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Jeremiah Jones

Greater Salt Lake City Area

I am an enterprise software architect and developer who is addicted to technology startups. I specialize in advising healthcare technologies. I've co-founded multiple private companies including Techuity, a firm providing software services, Sentius, a big-data platform for healthcare, Madra, an edtech company, and others. I am the "Resident Venture Developer" at the University of Utah where I advise and assist startups through the commercialization process and assist with their technology development, especially where related to software.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare Technology Startups

    I've assisted many healthcare oriented software startups navigate the commercialization process. As many of these comes from university or research institutions, I've helped these companies go end-to-end from licensing / tech-transfer through to first customers and early growth. I'm experienced helping startups navigate the funding process, including working with SBIR/STTR and other grant funding

    • Business
    • Business development
    • Business development
    • strategy
    • operations
    • Information Technology
    • healthtech
    • healthIT
    • patient engagement
    • Lean startups
  • Data collection, analysis, presentation

    Many healthcare startups require integration with data. I have an extensive background working with many data types including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across a variety of industries from healthcare, to manufacturing and everything in between. I have worked with Natural Language Processing and other AI systems to process medical data.

    • Software
    • Data science
    • Big Data
    • Big Data Analytics
    • predictive analytics
    • Analytics
    • Data Collection
  • Mobile, web, and device software development

    Many healthcare innovations include a software component. I've worked with many healthcare startups to build and deploy software technologies including mobile apps, SaaS systems, web applications, NLP / AI, and device software. I've worked with many different platforms and languages and regularly consult CTO-level executives on architecture, development, and building a software development team.

    • Software
    • Mobile development
    • Mobile Development
    • Mobile health
    • Entreprise Software
    • Software as Service
    • Medical Software
    • Healthcare providers management software


