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Dave Chase

Greater Seattle Area

Co-founder of successful healthtech startup initially self-funded. $1M raised via AngelList following the first successful (non-equity) crowdfunding in healthcare. Previously founder of Microsoft's health platform business that now generates > $2B annually. Dave has a unique blend of HealthIT and consumer Internet leadership experience that is well suited to the bridging the gap between Health IT systems and individuals receiving care. Besides his role as Avado CEO of (acquired by WebMD in Q4 2013), he is a co-author of HIMSS Book of the Year.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Patient Engagement

    As the co-author of the seminal book on Patient Engagement (HIMSS book of the year winner), I had an opportunity to work and speak with the most forward-looking healthcare leaders. I help established and high growth companies bring the consumer/patient effectively into the mix.

    • Healthcare Delivery
    • Patient engagement and advocacy
    • Patient Education/Tracking
    • Patient Engagement
    • Patient Relationship Management
    • patient portals
  • Infusing Startup & innovation into new ventures at bigcos

    The confluence of fee-for-value reimbursement, empowered consumers, mobile internet, patient-generated data and more creates enormous demands on organizations to establish the right norms and products to meet the new needs. I help organizations with a set of guiding principles and partnering approaches to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity ahead.

    • Business
    • Strategy
  • HealthTech Startups, Crowdfunding & Shoestring Marketing

    I've been the founder or exec leader of multiple successful startups (2 exits & counting) as well as starting new businesses (2 $1B+ businesses) inside of a large company. My healthtech startup had the first successful (non-equity) crowdfunding via MedStartr as well as raising nearly $1M via AngelList. My companies have gotten huge visibility and lead generation with next to no marketing budget.

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • crowdfunding
    • Inbound marketing
    • Growth hacking
    • growth strategy


