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Colleen Cayes

Santa Fe, New Mexico Area

Time to market, market share, market cap - the key to achieving standout performance metrics is building a powerful organization. How do you measure your organization's "mojo?" I'll work with you to measure and then increase your organization's power using a simple framework and proven tools.. Specialties: Empowering teams to organize, plan, and execute within complexity and change. Moving from inspiring vision to shared mental models to accountable, executable structure and processes.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Power

    Invest some of your precious leadership minutes to focus on the sources of your organization's "mojo," and you can deliberately increase its ability to deliver on your vision and its success metrics. Big or small, startup or turnaround, measuring and managing the "6 Engines of Organizational Power" gives you and your team the keys to achieving technical and business objectives.

    • Business
    • Management
    • Organizational Leadership
    • company structure
    • Process Development
    • cross-functional teams
    • Team Building
    • Practice Transformation
    • change management
  • Team Building

    Your teams need to manage conflict effectively, collaborate across disciplines, make robust decisions, and manage risks. Teams flourish in a culture of transparency, collaboration, and accountability. If that's the culture you want to create for your organization, I can show you simple ways to rapidly align your organization's purpose, people, and structures and processes to achieve it..

    • Business
    • Operations
    • Decision Making Systems
    • cross-displinary teams
    • cross-functional teams
    • cross-geographic teams
    • Project Leadership
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Organization
    • culture change
    • Continuous improvement culture
    • High Performance Culture
  • High-Performance Culture and People

    Culture is one of the 6 Engines of Organizational Power. Its primary source is the character of the leader. Your impact WILL be felt whether you manage it or not. Be deliberate about defining and translating your values into an empowering culture, and you can align it with your strategy to amplify your organizational "mojo" - which is key to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding the best people.

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Continuous improvement culture
    • culture change
    • Leadership Development
    • Leadership
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Project Leadership

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Biotech, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Payers


  • I work with creative high-energy people who want to turn their ideas into action

    Ideas into Action | September 2008 - Current

    Visionary idea? Urgent project? I can help you and your team quickly design a strong plan and take the right actions to get results. As a trusted resource with successful entrepreneurial experience in Silicon Valley and beyond, I partner with you and your leaders to clarify strategy and improve alignment, teamwork, and accountability. Together we take a critical look at the big picture and extract clear priorities. We agree on action plans and visualize how all the pieces will come together. Everyone gains powerful tools to overcome barriers like organizational silos, lack of accountability, and politics If you need an organization that can solve tomorrow's problems before they become today's tactical time wasters, contact me for more information.