Investing Gap We focus on companies with exceptional customer traction in the gap between angels and large Series A rounds.
Expertise Gap We focus on companies navigating complex healthcare markets that require specific expertise and exclusive focus.
1. Improve the care team experience Care teams are the core of effective care, including clinicians, non-clinicians, and non-professionals.
2. Improve the patient experience Success under value-based care models requires putting patients at the center of the care universe.
3. Improve health outcomes We're strong believers that steps 1 and 2 lead to better health outcomes for patients.
4. Significantly lower costs Companies that overachieve on 1-3 are far more likely to significantly lower the cost of care.
Deep market expertise Our focus gives us deep market insight, but we also tap the collective expertise of more than 3,500+ industry experts.
National reach Our expert network, national prominence, and technology let us reach promising opportunities everywhere.
Customer access We've spent years proactively building relationships with organizations that are likely early adopters for our portfolio.
Kimberly Gandy Physician, scientist and entrepreneur
Michelle Zimmerman Digital Health BizDev
Christine Bechtel Patient-centered care strategies
Ben Wanamaker Growth, innovation, and execution
John Kao CEO, Alignment Health “To achieve the objectives we’ve set out, Alignment Healthcare will need to work with the sort of companies the Quad Aim Fund is investing in.”
Rushika Fernandopulle CEO & Cofounder, Iora Health “No healthcare-focused seed fund has spent more time deeply immersed in understanding how organizations like Iora operate.”
Keith Robertson VP @ Alliant Insurance Services “The fact that Dave’s leading a fund that makes it easier for me to deliver greater value to my clients is great news.”