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Harish Kapoor

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

A visionary with over twenty five years of healthcare related technology experience. Operating and managing companies from start-up through their growth phases. Combined proficiency & commitment to medicine with background in engineering to develop tools dedicated to empowering consumers and physicians in healthcare. Inventor, Investor and Entrepreneur. Started three technology companies, and several new projects Guided the successful development, launch, and marketing of dozens of web products Grew revenues, and created innovative products by leading exe...

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Areas of Expertise

  • digital Health

    AI, data, IT

    • Healthcare Delivery
    • Integrated healthcare systems

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Health IT, Diagnostics


  • Founder Director

    Quantum Therapeutics (a div of Dr. I-Net) | March 2005 - Current

    Developing therapeutic solutions for diabetes & obesity. Dedicated Diabetic Machine (DDM) - Therapeutic Solution for High Blood Sugar DDM is a non-pharmaceutical tool, resembles an exercise machine, and is designed for high blood sugar regulation, incorporating five advanced therapeutic features to activate body's own immunity by repairing impaired cells and facilitating nutrient absorption. It is a safe, portable, cost effective and non-invasive device for home use. It will reduce dependence on modern medicine, their side effects, complications, and can be a significant help to diabetics worldwide. DDM has a scalable and modular approach for the additional value added features like telemedicine, predictive data analytics and a platform to add other attributes, to bring point of care to home. We are positioning in the market place with Wellness Machine (WM), together with tele-healthcare and data analytics, it can save insurance companies over $50K per high risk patient per year. Documentation and comparative effectiveness research from 'Wellness Machine' is providing the foundation for therapeutics of disease management for more chronicle problems like diabetes, PTSD, TBI and ADHD.