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"People with domain knowledge are really helping to propel this exciting development in digital health. This includes highly respected voices like NOSTALAB's founder John Nosta...he has helped me expand my own domain knowledge in this fast-growing field." --John Sculley, from his new book book--MOONSHOT! GAME-CHANGING STRATEGIES TO BUILD BILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS. John is a THINKER entrenched in the world of SCIENCE, MEDICINE and INNOVATION. He is regarded as one of the top global STRATEGISTS and CREATIVE minds in the life science industry. He is also the f...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Chief Strategic Officer

    World class thinking in the life science industry with a focus on innovation and the expanding role of technology in health and medicine.

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Branding
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Digital Health
  • Chief Creative Officer

    World class thinking in the life science industry with a focus on innovation and the expanding role of technology.

    • Healthcare Delivery
    • Patient engagement and advocacy
  • Innovationist

    Innovative and out of the box thinking for the life science industry/

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Cardiovascular
    • Oncology
    • devices
    • Diabetes
    • Consumer engagement


  • HG
    John made it to the top of #pharma100 list, top 100 influencers in pharmaceutical social media. That says it all.
    Henry Gazay
  • CO
    We thank John for serving as our moderator for several of our Great Challenges Google+ hangouts. During the one-hour events, John facilitated lively discussions around important topics such as healthcare innovation, making prevention popular, eliminating medical error and whole patient care. More than 3,000 views were captured across the four hangouts he moderated for our program.
    Courtney Olean Paige
  • CZ
    John is always knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand. Being a good teacher requires not only expertise in the subject, but being able to communicate the information effectively. In addition to being a masterful communicator, he can explain complex MOAs in a very easy to understand manner. I have always enjoyed working with John, and quite frankly, I miss those exchanges
    Craig Zuckerman
  • DB
    If you only read one recommendation about John Nosta, this is the one. There, I said it. It’s not even a recommendation; it’s a reflection; a rumination; a reaffirmation. It’s essential reading. If this were a beer commercial, John would be The Most Interesting Man in the World.” He may very well be, but he’s almost certainly “The Most Interesting Man in Modern Advertising.” To borrow from another current consumer campaign, John seems to know what’s going to happen 30 seconds before it does. Or 30 minutes or 30 days. Because John is second to none when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of advertising, technology, social media, and health-related advancements. If I don’t run into John sometime during the day, I seek him out to get 3 minutes of insight and inspiration, all served up with the inimitable bundle of creative genius that is John. During creative concepting, John uses his experience, insights and scientific acumen to get inside the head of the physician or the patient. To paint a picture of not simply what a therapy does, but what makes it new, better, innovative and relevant in a crowded marketplace. And nobody helps paint this picture like John. He brings out the best in his writers and art directors to conjure up concepts that bring the “Ah ha!” moment to life again and again. It’s a process that reminds us of why you got into advertising: to create riveting communications that bring and keep brands at the agency. If you take one person with you on a pitch, make it John. He is a truly gifted presenter; perhaps the most natural speaker I’ve ever heard. He offers prospective clients a glimpse of the past, a snapshot of the moment, and a glimmer of the future. His intimate knowledge of science and medicine, coupled with his understanding of strategy and tactics and the market into which a product is entering, is more than impressive. It’s prescient. He’ll discuss the brand and its science, tie it to a strategy that will advance the brand in the marketplace, display the team’s spot-on creative in his own animated, compelling way, and wrap it all up with a pertinent quote from David Ogilvy, or Leonardo Da Vinci, or Winston Churchill. Brilliant. A renaissance man. Now that you’ve seen the stars, let’s bring you back down to earth. John is respectful, team-oriented and loyal. All of the qualities you’d want in a friend or teammate, wrapped in a package of excitement, energy and wit. He makes Ogilvy CommonHealth a better place to work, to learn and to grow. John is the man.
    Doug Bratman
  • WD
    I have worked with John on several projects, and I hope to work with him more in the future. John is a highly creative, strategic thinker and always drives the group toward innovation. I also liked that he was very passionate about our projects, and was willing to give and take 'push back' to arrive at the best ideas.
    Walt Danker
  • SB
    John is one of those rare people with a real gift of creative expression. He lives, breathes, tweets creativity. In all my exchanges with him I have found his ideas to be exceptional. He comes from a place of deep wisdom and many years of experience. Besides, he is always helpful and very approachable. I am honored to know him.
    Shalini Bahl Milne
  • PW
    John is an inspirational creative and strategic leader. He continues to impress and amaze me with his extraordinary intellect and energy. John is a true thought leader in all aspects of health-care communications. It was an honor for me to learn from John while working in his creative department at Ogilvy Commonhealth (Noesis). Under John's leadership, I was able to do the highest-quality creative and strategic work in the business, and improve my own leadership skills. In short, I have benefited enormously from John's vast insight, intelligence and inspiration (as have many of my brightest colleagues in pharma advertising).
    Paul Weiss
  • PZ
    “I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson John is the only person I know, who is still quoted, to this day, by client’s even years after meeting him. It happened just the other day again! John has the uncanny ability to think for himself, and manufacture — his own ideas! I still quote him myself… I think that says it all!
    Peter Zamiska
  • CC
    John brings the BIG IDEA. Creatively he affords his creative team freedom and challenges them to think outside the challenge articulated by clients and aspire to something that can build a brand. John's hunger for knowledge is contagious and fueled by a bottomless well of passion for creativity. John has a great desire, and the skills to deliver, pushing his concepts into something that resonates with audiences and clients.
    Chris Cullmann
  • AT
    Two qualities come to mind when I think of Nosta-passion for advertising and breakthrough thinking. His confidence has been well-earned and is uniquely balanced by his generous spirit. It is unusual these days to find someone who enjoys mentoring new talent. John constantly challenges himself and those around him to be the best that they can be.
    Angie Tomas
  • PP
    In our culture the zeitgiest has many vectors and each is an agent of change. That would describe the person of John Nosta. John reads the metamorphosis of novel media to evolve a helix of creative scientific communications. Drawing from the poles of perfection and reinvention, John defines his own domaine, that of the supra-digital, strategic sentinel, ready and eager to do business.
    private private
  • SM
    John is a brilliant strategic thinker, and yet he is very down to earth, easy going and very easy to approach. He encourages everyone around him to do their best every day, pushes for excellence in all tasks and finds teachable moments in almost any situation. His door is always open to an inquisitive mind, and he will seize any opportunity to share his knowledge with others. Enter the brain of John Nosta at your own risk – you may learn about everything you were asking and more than you ever wanted to know!
    Susan Masteller
  • JG
    Some people perform beyond expectation. When you work with John Nosta, you just expect him to offer a strategically brilliant and creative solution. And he always delivers. He’s a laser focus creative leader who understands your business challenges and almost intuitively offers a program, campaign or whatever you need to solve whatever marketing problem you’re currently facing. Working with John is also a defense against boredom. He’s full of life, fun to work with, and he treats you like a partner.
    Jack Goldenberg
  • AC
    John is a creative tour-de-force with an enthusiasm and style that is as refreshing as it is energizing. While most creatives are focused on breaking out of the box, John is busy desconstructing it and refolding it into a paper plane where his truly unique and effective ideas help products take flight. If your brand or your team need some stimulation, John Nosta can provide the wake-up call.
    Andrew Criscuolo
  • LK
    John is an amazing talent and a true strategic thinker! He is one of those brilliant individuals and the "go-to" person for any project he works on. John always makes the work better and has a great sense of humor. Working with him was a real pleasure.
    Lori Kurn
  • JM
    John is a brilliant strategic thinker, always ahead of the curve and able to see beyond the horizon. He is passionate about his profession and makes all around him better by his focus, drive and determination. He is a "visionary" in every sense of the word.
    Joseph Mastracchio
  • ST
    John takes pride in being a thinker and a visionary. He has a strong grasp of current trends, and also of what the future can be… but his true strength lies in making others think. John can create change by his mere passion, ideas and ability to make people around him think bigger and better.
    Stephen Trask, MT
  • TN
    John Nosta is a rarity in the advertising/communications business, in that he's a fiercely independent and highly conceptual thinker. Now, this is not to say that he is a lone wolf, only that he's an alpha predator who's clearly at the top of his game. Ferguson is very fortunate that John moved out to the burbs, since a talent such as his rarely strays from the confines of NYC.
    Todd Neuhaus
  • PC
    I first worked with John when I was working in Marketing at Savient Pharmaceuticals. At that time he was smart, creative, intense, honest, committed and worked with a clear sense of urgency. Because of these traits I hired John again when I started working in my current position at Columbia Laboratories. Luckily for anyone who gets the opportunity to work with John, nothing has changed.
    Pat Colello

