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Carlos Bassi

São Paulo Area, Brazil

I'm the kind of person who believes that can learn anything and do it well. Most of the times in my career it seems to be very true. When I'm determined to do something that I believe, I have the ability to persuade very smart people to follow me. I have more than 20 years of experience, leading senior teams to design and sell technology solutions for life sciences, consumer products and retail industries, serving the most respected companies. I also pride myself on being an internet entrepreneur.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Information Technology

    As mentioned in my introduction, I have 20 years of experience leading senior teams, designing and selling information technology solutions for life sciences, consumer products and retail industries, serving the most respected companies. On top of that, I have 5 years running leading a internet-based business for healthcare.

    • Software
    • Other
    • SaaS
    • Big Data
    • Entreprise Software
    • Software as a Service
    • Personal Health
    • Strategy
  • Management Consulting

    I help businesses to analyze their current ways of operating in the light of new trends and formulate new strategies to meet their business goals, by blueprinting all emerging trends, map interrelationships to unveil mega trend scenarios, a powerful combination of synergic emerging trends and then cross checking required competences and abilities to exploit them.

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Business development
    • strategy
    • operations
    • Strategy


  • HF
    Carlos is a brilliant and fast thinking professional, with a refined understanding of human motivation and perspectives. He is one of the best examples the ITA/ESPM MBA in Strategic Management meant: a fine combination of high logic skill with a deep understanding of human behavior.
    Henrique Flory
  • MS
    I had the opportunity to work with Carlos for many years at SAP. He has very good leadership skills, strong capacity of cultivating strategic relationships inside the organization and also with clients, solid technical background and, most of all, willingness to take risks assuming challenging and innovative projects. Despite these professional characteristics, he is an optmistic and easy-going person, with very good sense of humor, that makes the environment a good place to work.
    Marcia Sato
  • MP
    Fast thinking and straight to the point. Carlos is brilliant on understanding the root cause on every kind of problem, from human behavior to financial plans. This, allied to his creativity and knowledge turns him an unbeatable professional to create solid strategic plans and put them on track.
    Marcos Pinotti
  • SB
    While the COO of SAP Latin America, Carlos worked for me as the head of Presales at SAP Brazil. He is a natural born leader. By far he is one of the best leaders across multiple functional areas inside SAP. He is poised for success in whatever he sets his mind to do. I highly recommend Carlos as he will be successful in any endeavor he sets out to accomplish. He is a polished executive who is mindful of what it takes to execute. He leads his team by example, commanding respect through his many experiences. But he accomplishes this in a way that embodies collaboration and loyalty from his team based on his style. Carlos will succeed in whatever he sets out to do ... he's just that kind of guy!
    Steven Birdsall
  • JV
    Carlos is one of the most intelligent and fast thinkers I know. He can easily connect People, Technology, Processes and Finance and come up with not only groundbreaking business propositions but also viable ones. His innovative and at the same time pragmatic/realistic approach commands attention and respect. He is a very serious Solution Provider always interested in addressing solutions to many different audiences and Clients with the same attention and intensity.
    Jorge Vasconcelos
  • IP
    Carlos' 6-month fellowship was a valuable contribution to our group. From the perspective of the German corporate center, I really appreciated the diversity and real-life Brazil field experiences he brought in to the group. He is a very positive and honest person, fun both to work with and spend time outside work.
    Ivica Pavić
  • NG
    Working with Bassi was a great experience, he is a senior professional with an excellent sense of opportunity. Not only led the development of the product vision as well colaborated actively in all stages of the project.
    Natali Garcia
  • LM
    Carlos is a very talented leader endowed with business acumen, professional stature and psychological sensitivity. I always liked his approach, very pragmatic and more often than not the "right" sales touch. He is admired by his peers and by the senior management. I would like if our roads would cross again one day. A very nice person to work with.
    Luca Massasso
  • CM
    During the MBA ITA / ESPM Carlos played an important role in our group work and quality contributions during class.
    Celso Mugnela
  • SP
    I had the opportunity to be his MBA colleague and now supplier. Both times Bassi was an above the average professional. Extremely intelligent and dedicated, can face any challenge he is put to the test.
    Sergio Penna
  • ED
    Carlos is an quality oriented professional, always seeking out the best solution for his Clients, with high energy and strategic goals commitment. His successfull carrer is a consequence of his excellence in people relationship and technical knowledge, balanced with his solid academic background. His honesty is well known inside and beyond the company's frontiers.
    Erico da Rocha Nobre
  • VD
    He is a person with initiative, entrepeneurial spirit, analytical and interpersonal abilities. He has an excellent comunication verbaly and writing and has a great perseverance. Carlos is a dynamic leader, with experience in multinationals companies, increasing responsibilities and a complete vision of the company.
    Valberto Duarte
  • MX
    Bassi is a top level business executive with strong sales skills, consulting and business process knowledge, mandatory to play in complex business environments. As manager, Bassi has the ability to develop and motivate his managed professionals to obtain the best each individual has to offer to achieve corporate goals.
    Marcio Xavier
  • CA
    Mr. Carlos Bassi is deeply focused on results and knows how to extract that from his team. Additionally, he demonstrated a big capacity to manage people since he in fact helped me my career and development ! Clayton de Argolo
    Clayton Argolo
  • GS
    I had the privilege to work with some persons with high performance leadership traits. Carlos Bassi is one of them. His intelligence, a natural talent from him, put himself on the fast track to success. He was considered by global organization of SAP as a high-potential for many times. Words and phrases that may describe Carlos: conscientiousness, achievement Drive, Innovation, Openness to Feedback, Helpfulness, and Sociability. These combinations of traits created a leadership style balanced with focus on quality results and teamwork. Competitiveness is expressed as drive, energy, and a passion for success. This is Carlos, a person that have a "natural" leadership behaviors
    Genivaldo Silva
  • CB
    I have had the pleasure to work with Bassi for more than 10 years in SAP, where I could witness his career progress as Consulting Manager, Consulting Director and Pre-Sales Director. He is a person with strategic initiative, analytical and interpersonal abilities, excellent comunication and a dynamic leader with great perseverance.
    Carlos Bayarri
  • AP
    In addition to consistently lead his team to exceed company goals / objectives, his leadership provides an environment conducive to professional development of his team. Besides being a leader, he is a trainer of leaders. Strategic Planning & Results Driven are strong characteristics on his profile. Carlos is definitely one of the most fascinating professionals that I had the opportunity to work.
    Alessandro Pellini
  • MF
    Carlos Bassi is one of the best leaders I worked with. His management style consider the individual of each professional. I've learned a lot with him.
    Marcos F. N. Gimenez