  • LD
    Jeremiah is extremely intelligent and uses common sense methods to approach and solve very difficult problems. He is a person that any organization would be fortunate to have leading its team.
    L. Devin Bernstein
  • TW
    Our customized system crashed and we had a critical project with a due date only weeks away. Several software patches solved the initial issue but caused problems in later in the process. Jeremiah quickly provided a clever solution of a temporary software patch to get over the issue and then deleting that patch so the system would use the original code later in the process. We finished the project on time and with a quality product. Jeremiah carefully listens and then can "think outside the box" and provide creative solutions on a timely basis.
    Tom Walsh
  • CM
    You'll not find a more brilliant software developer. Jeremiah is sharp and quick, and creates elegant solutions to your complex software dilemmas. He seeks opportunity to help you, not letting his spare time be filled with the non-essential. His grasp of technologies and how they become solutions is prodigious. And he's personable and honest to the core. As I am, you'll be delighted with any opportunity to work with Jeremiah.
    Carl Miner
  • TB
    I have known Jeremiah for 15+ years and worked on several projects with him over that time period. Most recently Jeremiah has been an amazing asset to the University of Utah Software Development Center. It is not often that you find an amazing technical mind coupled with a sharp business acumen but these are found together in Jeremiah. From starting and operating companies, creating business models and also implementing the technology behind these ventures Jeremiah has helped my organization vet new technology and commercialize it in the market. Jeremiah is fantastic to work with and brings a great energy to every project.
    Taylor Bench
  • AH
    Jeremiah is one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work around. He possesses that rare talent of seeing projects from the technical, internal business and client business perspective. In addition, Jeremiah is a man of his word, and stands by his work.
    Andrew Howlett
  • JC
    Our Board of Directors hired Jeremiah Jones and Stretto Consulting to do a major overhaul of our organization's web site. We did the project in 2 phases. In each case, Stretto was very professional, courteous, and finished within our budget and within the time period we had given. They guided the process, working with our B. of D. and actively sought answers to their questions of what we wanted for the web site. They helped us in the creation of a new logo. They fixed many parts of our web site and brought it up to date so that we can look forward to many years of use. We have been very pleased with the results. Jay Christofferson Past President, Associated Schools of Construction
    Jay Christofferson
  • JF
    I had the pleasure of working with Jeremiah on a systems integration project and would highly recommend him for any systems engineering endeavor. Jeremiah is personable, easy to work with, communicates clearly and effectively, and delivers on commitemnt with technical excellence. When dealing with complex projects - he get's it, and can find a solution.
    Jay Freeman
  • CS
    Jeremiah has exceeded my expectations for the work that has been done for ASC. Jeremiah is very well organized and has the knowledge that is required to take outdated technology and convert it into the latest advancement’s in technology. Everything he has done has been at the top of professionalism and management.
    Carlos Sterling
  • BW
    Jeremiah is an excellent leader and superb engineer. He has an outstanding understanding of technology and contributes to the business objectives. Jeremiah continuously helps the group identify priorities. It was an honor to work with Jeremiah and I highly recommend him. Anyone who has the fortune of hiring Jeremiah will quickly see the value of his expertise.
    Bobbi Wilson (Keene)
  • BO
    I have known Jeremiah for many years and have ALWAYS been impressed with his superior drive and ability to deliver both in breadth and depth of technical expertise. Whether it is from the strategic executive viewpoint, or at a lower-level technical perspective, I have seen his highly intelligent and pragmatic approach to problem solving deliver some amazing results. Jeremiah is one of the most honest and ethical individuals I have ever worked with, and I would put complete trust in him in any relationship to put his partners' or clients' interests before his own, and always deliver what he has committed to. I give Jeremiah my highest recommendation.
    Bryce Ott
  • LF
    Jeremiah is very intelligent, talented, and personable. He is the best web architect I've worked with. Unlike many developers, he will take the time to completely understand the stated and likely requirements, and he plans the complete solution before he begins development. He understands the state of the industry and the best practices, and his solutions work well and are easily maintainable. He is an invaluable member of our team.
    Larry Fluckiger
  • GR
    Jeremiah is a trusted partner in helping FranklinCovey develop world-class web properties. We value his experience and his industry expertise. He's helped us take our high-level creative visions and craft effective and user-friendly solutions. He has a track record of meeting vital deadlines and exceeding expectations. I highly recommend Jeremiah and his company.
    Greg Romero
  • GR
    Jeremiah K. Jones possesses a one-of-a-kind type of personality and skill set. He has a genuine character and a profound ability to understand complex projects and time lines. He is also a skilled presenter, especially in regard to technical material given to non-technical audiences. Jeremiah will always be the first to go above and beyond what has been asked of him to see that the work is completed on time. Not only is he extremely efficient, he carries a tremendous sense of pride in the quality of his work. He possesses superior technical development skills which are rarely rivaled and he is extremely thorough. Yet Jeremiah can also balance his time and work-load with exceptional competence. Moreover, Jeremiah is a noteworthy professional. As a manager, he is willing to accept responsibility for mistakes made by team members. As a leader, he always leads by example. As a friend, he applies considerable effort to care for and support his work associates. He is completely honest, moral, considerate, and trustworthy. Above all, Jeremiah is a dedicated husband and father. Without reservation, I can assure that Jeremiah is a must have for nearly any company.
    Gary Rogers
  • PK
    Jeremiah has the expertise and maturity to listen carefully, analyze and come up with a solution while keeping the dynamics of the client company in mind. He also is not above digging into the source code.
    Paul Kirwin
  • RM
    Jeremiah is a truly remarkable person. He was my manager at aVinci as well as a programmer / architect. He designed and led the creation, from the ground up, of an order fulfillment system that is one of the greatest, well-executed achievements I have seen in my career. Qualities that make Jeremiah remarkable: Incredible focus and brain power, sound judgment, astounding decision making ability, depth of knowledge about internet technologies and a host of other things, uncanny understanding of people, all tempered by fairness, humility, and kindness. I enjoyed working for Jeremiah, and I would welcome the opportunity to work for him again.
    Rolfe Morehead
  • MB
    Working in iEEE with Jeremiah has been a pleasure. He is passionate about enriching the professional value of the organization to its membership and he demonstrates this with innovation, dedication, and crisp execution. It is awesome to work with him. He is a one-man army.
  • MG
    When it comes to recommending individuals, I give my highest recommendation to Jeremiah. He is a wonderful colleague with a great insight to the intricacy of every project he is involved in. He is very concise and efficient in his decision relating to the each project and gives realistic timelines for milestones. He has a broad knowledge of technology and he is a very valuable asset to any company.
    Mike Goulding
  • DB
    I first met Jeremiah when I was the Chair of the Computer Society. He was volunteering his time to help coordinate the Utah Engineer's Council activities with the IEEE. When he found out that I was working on the Computer Society by myself, he quickly volunteered to help with the Computer Society as well. He has since become the Chair of the Computer Society himself, and brought more activities and participation to the group than I had in the last 4 years. He is a highly motivated individual, but also makes sure that those around him are in a great position as well. I have considered it a pleasure to work with him, and hope to continue working with him for some time to come.
    David Broschinsky
  • RM
    Jeremiah is one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I have worked with him on variety of projects over the past two years, and he has the desire and ability to see projects from the technical, internal business and customer perspective. Jeremiah always looks for solutions that best fit with the resources and time frames imposed on a project. He will always express he ideas, concerns and feedback in a professional manner that makes him truly part of the team. Jeremiahs talents go much deeper than just business and in talents in a variety of areas, a true renaissance man. I high recommend Jeremiah and would be honored to work with him again.
    Rick McAlister
  • SJ
    Jeremiah is a very organized and conscientious technology professional. It has been a pleasure to work with him on several IEEE Utah Section committees. I've heard him return and report on his active participation when representing the Utah Section at conferences. If you want someone you can count on to get the job done, choose Jeremiah.
    S. Jeff Cold
  • CL
    I reported to Jeremiah while working on the web development team at aVinci. As my manager, he allowed me to flouish in my environment and gave me direction when asked or needed. He sought out opportunities for me to help raise my skill level as a developer and was patient in teaching me our company's web fulfullment system. He's displayed a lot of trust in me and cared about my growth - two qualities that I appreciate in a manager. I would gladly work under Jeremiah again.
    Christian Larsen
  • DC
    I have known Jeremiah for a number of years in multiple roles in IEEE. Jeremiah is the best kind of volunteer - 100% reliable - inventive - independent - driven - kind. When faced with the occasional disagreement - He can be always counted on to find common ground and win-win solutions. Jeremiah's current efforts to support the Section as a member of the Utah Section ExCom, Computer Society Chair and as UEC liaison have been exemplary. As an example - multiple of us had been concerned about providing access to Section technical/administrative activities to Utah's geographically separated membership. Jeremiah was the first to recognize the importance and utility of video teleconferencing (Dim Dim) to provide access throughout - and do something about it. He took the initiative to acquire the necessary hardware, learned how to utilize the hardware/software/network and has provided technical support for multiple of the Utah Section and Computer Society meetings. The Dim Dim attendance has increased with each event. I strongly recommend Jeremiah!
    Dan Christenson
  • CB
    Jeremiah's commitment to excellence in each of his endeavors inspires me to raise my own personal expectations of professionalism. He is studied, and he is personable. He understands not only the latest technologies in engineering but also the latest methodologies and software development practices. I give Jeremiah my highest recommendation as an engineer, a manager, and as a chief technologist.
    Chip Browne
  • SL
    I highly recommend Jeremiah. I have had the pleasure of working with him on various teams and projects over the past two years. He has a brilliant mind and a keen understanding of software technology. He has been a great asset to the company. I am especially impressed with the depth of his understanding, especially when it comes to security issues and internet technologies.
    Steve Lloyd
  • JD
    Jeremiah has set up excellent websites for both the Utah Space Association, and the Space EXploration Day Holiday Foundation.
    J David Baxter

