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Jade Millington

Las Vegas, Nevada Area

Genuine, hands-on business executive with 15 years financial management experience driving profitable growth in challenging markets. I understand that a start up functions very differently than a large, mature company. I've bootstrapped businesses. I've had successes and some failures which has allowed me to gain valuable insights.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Finance

    Corp finance expert, years of experience in small companies, start ups, and fast growing companies.

    • Finance
    • Forecasting
    • pitch preparation
    • financial modeling
    • strategic plan
    • Strategic Planning
    • Forecasting


  • KC
    Jade was my immediate supervisor as an intern at Red Rock Financial Services. Despite his busy role as CFO, he was always available as a mentor. Jade is extremely personable and displayed an incomparable desire for the success of all those he leads. In addition to being tremendously knowledgeable in accounting and finance, Jade’s IT knowledge was of particular surprise and value when collaborating with developers creating web-based financial reports for our clients, demonstrating his aptitude as a well-rounded business operator. Jade also helped me to understand the importance of always looking for ways to improve, innovate, and create efficiencies in business procedures. This mindset continues to drive success in my career today. I highly recommend Jade to any employer looking for a leader that can transform vision into action and motivate others along the way.
    Kemper Carter
  • EB
    I had the pleasure of working with Jade at Ridgeview Capital. Jade exemplified a strong ability to break down investment opportunities in great detail. He could really see a business opportunity for what it was and then had the ability to execute, using strong financial modeling and presentation skills to show senior management and perspective investors the true investment opportunity. In addition to communicating at a high level, Jade also has the ability to switch from an investment analyst to a senior manager in a company. He proved this many times at Ridgeview, as he was asked to take on day to day roles inside portfolio investments. His ability to see a portfolio company from an investment perspective, as well as an operator, was crucial in Ridgeview’s ability to build and significantly grow business at an accelerated rate. I have full confidence that when Jade is asked to analyze and execute an opportunity, idea, business, or strategy, that the full perspective will be thoroughly investigated and presented in a way that will provide those involved the best knowledge available to execute properly. I very much enjoyed working with Jade and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
    Eric Bowen
  • KS
    Jade is one of the best. I have had the pleasure of working with him while on consulting assignments and was extremely impressed with his ability to quickly absorb pertinent information and create clear effective financial models that provided executive decision-making ability. Jade is a very objective thinker and problem solver of high intellect, and has the ability to make all levels and disciplines of an organization feel very comfortable when working with him. Jade’s working knowledge of business financial strategy would help lift any company and I strongly recommend him.
    Kerry Stephenson
  • SP
    I had the pleasure of working with Jade at RRFS for several years. In fact, I recruited him to the company. He was an integral part of the management team as we grew from one office in one state into 10 offices in 7 states. He could see the high level strategic view, and he was able to implement and execute plans at any level, top to bottom. He proved himself adept at managing costs, people, and budgets. He was able to appropriately provide reporting to various partners in different states, each of whom had varying concerns and criteria. Jade is practical about circumstances, firm, fair and consistent with people, and is decisive, genuine, and deliberate. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jade again if it ever comes up.
    Steven Parker
  • CC
    Jade has proven himself an excellent CFO and corporate leader in my time working with him at Ridgeview Capital and CHSI Technologies. He demonstrated an excellent understanding of corporate financial strategy. I was able to see his ability to help craft corporate strategies and his flexibility in crafting financial strategies for circumstances that ranged from workouts to exit strategies. During both, his ability to quickly produce solid budgeting, forecasting, and financial models enabled the companies to maximize their options. On a day to day basis Jade quickly established himself as a leader through his honest, clear communications and his ability to establish a culture of accountability. He is always willing to step up and take on responsibilities far outside the traditional finance role. He adds value through his logical and thoughtful approach to the problems faced by his peers. I hope in the future I will have another chance to work with Jade.
    Chris Colleran
  • JJ
    Jade was integral to grow Red Rock Financial Service to what it is today. His dedication and work directly contributed to our success. He is hard working, innovative, and honest.
    Joel Just

My Interests

Health Sectors


  • Chief Financial Officer

    Silverback Learning Solutions | June 2014 - Current

  • CFO

    CHSI Technologies | August 2012 - June 2014

    Early stage software development company. Oversee and manage all financial aspects of the company; reporting; fundraising; modeling; strategy.

  • VP Finance

    RRFS | November 2009 - August 2012

    Division of RMI Management. Handled financial management, reporting, and analysis across 10 divisions in multiple states.

  • Owner

    Ziff, LLC | May 2008 - July 2013

    Provide consulting services including finance, accounting and general management to small businesses. Teach business owners cash flow and budgeting, and provide management with a valuable strategic financial perspective.

  • Operating Director

    Ridgeview Capital | March 2003 - April 2008

    Performed due diligence on acquisition targets, then worked directly with acquired companies to execute strategies that would directly impact company performance.

  • VP Finance

    Avalon Digital, formerly Category 5, formerly ePenzio | August 1999 - February 2003

  • Acquisitions

    Booth Creek Golf Holdings / Golfstar | December 1998 - Current 1999


  • Brigham Young University

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Finance | 1997 - 1999

  • Boise State University

    BBA | Business, Finance | 1992 - 1995

  • BHS