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT


  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Vitalbox | August 2012 - Current

    Vitalbox offers solutions for continuum care, connecting prevention and primary care, by using new and robust technologies, as well as alternative healthcare delivery models.

  • Co-Founder & Partner

    Troyt Partners | November 2009 - December 2014

    Troyt works closely with entrepreneurs, universities and investors to build companies focusing on emerging trends.

  • Fellow

    SAP SE - Corporate Strategy Group | January 2008 - July 2008

  • Solution Engineering Director

    SAP | May 2008 - November 2009

  • Sales Director

    SAP | December 2006 - May 2008

  • Consulting Director

    SAP | May 2003 - December 2006

  • Customer Engagement Manager

    SAP | May 2001 - May 2003

  • Consultant/Project Manager

    SAP | January 1998 - May 2001

  • Business Consultant

    TOTVS (Logocenter) | February 1996 - January 1998

  • Software Engineer

    Hewlett-Packard (EDS) | January 1993 - February 1996


  • Harvard School of Public Health

    Extension School | Public Health Education and Promotion | 2010 - 2010

  • FIA - Fundação Instituto de Administração

    Extension School | Organizational Leadership | 2005 - 2005

  • BSP - Business School São Paulo

    Extension School | Selling Skills and Sales Operations | 2003 - 2004

  • Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing

    Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) | Business Administration and Management, General | 2000 - 2002

  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas

    Operations Management and Supervision | 1995 - 1995

  • Centro Universitário Fundação Santo André

    Bachelor's Degree | Mathematics and Computer Science | 1990 - 1995