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Biotech, Health IT


  • Co-founder, CEO

    Madra | December 2014 - Current

    Madra enhances both teaching and learning by quantifying the quality of educational content, the progress of the learner, and by overcoming cognitive load. We do this through a proprietary combination of statistical methodologies, machine learning, and guided development to quantify the quality of content based on actual learner development. We have proven our technology through the matriculation of thousands of university and high school students and are now entering the marketplace to spread this powerful service further in higher education and in the professional training, recruiting, and private educational markets!

  • Co-founder, CEO

    Sentius | April 2014 - Current

    Sentius helps small and independent healthcare providers grow through the practical application of Big-Data-driven business intelligence. We distill complex data, science and technology into fully automated services with easily understood visualizations, information delivery, and insight presentation. We offer providers a shortcut to better insights, wiser decisions, and improved patient care.

  • Resident Venture Developer

    University of Utah | December 2013 - Current

    Working in residence with the University's Technology & Venture Commercialization office and the Software Development Center to vet, develop, and commercialize business opportunities.

  • Managing Director

    Stretto | December 2012 - Current

    Stretto offers expert consulting and contract services across industries, including recent work for Adobe, Trek, Franklin-Covey, Washington University, University of Utah, and In addition to building custom mobile, web, and software solutions, our top consultants frequently “fill the gap” as interim CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for small to mid-size organizations. We focus on the innovative use of technology and strategic corporate growth. Experts in enterprise web systems, complex technology integrations, software development, and corporate data security, we provide trusted solutions for corporations with a combined market cap of more than $100 billion – directly impacting operational efficiency to increase net income and expanding growth through innovative research and development.

  • Founder

    Techuity | December 2001 - Current

    At Techuity we seek to provide innovate start-up firms with the ability to tap into vast technical expertise, development resources, and seed capital in exchange for a “piece of the pie.” We maintain a relatively small portfolio with holdings in 5-15 firms at any given time, while also maintaining investments in the public financial sector. To learn more about our unique approach to investing, please visit

  • Lead Technologist

    aVinci Media Corp | August 2006 - December 2011

    Promoted from Senior Manager over enterprise development, testing/QA, Enterprise IT, and product fulfillment to Lead Technologist, architecting, developing, maintaining and strategically leading core revenue-generating activities; serving a key role in partnership development and the end-to-end product life-cycle. Leader over multiple teams of highly skilled engineers, testers, IT, manufacturing and non-technical personnel. Managed technology and engineering relationships with Fujifilm, Kodak, and others.

  • Director of Development

    RAIN Interactive | February 2004 - August 2006

    Promoted from Senior Developer, to Project Manager, to Director of Technology through proven project management acumen and interpersonal abilities. Created development practices, oversaw application architecture, and managed personnel. Refined and developed a keen insight into online marketing. Managed clientele, product development, and actively generated sales to grow the firm.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Professional Education | Big Data | 2014 - 2014

  • Washington University in St. Louis

    MBA | Business | 2011 - 2012

  • Brigham Young University

    MS | Information Technology - Context-Aware Computing | 2004 - 2005

  • Brigham Young University

    BS | Information Technology - Engineering | 1998 - 2004