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals


  • Strategic Advisor

    nuviun | April 2014 - Current

    With a shared passion for innovation and technology, I seek to connect the sparks and magic that live at the convergence of health and innovation. Based in Dubai, nuviun provides a unique and informed global perspective from a variety of industry experts and thought leaders to facilitate the digital health revolution. 
With a focus on bringing emerging industries to the mainstream, nuviun uses a blend of innovative and cutting edge platforms – including a collaborative cloud-based portal, second-to-none industry conferences and exhibitions, roundtables and seminars, and world-class business intelligence with partnering facilitation. You can find out more about what we’re doing at nuviun to propel the global explosion of digital health at

  • Google Health Advisory Board

    Google | October 2014 - Current

    The Google Healthcare Advisory Board’s primary aim is to acquire a better understanding of the problems consumers and providers face every day and offer feedback on product ideas and development. To help achieve this mission, Google has gathered a diverse group of thought leaders to discuss the changing healthcare landscape, implications of health reform, the empowered consumer, the digital doctor, and short and long-term opportunities for partnership as healthcare and the role of pharma is reinvented.

  • Evangelist and Thinker

    NOSTALAB | June 2013 - Current

    NOSTALAB is a healthcare "innovation think tank" that focuses on the emergence of digital health and the implications to health, wellness, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is on the development of technology and communication platforms that will transform health. We connect like-minded thinkers with eclectic backgrounds to foster "creative critical mass" and drive unexpected brilliance.

  • Google Glass Explorer

    Google | May 2013 - Current

    I'm part of the Google Explorer team looking at the application of Google Glass in health and medicine.

  • Contributor

    Forbes / Bloomberg | August 2012 - Current

    Simply put, I'm a translator. I speak science, medicine and the mixed and various tones of health and disease. I'm also a contrarian and thinker--a condition for which there is no cure.

  • Moderator, The Great Challenges Program

    TEDMED | January 2013 - August 2013

    The Great Challenges Program addresses 20 of the top clinical and medical issues of the day. These live video chats provide a forum for experts to address these topics with the added benefit of contributions from an engaged community on Twitter, Google and Facebook.

  • Chief Creative Officer, Chief Strategic Officer and President

    Ogilvy CommonHealth | April 2003 - June 2013

    Various leadership positions at the world's largest healthcare communication company


  • Boston University, Harvard University

  • St. Joseph's High School, Metuchen NJ