the medical device industry - CEO, company co-founder, board director, fundraiser, investor and mentor. Laura’s areas of expertise include all aspects of business operations, research and development, clinical trials, business development, financing, market development, global marketing and sales, and emerging technologies. She has extensive executive and operating experience in both private and public companies having been a member of the senior management team in several start up companies as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Laura worked at Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (now Abbott Vascular) during the rapid growth period from the mid 80’s to the early 90’s. She was then a member of the senior management team at Progressive Angioplasty Systems (acquired by US Surgical) and later LuMend (acquired by JNJ). She was Vice President of Global Marketing for Medtronic Vascular with worldwide responsibility for cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, neurovascular and AAA products.

Laura is currently the CEO of BioTrace Medical, Inc., an early stage medical device company developing a cardiovascular device used in percutaneous aortic valve procedures.

Laura is an active angel investor, a board director and member of Life Science Angels and key member of LSA’s Medical Device Screening Committee.

She is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Division of the American Heart Association.

Brian Hsueh

Brian HsuehMedical Device Screening Co-Chair

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Early career medical technology specialist with training in clinical medicine, bioengineering and software development. Leadership and operational experience in early stage life science ventures as entrepreneur, consultant, and investor, as well as deep technical expertise in biomedical research with a proven scientific record.

Dr. Matt Kerby

Dr. Matt KerbyBiotech/Pharma Screening Co-Chair

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Extensive biomedical experience in applied and translational research directed to commercializing new technologies and therapeutics.

Dr. Faz Bashi

Dr. Faz BashiDigital Health and Sciences Screening Chair

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Faz K. Bashi, MD, has a research background in Immunology and Virology from UCSF. He is the Chair of the Medical Device Screening Committee at Life Science Angels (LSA), and an active member of the LSA Committee for Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. He is the Chair of the Angel Capital Association's Life Sciences Syndication group. He a founding member and served 2 years on the Board of Directors of HealthTech Capital, and a member of the Berkeley Angel Network.

He has been active as a mentor with Pacific Community Ventures, which creates jobs and economic opportunity by increasing investment in local businesses. He has worked at San Mateo Medical Center to develop and implement special clinical projects to help the underserved, including TeleDermatology, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening, and advancements in electronic medical records. He works as a consultant to Coleman Associates as a Deep Dive expert, and he coaches on workflow process improvement for public health clinics and safety net organizations across the US. He is passionate about novel technologies that improve the coordination and delivery of patient care through intelligent information brokering that enables true clinical collaboration, and recently joined the Advisory Board of Tiatros. Faz is also a member of the board of directors of a nonprofit foundation, called Vascular Cures, teaches Anatomy & Physiology at California Institute for Integral Studies, teaches motivated middle school kids from underserved communities at an amazing program called Peninsula Bridge and he recently completed several triathlons with Team-In-Training to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

David Carney

David CarneyDigital Health and Sciences Screening Co-Chair

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Combined management, marketing, strategy, and sales experience with a deep understanding of how technology, process, and people are brought together to deliver business results. Domain expertise within healthcare information technology resulting from thirty years within the industry. Skilled at management of staff, P&L and business development.

Rich Brenner

Rich BrennerDigital Health and Sciences Screening Co-Chair

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Forty Years experience as C.E.O. and Senior financial officer.

Earl Cohen

Earl CohenKey Member

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~35 years experience as a computer professional, starting out as a programmer for supercomptuers, and turning in to a H/W designer (while getting my Ph.D. at U.C.B.). Experience in error correction systems (Cyclotomics/Kodak), general purpose computer/microprocessor design (LLNL, Key Computer, Amdahl, Exponential), networking (Cisco, and various start-ups with which I've consulted), Solid-State disks (SandForce/LSI Corp.), etc.

Over six dozen patents granted (and a bunch more in the pipe).

Interested in all aspects of H/W design and verification, and the interactions between H/W and S/W needed to make a successful system.

Specialties: Anything related to digital hardware design and verification, related CAD tools, systems architecture for all kinds of systems (networking, computer, etc.). And patent stuff (I became a registered patent agent along the way) too...

Vinod Mahendroo

Vinod MahendrooKey Member

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Global Business Strategist with a track record of driving dramatic business and profitability growth from venture backed private companies to $1.5B public company business unit with 4K employees. Track record of reinventing market strategies with existing and new technology products. International market expertise in Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore), Europe and North America. Led and coached multiple organizations in all parts of revenue generation from market exploration and product definition to managing the supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, delivery and service. Director Experience on 2 private company Boards dealing with strategic planning, acquisitions and partnerships. Served as non-profit Board Director for the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Mike Mokelke

Mike MokelkeKey Member

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I have started, funded, and developed six life science instrumentation businesses. I have successfully exited four of those businesses. I am interested in making equity investments, and in helping startups benefit from my years of starting, growing and exiting tech businesses.