  • Dave is one of the most knowledgeable, successful, and passionate individuals I've met with regards to innovating in the health sector. He understands firsthand the struggles startups face and has the ability to offer specific, insightful solutions to those challenges. Anyone interested in growing as an entrepreneur should jump at the opportunity to speak with Dave.
     Jared Iverson
    Mon, Nov 24, 2014
  • I truly appreciated my call with Dave and the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to speak with me. He is truly a wise and humble individual, which is more than apparent by the tone in his voice and insight that he lends. I would highly recommend reaching out for his help if you have questions and time to listen. Matt Holland, Synergistic Creations
     Matt Holland
    Fri, Mar 13, 2015
  • Dave was incredibly helpful! Would highly recommend speaking with him regarding patient engagement and digital health.
     Joshua Liu
    Thu, Aug 13, 2015
  • Dave is incredibly insightful, bright and personable. He got our value proposition immediately and had great suggestions. I really appreciated his time and advice!
     Crystal Brown
    Fri, Aug 28, 2015
  • Dave is one of the most insightful individuals on digital health / health services ecosystem I have spoken to (and that says a lot - since I have been serving the payer / provider industry as a management consultant for a while before joining health tech and have spoken to leading authorities in this area as part of my work). During my conversation with Dave - He was quickly able to parse out the nuances of an idea I shared - and suggested an even more compelling idea given the platform / context I was describing. He clearly has done an incredible amount of thinking on how to improve the healthcare ecosystem - and brings the credibility and experience of someone who has successfully founded and led various business ventures within this space. My conversation with Dave was inavaluable in helping me evolve an idea and he was also kind enough to offer to make introductions to other folks who could be relevant for me. Dave came across as a very thoughtful and considerate individual who however did not shy away from debating the issues I was presenting. Will definitely be reaching back out to him gain for expertise, guidance and thought partnership going forward
     Salman Khan, M.D.
    Sun, Dec 13, 2015
  • Dave is incredibly helpful and insightful. He gets right to the point, drawing upon his successful and diverse experiences in healthcare and entrepreneurship. Highly recommended!
     Shiv Gaglani
    Thu, Jan 28, 2016
  • Great conversation about Health Rosetta and how things need to be shaken up in Health Care. We spoke at length about some of the changes needed around pharmacy benefits.
     Tim Thomas
    Tue, Feb 02, 2016
  • Great conversation and shared some great ideas, thank you
     Deb McGowan
    Tue, Feb 16, 2016
  • RS
    Dave has established Avado as a thought leader in the healthtech arena. His vision is leading Avado to be the standard bearer for a key new category of software (Patient Relationship Management) that will be imperative as healthcare shifts from a reactive to a proactive model. He's done his homework to work with those organizations that are ahead of the curve so their product meets the requirements of tomorrow, not the past.
    Ryan Schmid
  • FP
    As Americans paradoxically grower sicker despite the burgeoning health care spend rate with far too many suffering from avoidable chronic disease, Dave Chase understands that greater emphasis must be placed on lower cost, primary and preventative care and coaching if the United States is to have any real hope of bending the burgeoning medical cost curve. Dave deserves great credit for pointing out how a little noticed provision of the Affordable Care Act can accomplish this and return health insurance to what it should be -- a way of paying for high cost, unexpected care -- while at the same time achieving the triple aim of reduced cost, better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.
    Frederick Pilot
  • JM
    Dave worked for me at Microsoft when he oversaw the healthcare vertical market. Dave is a strategist who also operates effectively and tactically. He is a high impact executive with a great capacity for doing big things but not forgetting the importance of people and the little things that also matter.
    Janis Machala
  • DC
    If I had a tough marketing challenge to crack - Dave is the guy I would want working with me. His rich background in a wide variety of industries from medical to real estate, travel to technology, makes him uniquely qualified to to offer a well informed perspective on a diverse array of market driven issues. He's developed a disciplined process so that he can attack complex marketing issues in a systematic and process driven approach. And he is not afraid to go deep into a challenge to deliver results by making things happen, Dave is a guy of extraordinary integrity and character and someone you'll enjoy working with every step of the way!
    David C. Jones
  • GB
    Dave Chase lives and breathes health care, not in the usual "consultant" way that most "experts" see it: as a complex highly evolved and regulated, highly monetized arena to understand and master. He sees it as a world in dire need of change and evolution. Those of us who live in this world rarely find "experts" who see the disaster that is American medicine and intend to do something that will liberate and resuscitate us and our patients. Dave is one of those people, not simply a commentator but also a saavy participant in the solution. He is one of the rare business-minded people who really understand that health care is more than business, but necessarily and primarily a human endeavor that matters and in which the needs of the patients come first if there is to be any point to the business. His roots go back to Accenture, course through the creation of Microsoft's healthcare group and now exist in a startup Avado that doesn't "work the system" but actually evolves the art and science of communication between doctor and patient. He is an astute listener and thinker who knows where the bodies are buried in medicine, but he is also a creative and courageous force in the remodeling and salvaging of our American health care system.
    Garrison Bliss
  • GS
    Dave is an inspiring thinker of high personal integrity, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a strategic partner or a consultant. Dave Chase is a really rare individual. My professional interactions with Dave are limited to his involvement with online media. Though I know this is only one part of his professional life, his national leadership position in this field makes me forget the others. In the media world, his professional experience coupled with his wide cross-industry contacts, give Dave a remarkably clear-eyed view of the sometimes bewildering, always evolving, media landscape.. Dave is one of a small number of highly respected voices in a variety of national conversations regarding advertising market fragmentation, new advertising formats, sales strategies, channel conflicts, emerging models of journalistic endeavors in local markets, and project management. But that is not why I recommend him to my clients, introduce him to business partners, and seek his advice. Dave has an uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas simply, to inspire, and to organize new ideas or business models into concrete steps that are easily understood. At the core of this skill is his understanding of organizational limitations, and his careful crafting of business solutions that fit the resources available within any given company. Dave does not operate in a one-size-fits-all world.
    Greg Swanson
  • JB
    Dave is a superior business development professional, adept at partnering and constructing strong win/win relationships. He also thinks very strategically -- I found his insight to be a big asset on our team.
    Jim Barr
  • RW
    Dave is a true visionary in the new media industry. I have come to value his high-level perspective and tangible contributions to push the industry forward. I highly recommend working with him.
    Rebecca Weeks Watson
  • RP
    I first met Dave when he was the lead industry liason for MSN. He was a terrific ambassador for MSN and worked across many company and association lines to advance digital media. As a consultant, he has been a frequent contributor to iMedia, both online and in person. Dave is a guy of high integrity and always focused on results. He's been a real asset for iMedia and will continue to work with him on special projects and assignments.
    Rick Parkhill
  • PP
    I worked with and for Dave at Microsoft during the start-up, launch, and operational periods of Dave is the rare combination of creative visionary and clear-eyed business pragmatist. Over the last decade as both entrepreneur and consultant he has continued to lead the development of the internet as a social tool and a marketplace. His capacity for constructive collaboration and coaching along with his emphasis on driving measureable results has assured his own business success as well as that of others. I value my professional relationship with him.
    private private
  • KE
    Dave is a brilliant, creative, business development leader. He easily sees trends and gaps in the market and can envision and orchestrate solutions and partnerships to serve new markets. Dave has gregarious, always positive attitude. His willingness to help others explains his extensive network of loyal friends and supporters. It was a pleasure working with Dave during the early start-up phases of
    Kevin Eagan
  • RB
    Dave hired me while he was at Microsoft to do research/writing projects, partly in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). He demonstrated real thought-leadership and evangelism at an uncertain time in the online ad industry (2001-2003 recession). He'll always be a great leader in my book.
    Rick Bruner
  • BW
    I've known Dave for ten years, working with him on Home Advisor when he was at MSFT, and interacting with him on various projects after he left. Dave is a thoughtful, strategic leader with the ability to execute. He has served both as a mentor and a business advisor to me, and I consider him a trusted friend. I recommend Dave with the highest confidence.
    Bruce Woolsey
  • PP
    Dave is a gifted entrepreneur with genuine insight about what makes businesses successful. In our broadband initiatives, Dave gave us outstanding leadership about the kinds of new applications we needed in order to make the connected lifestyle a reality. Further, his personal networks and his evangelism for our efforts were instrumental in helping us gather support across Microsoft.
    private private
  • MH
    Dave has a unique blend of focus, creativity, passion and compassion that has made him successful in nearly everything he’s tried, and a pleasure to work with. He was and continues to be a great mentor in all things business and marketing.
    Matt Heinz
  • TD
    Dave was one of the original 6 members of a group at Microsoft that has since become a division. As part of that team, he literally had to build his business from the ground up. I'm sure Dave's vision and intellingent work was a significant factor in the success of that group. I haven't met a person more focused or relentless in pursuit of value for his company and his customer.
    Tim Dawes

