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Devin Thorpe

Greater Salt Lake City Area

Devin Thorpe calls himself a champion of social good. As an author, advisor and Forbes contributor he focuses on helping those doing good in the world. As a Forbes Contributor he covers social entrepreneurship and impact investing. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his entrepreneurial finance experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and mortgage broker helping people use financial resources to do good. Previously he worked on the U.S. Senate Banking committee staff and earned an MBA at Cornell.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Finance

    As the former CFO of a global food and beverage company and a former investment banker I can help entrepreneurs better forecast capital requirements for the growth trajectory you want.

    • Finance
    • Forecasting


  • SP
    Crowdfunding for small nonprofits can be an overwhelming topic, but Devin's knowledge of the subject made for a very accessible and engaging presentation on utilizing this fundraising tool. The Cache Interagency Council, an association of Northern Utah nonprofits, appreciated Devin sharing his expertise at the 2014 Fall Conference. We'd recommend him to anyone!
    Storee Powell
  • BB
    Devin Thorpe is a force for good. I recently attended the Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference and was so impressed with the thoughtful content and speakers brought here. It's obvious that Devin cares about making this planet a better place to live.
    Bryan Brandenburg
  • PK
    Devin worked to help consummate two transactions for MedQuest, one was a recapitalization and the other was the WorldHeart acquisition. His work and that of his firm was of great value to me, our shareholders and our Board as we evaluated and decided on MedQuest's stategic directions as a company. I also very much enjoy and appreciate Devin's community-minded spirit and his devotion of significant time and effort to this at the University of Utah and the Utah Technology Council. Devin is a very likeable person and always remains cool and calm no matter what- a trait I greatly admire. I expect Devin to keep helping build Utah's business community and very much enjoy working with him in this extended business relationship we have developed over many years.
    Pratap Khanwilkar
  • DB
    Devin is a dedicated and hard-working finance professional with a broad set of skills. His creative process is remarkable and it is no surprise to me that he continues to prosper in new fields. His commitment and integrity are unwavering. You dont have to work with Devin very long to realize how smart he is. I will always appreciate the association I have had with him. I am a better person for it.
    Dell Brown
  • GB
    I recommended Devin to entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital.
    Gary Bowen
  • AD
    Devin invited me to speak at his most recent, SECFC (Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference), which was not only well organized and fun to attend, but also packed with inspirational speakers. However, Devin's final speech of the day was the most inspiring by far. Devin's passion is conveyed easily through narrative stories, references, and even hard facts. He reaches the audience with thoughtful and thought-provoking messages. It was an honor to be a speaker at his conference, and I would recommend him highly for any speaking opportunities where a motivational, inspirational and passionate speaker is needed to give the audience something different to think about - and move them to action.
    AdaPia d'Errico
  • MM
    Devin is the person we all hope we one day grow up to be. He is someone that is respected, honored, whole and true to his mission. He is my mentor and my hero. He is smart and polished and one the absolute best professional executives working to make the world a better place for all. He is a true game changer!
    Mary Michelle Scott
  • BA
    Devin is one of the brightest financial executives I've worked with. He has a broad range of experience, he has very, very high integrity and a work ethic that is unmatched. Devin has the competence and capacity to leave CEOs and Boards completely confident that the finance function is well cared for.
    Brett A. Blake
  • MS
    Devin is a highly effective CFO possessing a keen financial intellect and business acumen. His prodigious work ethic and efficient managerial style allow him to successfully design, direct and execute the most complex and involved business transactions with a timeliness which is truly remarkable! Devin has the unique ability to focus scarce resources on key, strategic initiatives that will return the greatest value to an organization, without sacrificing the the day-to-day efforts necessary to continue normal business operations. As a people manager Devin is expert at creating a shared vision for success, building and training effective teams, managing strong personalities, and gathering and disseminating relevant information. These attributes allow those working under his leadership to produce great amounts of high-quality work product and to accomplish any business objective. I would recommend Devin as a CFO to any organization desiring superior results; specifically to dynamic companies confronted with significant business transactions and strategic challenges.