Olga Petrauskene, PhD

Olga Petrauskene, PhDKey Member

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A biochemist and an accomplished life science product development leader with deep experience from research through commercialization.

Over 15 years of combined experience in product development and managing multidisciplinary teams. Main areas of expertise are product design, customer input analysis, development and manufacturing of IVD analytical systems. Main interests are development of analytical methods for DNA, RNA and protein detection, bioanalytical methods, medical devices, microbiology, influenza and cancer detection.

Matthew Frank, PhD

Matthew Frank, PhDKey Member

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AB Human Biology with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford
MS Sloan Fellow, Stanford
Scholar in Residence Immunology and Cancer Biology, Stanford
Memberships in Multiple Science Societies
Director & Founder of Translational Comparative Medicine Conferences and Life Sciences Fund
Board and Advisory Board Memberships
Active Angel Investor

Ryan McGuinness, PhD

Ryan McGuinnessKey Member

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Ryan was trained in genetics and cell biology at the University of California at Davis. Since 1988 he has worked in several biotechnology companies and as an independent biotech consultant focused on adding value to early stage therapeutic and technology efforts.

Early in his career Ryan worked in teams that applied cutting edge genetic engineering technologies to advance the development of gene therapy and cellular therapeutics. In 2002 Ryan transitioned to research and product development for biopharmaceutical instrumentation, where he held customer-facing positions related to the introduction of novel technologies. In this role, Ryan grew to be a recognized expert in label-free biosensors, presented at numerous international scientific conferences, and was invited to chair several scientific symposia.

Ryan is co-inventor of five US patents, has published multiple scientific communications, developed many applications for the drug discovery market, and lead collaborations worldwide with well-known pharmaceutical research teams from companies like Merck, Amgen, J&J, Novartis and AstraZeneca.

Gil Peterson

Gil PetersonKey Member

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Semi-retired senior executive with general management experience in established companies and as a consultant to and interim executive in new ventures with a successful record of commercializing innovative technologies and building profitable, sustainable, market-leading businesses in the healthcare and scientific instrument markets. Leadership characterized by entrepreneurial passion, strategic vision, process focus, and customer orientation.

Lisa Serwin

Lisa SerwinKey Member

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Strong executive with proven track record of developing and executing strategies and operational improvements, supporting rapid growth and increasing profitability. Industry experience in healthcare, entertainment, mobile, gaming, and retail. Extensive not-for-profit Board experience. Expertise in strategy, operations, M&A, finance, administration and excellent corporate leadership skills. Start-up and Fortune 500 experience (international and domestic).

Awarded a State Proclamation in 2006 by Nevada’s Governor Kenny Guinn for contributions to the health of the State of Nevada. Recognized expert in healthcare technology and personal finance and featured in/on,, SheKnows, Huffington Post, CBS Radio, NPR, Popular Science and others.

Russell Deakin

Russell DeakinKey Member

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Dual British and U.S citizen, fluent in Portuguese, with an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management of UCLA and undergraduate studies at Oxford and Tufts University. Entrepreneurial Finance and Alternative assets-Private Equity Executive with proven international track record establishing profit centers through successful business strategies and development, creation of trading/sales desk and execution of corporate coverage divisions for investment banks, venture capital, and property development firms in Europe, Brazil and the U.S.

Kelly McVearry, PhD

Kelly McVearry, PhDKey Member

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Dr. McVearry is clinician-scientist with 20 years experience in biomedical research and technologies. She is the Chief Scientific Officer to Ekagra Technologies, an information system design firm that serves public health agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. McVearry has launched and commercialized for profit and nonprofit businesses, and she provides technology scouting and strategic planning to investors for life science and personalized medicine ventures, including Brand New Matter and Stephen Norris Capital Partners, LLC.

As a scientist, Dr. McVearry has been a principal investigator and co-investigator for multi-site clinical trials and hypothesis-driven prospective studies of drug exposure, neurodevelopment, and neurotrauma. As a clinician and educator, Dr. McVearry served children with developmental and acquired disorders at the Lab School of Washington and in private practice. Her caseload and expert testimony focused on autism spectrum disorders; traumatic brain injury and other neurotrauma; seizure disorders; mood and executive function disorders; and dyslexia.

Mark Coleman, MD

Mark Coleman, MDKey Member

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Dr. Coleman is currently Medical Director of the Baltimore branch of National Spine and Pain Centers (NSPC), the nation’s largest interventional pain management group. Dr. Coleman served as Director of Novel Therapies at NSPC from 2009 to 2011. NSPC routinely evaluates emerging treatments for pain through the conduct of clinical trials. Dr. Coleman is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Dr. Coleman holds an M.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University.

Konstantin Kostov

Konstantin KostovKey Member

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