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery
Markets, Health Indications, Health Issues
  • Patient Education/Tracking
  • Telehealth
  • Mobile health
  • Patient Monitoring App
  • Health IT
  • mHealth
  • Personal Health
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • New York, NY
  • Portland, OR
  • Greater Seattle Area


  • Professional Speaker and Mindset Shifter

    Rosetium | July 2015 - Current

    I'm regularly invited to company-specific events to shift mindsets. These range from board meetings to executive staff strategy sessions to internal innovation events. I utilize pattern recognition to help companies capitalize on the vast opportunities that have emerged. I understand the idiosyncrasies of healthcare without being shackled by them. My talks have led to major strategy shifts and new business initiatives inside of leading health organizations. I am simultaneously incredibly disappointed by the under-performance of the health ecosystem and super optimistic about what is possible when we harness the smarts, passion and determination of the clinicians that underpin our system. Recent speeches and strategy sessions have been in the following areas: + Opportunities & threats related to the reinvention of health benefits + Guiding principles for new healthcare products and services in Healthcare’s Age of Enlightenment + Healthcare as a community economic development differentiator + How to infuse startup energy & innovation into established companies + Building market and thought leadership on a bootstrapper's budget Private events (publicly reference-able companies listed) + Life Science & Medical Device companies such as Bayer, Genentech, GSK, J&J, Medtronic, Novartis, Roche, & UCB + Health systems such as Alina, SSM Healthcare, & St. Luke's + Health plan related including a division of Cambia & Multiplan + High Growth companies such as Maxwell Health Conferences: I've spoken before thousands of people at various industry conferences ranging from national conferences such as HIMSS to regional and discipline-specific organizations

  • Founder

    Rosetium | April 2015 - Current

    Rosetium focuses on the early years of high growth new businesses from go-to-market strategy guidance, new market exploration and all stages of funding. High growth ventures benefit from our experience having crowdfunded and bootstrapped at the early of a startup or conceiving of new ventures inside of well-established organizations. As they mature, ventures also benefit from our experience with venture funding and M&A. We have a passion for accelerating the shift to a higher value health ecosystem and have conceived of initiatives designed to accelerate the shift. [See image-links below for more on each] + 95 Theses for a New Health Ecosystem + Health Rosetta - an open source project + Documentary to highlight the latent potential to reinvent healthcare Recent speeches and consulting projects have been in the following areas: •How to infuse startup energy and innovation into established companies •Building market and thought leadership on a bootstrapper's budget •Patient engagement •Healthcare as an economic development differentiator •Reinvention of health benefits •Guiding principles for new healthcare products and services in Healthcare’s Age of Enlightenment