    Michael Seeley
  • EP
    Devin is a bright financial mind with a great work ethic and wonderful personality. No one will ever regret their interaction with Devin.
    Eric Pearson
  • JT
    Devin Thorpe has committed his efforts to the power of change. As a talented speaker, Devin presents from the space of social responsibility and cause. He has deep rooted conviction and passion for ridding the world of maladies though a united effort. Devin presents with validity and resourcefulness a pathway to that end. I recommend him. His preparation makes him great among speakers.
    Jeffrey T. Sherman
  • WT
    At Usana Devin was a resource and support to me operating in a foreign market. Devin's professionalism and ability to switch hats with such ease and finesse from one project to another and be able to speak with authority and confidence because of his knowledge and experience was truly remarkable and very reassuring. Devin has the ability to instill confidence in the people he works with.
    Warren Te Brugge
  • MM
    Devin is among the finest financial minds and advisors that I have ever had the pleasure of working with, not only in the Intermountain West, but anywhere. I highly recommend Thorpe Capital for any and all financial services that you might be in need of.
    Matt Marsh
  • JE
    As a speaker, Devin Thorpe is a skilled presenter, delivering expert content in an appealing manner that maintains audience engagement. Poignant, powerful information is intermingled with an approachable personality that simultaneously commands respect. His delivery is intellectual yet humble, thereby allowing audiences of all backgrounds to be enriched and motivated to action. As a human, Devin is even more remarkable. A genuine do-gooder, Devin’s rich life experiences and under-dog advocacy endear him to others who are fortunate to call him a friend and/or mentor. I strongly recommend Devin as a speaker for any organization or group.
    Jessica Egbert
  • TS
    Devin helped us put together funding as we tried to repurchase the FreeServer's property back from Devin was extremely well connected, helped us really refine our story for investors, and provided wise insight in to our negotiations. Unfortunately, United Online outbid us and purchased the property, but I left the experience having the highest regard for Devin's integrity and skill.
    Tim Stay
  • CS
    I have known Devin Thorpe professionally for the past 10 or so years, but nothing has impressed me as much as the strides he has made in recent years as one of the nation's (and the world's) most prominent voices on social entrepreneurship. Devin is a superior national columnist as a contributor for, and a highly sought-after and influential speaker (His presentation last week on the fight to cure polio at the THRIVE conference in St. George moved most everyone in the audience to action, and many of us were moved to tears). Devin is also highly influential as an officer in the Mountainwest chapter of the National Speakers Association (one of its strongest chapters) and an officer of Mountainwest Venture Capital Network, as well as the organizer and director of the annual Social Entrepreneurship and Crowdfunding conference of his own. Devin is a person who makes things happen. When he says that he believes in "doing good" he is willing to do his utmost to putting his own foot on the line and making it real. In addition to his professional association, I am also proud and happy to consider Devin one of my greatest personal friends.
    Cheryl Snapp Conner
  • SH
    I worked with Devin while attending the University of Utah. His knowledge of finance is remarkable. Devin is highly 'plugged-in', he has an incredible understanding of the business landscape in Utah. Most notable is how hard he strives to provide high quality service to his clients. I would recommend Devin as an employer, a consultant, or as a partner in a business venture.
    Scott Holley
  • LC
    Devin is full of energy and extremely passionate about what he does. He is changing the world through his service in Rotary. We all seem to make small contributions, but it is through these small contributions that the world will become a better place for all of us. Devin is the voice to make it happen.
    Lehi Club
  • BB
    We trust our clients with Devin and the team at Thorpe Capital. Devin has been a tireless source of expertise and capital to young companies. Treating them with fairness and the utmost professionalism.
    Brad Bertoch
  • TK
    I recently read Devin's book on Crowdfunding for Social Good to help me prepare for a crowdfunding campaign of my own. This is an excellent, well laid out, how-to guide for starting and running a successful campaign. My planning for my campaign is completely surrounded around this book and I have instructed all of my partners in the campaign to read it! Thanks Devin.
    Tricia Kritzberg

My Interests

Health Sectors


  • Champion of Social Good

    Your Mark on the World Center | January 2012 - Current

    Your Mark On The World: Stories of service that show us how to give more with a purpose without giving up what's most important, published in July 2012. Building Wealth for Building the Kingdom: A Financial Planning Guide for Latter-day Saint Families 2012 Edition provides money management tips targeted at LDS people, dealing with big families, missions, tithing and Church service in retirement.