  • SVP | Co-founder Connectivity Services

    WebMD | October 2013 - Current

    From Press Release announcing WebMD's acquisition of Avado: “Our acquisition of Avado demonstrates WebMD’s commitment to playing a leading role in the emerging patient relationship management space because we believe that connectivity has the potential to make the delivery of care more efficient and improve patient outcomes,” said David Schlanger, WebMD’s Chief Executive Officer. “Avado’s innovative technology and tools will complement, and further accelerate WebMD’s efforts to connect patients with their healthcare providers, which is an important first step toward making connected care a reality,” said Bill Pence, WebMD’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer. "WebMD reaches the largest audience of health-focused consumers and healthcare providers in the U.S. and it’s exciting to think that Avado’s technology will be built out and scaled for the benefit of such a significant audience,” said Chase. “What’s more, since trust is paramount when it comes to the sharing of health information, it made logical sense for us to be joining a company that is the most trusted US consumer brand.”

  • Healthcare Transformer in Residence

    StartUp Health | July 2015 - Current

    StartUp Health, a global health innovation company, today announced that serial entrepreneur Dave Chase will join StartUp Health as a “Healthcare Transformer in Residence.” Chase was a co-founder of Avado — one of StartUp Health’s first portfolio companies — which was acquired by WebMD in 2013. His focus will be coaching Startup Health Academy entrepreneurs along with serving as an innovation scout to identify promising startups around the globe. “We had a fantastic experience in the StartUp Health Academy so it’s exciting to have the opportunity to continue to work closely with the rapidly growing community of Healthcare Transformers,” said Chase. “I’m honored to work with StartUp Health’s extraordinary network of entrepreneurs and innovators and help them build the next generation of businesses and achieve a mission dear to my heart: out-performing the Quadruple Aim.” Following his departure from WebMD, Chase founded Rosetium, a new venture focused on helping healthcare businesses with go-to-market strategy, new market exploration and all stages of funding. Chase will bring this expertise and his experience as a serial entrepreneur and executive at WebMD to help StartUp Health’s community of Healthcare Transformers grow and accelerate their own businesses. “From the beginning, StartUp Health has believed in the transformative power of combining Healthcare Transformers and the network effect to accelerate the shift to a higher value healthcare system,” said Steven Krein, Co-founder and CEO of StartUp Health. “Dave not only represents the true spirit of a Healthcare Transformer, but he always has an eye on how to help his peers in a way that leaps us all forward.”

  • Senior Advisor

    Cascadia Capital | October 2015 - Current

    Cascadia Capital is a middle market investment bank, serving both private and public growth companies around the globe. We are client-focused, strategic partners that work with companies throughout their life cycle. As a Senior Advisor to Cascadia’s Healthcare & Digital Health practice, I support the groups deal origination and execution efforts in buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions and equity/debt private placements for Healthcare companies.

  • Executive Producer

    The Big Heist (An Inconvenient Truth + The Big Short for healthcare) | January 2016 - Current

    A satirical, follow-the-money film on the destruction created by healthcare’s status quo….And the redemption that’s coming. It will create hope and catalyze action to thwart the greatest immediate and future threat to our country. "The Big Short, and Moneyball, had one major theme in common–in the face of a mountain of evidence, the evidence was ignored–in the case of baseball for over 20 years until someone got backed into a financial corner and had to take a big chance. Baseball kept ignoring the value of OBP relative to batting averages, stolen bases and RBI. Wall Street and regulators didn’t downgrade the credit ratings of the mortgage backed securities even when the mountain of evidence was presented to them. So why should we expect healthcare to be any different? Healthcare is in the same place at the moment. The healthcare mess in many ways is happening in broad daylight and there is no evidence of major change." - Ric Merrifield. Author, Rethink: A Business Manifesto for Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation

  • Managing Partner

    Hf Quad Aim Fund | January 2016 - Current

    Healthfundr gives investors inside access to invest in the most promising health startups. Healthcare is experiencing an unprecedented transformation. $1T in value of the $3T industry is expected to transfer to new players and models. We give investors access to invest in the software and services companies that enable widespread adoption of next generation healthcare models that over-achieve on Quadruple Aim objectives. Portfolio companies benefit from proprietary access to next generation healthcare leaders -- these are the organizations defining the future of healthcare not just legacy organizations doing innovation theater. Portfolio companies also benefit from on-demand access to over 500 hand-picked experts who have deep knowledge in virtually every nook and cranny of healthcare. The expertise network is designed to help startups access the cheapest form of capital -- customer revenue.

  • Advisory Board Member, Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center

    Oliver Wyman | January 2013 - Current The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center is a collaborative group of 40 cross industry CEOs and senior decision makers from major health sector companies, all of whom share a passion for dramatically improving healthcare. These senior leaders are committed to a clear and compelling purpose: Champion proven innovations in the market; envision market-based solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges; and harness the power of convergence through extra-industry partnerships.

  • Coauthor, Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement (HI

    HIMSS | June 2012 - Current

    Co-editor & writer for HIMSS book on Patient Engagement selected as book of the year in 2013. Also a featured speaker at national HIMSS conference on patient engagement. HIMSS represents nearly 50,000 individual members, of which more than two thirds work in healthcare provider, governmental and not-for-profit organizations. HIMSS also includes over 570 corporate members and more than 225 not-for-profit partner organizations that share a mission of transforming healthcare through the effective use of information technology and management systems.

  • Contributing Editor and Writer

    Forbes, Reuters, California Health Care Foundation, TechCrunch, Reuters, KevinMD | April 2011 - Current

    Forbes/Reuters/TechCrunch/Forbes: Writing about disruptive innovation that is reinventing healthcare. California Health Care Foundation: Seminal paper on Direct Primary Care

  • CEO, Co-Founder

    Avado | May 2011 - October 2013

    Avado assists clinicians and patients to securely communicate, track, and manage health information. Avado centralizes data from many sources and make it usable for all stakeholders. Providers can take comfort knowing that Avado exceeds Meaningful Use requirements for patient engagement while also addressing requirements for health homes and accountable models.

  • Vice President

    WhatCounts | May 2010 - May 2011

    Dave was responsible for turning around a Sales organization of a leading Email Service Provider. During his tenure, new customer revenue grew more than 8x. This helped position the company for a successful acquisition and continued growth in the combined entity.

  • Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer

    LiveRez | December 2004 - Current 2009

    Worked with Founder/CEO to develop the founding strategy of a spin-out of a leading vacation rental directory company into the highly successful market leader of the next generation of vacation property management and marketing. This included formulating a highly disruptive business model that aligned the financial interests of vacation property managers and LiveRez. Worked with industry associations and complementary companies on sector growth initiatives. Identified revenue development resources that have created the highest yield sales organization in the industry. Advised Founder/CEO on strategic financing options, marketing and securing key investors and advisors.

  • Revenue Traction Partner

    Altus Alliance, LLC | December 2003 - Current 2010

    Altus Alliance is focused on revenue traction for its clients having driven well in excess of $100MM in direct revenue generation from Altus partners. In addition, Altus has built and optimized low cost customer acquisition models using Inside Sales and Internet-based customer acquisition at over 30 companies that have been extremely successful. Sales increases have ranged from a low of 50% to over 700%. Altus' portfolio has already had many successful exits. Many of the leading Northwest startups have been Altus Alliance clients including organizations such as MarketLeader, LiveRez, All Star Directories, iMedia Communications and WhatCounts.

  • Partner

    Social Venture Partners | December 2001 - Current 2005

    Social Venture Partners has been recognized as one of the innovators in the philanthropic world combining the best facets of Venture Capital into the philanthropic world. Dave assisted with marketing and communications committees for SVP and grantees.

  • Global Industry Director - Healthcare

    Microsoft | December 1991 - Current 2003

    Dave's MSFT tenure was focused on launching startups within Microsoft in various senior marketing and general management roles, including his role founding Microsoft's Healthcare business and then later as Managing Director for Industry Marketing & Relations for Microsoft's Internet Media business. During Dave's tenure as head of MSFT's Health business took it from their worst to best performing vertical market. In his healthcare role, he received Marketer of the Year recognition and Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer stated it was the model for how MSFT should target vertical markets due to the dominance it achieved in getting the leading 3rd party ISVs to bet their platform on MSFT. From a one-person "team" and $100k budget, it has grown to a $2B business playing a continued leadership role in the industry.


  • Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management


  • Sunset high school

  • University of Washington

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) | Mathematics, Business

  • University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business

    Business | Mathematics, Finance