  • Contributor

    Forbes | August 2012 - Current

    Writes a weekly blog at on Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Contributing Editor

    CrowdFundBeat | May 2013 - Current

    Conducts live interviews for this rapidly growing online news and information portal for the crowdfunding community.

  • Writer

    FamilyShare | September 2012 - January 2013

    Writes about financial planning for families.

  • Professor of Business

    South China University of Technology | August 2011 - June 2012

    Taught Management and Interpersonal Communications to exceptional students planning to complete their undergraduate studies in the U.S.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    MonaVie | September 2008 - March 2011

    Led a team of more than 50 finance professionals in support of a multinational company listed as the 18th fastest growing company on the 2009 Inc. 500 list, and the 2009 fastest growing in Utah, according to the MountainWest Capital Network. Personally traveled to the 15 countries opened to establish banking and other key financial relationships. Implemented budgets, monthly closing processes, and key upgrades to ERP system. Chaired pricing and compensation plan committees. Created an ESOP to create tax advantages and to improve employee morale. Completed a $200 million recapitalization.

  • Managing Director: Technology Outreach and Innovation Program

    USTAR | November 2007 - August 2008

    As Managing Director of the USTAR Technology Outreach and Innovation Program, I lead a team of experienced professionals who work with entrepreneurs and technologists to commericalize technology and grow businesses that will create high paying jobs in Utah.

  • Blogger

    Know More Media | January 2006 - October 2007

    I write a blog about middle market investment banking on the Know More Media network at

  • Managing Director

    Thorpe Capital Group, LLC | March 2000 - November 2007

    In March of 2000, I organized Thorpe Capital Group. Over seven years, we helped companies raises tens of millions of dollars and to complete a range of M&A transactions.

  • Sr. Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting

    HealthRider | April 1996 - July 1996

    Supported senior management in the process of creating liquidity for the founders by helping to negotiate the sale of the business, working closely with the investment bankers and other advisors.

  • Treasurer

    USANA Health Sciences, Inc. | December 1996 - Current 2000

    The Treasurer manages banking and finance relationships on four continents, increasing shareholder value and customer service through efficient cash management and effective currency hedging. Also managed investor relations and risk management.

  • Senior Associate

    Travis Capital, Inc. | April 1995 - March 1996

    Worked with clients to achieve strategic objectives, including M&A and capital raising. Provided consulting services, especially in the energy sector. For example, worked closely on the successful recapitalization of an international manufacturer of motorcycle helmets.

  • Founder, General Manager

    Mortgage America | August 1993 - June 1994

    Founded Mortgage America with two partners. Closed $4 million in mortgage loans in the first 90 days. After one year, sold out to a partner. The business still operates today.

  • Teaching Assistant

    Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management | September 1991 - May 1993

    I worked as a research and teaching assistant, grading papers and conducting tutoring and review sessions for other MBA students, especially in Intermediate Accounting.

  • Legislative Aide

    U.S. Senate Banking Committee Staff | September 1989 - August 1991

    Provided support to the minority members of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, including especially the ranking member, Senator Jake Garn. Issues included lender liability, credit uninion regulation and dollar coin legislation. Provided key support during the floor debate on the appointment of the first Director of Thrift Supervision, winning approval for the President's nominee.


  • Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management

    MBA | Business | 1991 - 1993

  • University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business

    BS | Finance | 1985 - 1989

  • Central Valley High School

    HS | 1980 - 1983

  • Bonneville Jr. High

    1977 - 1980