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Joy Schoffler

Austin, Texas Area

Joy Schoffler, principal of Leverage PR, is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the field of innovative financial services marketing and communication. Leverage PR works within the financial services, real estate, professional services and technology industries, helping firms reach their target customers through strategic public relations initiatives. Within Leverage, Joy oversees day-to-day operations and directs strategy for all accounts. Prior to launching Leverage PR, Joy consulted and worked with a number of growth-phase firms, including se...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Public Relations

    Joy works within the financial services, real estate and technology industries, helping firms reach their target customers through strategic public relations initiatives.

    • Business
    • Customer engagement
  • Crowdfunding Strategy

    Joy is a contributing author for the Wiley-published Bloomberg Media book “Crowdfunding: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Capital on the Internet.” Her expertise in helping issuers and investment firms market themselves to the accredited investment community has also led to Joy being featured in outlets such as: CNBC, Forbes, Inc., Reuters, Yahoo! Small Business and dozens of other niche sites

    • Funding Sources
    • Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding Regulatory

    Joy sits on the board of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CfIRA) – the main lobbying organization for the crowdfunding industry that works directly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to help establish industry standards and best practices, as well as on the executive committee of CF50, a crowdfunding think tank.

    • Regulatory
    • Other
    • JOBS Act
    • Title II
    • Title III
    • CfIRA
    • SEC
    • FINRA
    • CF50


  • AH
    Joy was always one step ahead. Her previous experience was useful to everyone. She had a great ability to lead others collaboratively. She saw value in other's contributions and could turn a project on a dime. She is extremely bright and her professionalism was evident in every interaction. She is a real asset for any organization.
    Adriana Hook
  • MS
    I loved working for Joy, and I feel like I learned an immense amount from her. She is always positive and upbeat. She is extremely knowledgeable about financial services and PR, and she leverages that knowledge to create great pitches that the media can't ignore. And she's always willing to go above and beyond to help her clients and employees succeed.
    Matt Schulz
  • BT
    Joy brought great precision and diligence to our market intelligence at Efura. Her work revealed the industry's undisclosed online payment fee structures that ultimately became the cornerstone to Efura’s competitive merchant pricing and positioning strategy.
    Brook Tarrant
  • KW
    Joy, is a joy to work with to work. She serves on the Executive Committee of the CfPA and works well with colleagues, clients and brings a depth of knowledge in public relations to the organization. Joy's high level of integrity is noticeable as she is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. Best regards, Kim
    Kim Wales
  • KD
    While working with Joy at The PPA Group, she provided insight on many levels; most important to me was her level of expertise in sales and communication. I recommend her for any firm that needs to have a professional networker and/or sales boost.
    Kristin DiCenso
  • SH
    Joy is wonderful to work with and does not hesitate to bring her expertise and resources to the table. She is an unparalleled expert in public relations as well as crowdfunding. Additionally, she is an invaluable addition to CF50 as we create a global community of the foremost experts on crowdfunding and financial innovation.
    Sang H. Lee
  • AH
    I highly recommend Joy. She is one of the most professional and honest people we have done business with. Her company handles things in a very timely and organized manner and I wish there were more like her in this world.
    Anthony Huneycutt
  • JP
    While working with Joy, I found that in today's busy business environment Joy was always able to assist me in my transactions with Talent Guard. Many times conversations with Joy resulted in immediate actions to enhance and put together my partnership. I wished more people had her work ethic. Sincerely thankful for the ground work set and how easy you made the transition to the new powers to be. Jeff Palmatier, Owner of Equality Magazines.
    Jeff Palmatier
  • DN
    Joy has made a significant mark on the emerging crowdfunding space. She graciously introduced us to that sector. Her firm, Leverage PR has launched The Alliance into a new level of brand awareness in the Middle Market investment banking and M&A space. She has a deep understanding of the financial industry and is a strategic thinker with exceptional skills in branding and establishing media relations. She engaged, responsive and and a pleasure to work with.
    Diane Niederman
  • DN
    Joy possesses the strength and character, the likes of which I have rarely seen. The ability Joy has to move through financial data, transactional information and remain focused on the goal of the end game sets her well above those who would consider themselves contemporaries. No surprise Joy has succeeded to the levels attained by so few.
    Dewayne Naumann
  • JF
    I have know Joy for over a year now and have invested in some real estate projects that she is involved in. She is a consummate professional with a high degree of integrity. She has an impressive military background that serves her well in her current position. She is a skilled real estate investor and has years of experience in the real estate/finance world. I would highly recommend her to potetntial investors, as well as anyone who may need the services of a seasoned real estate professional.
    Jerry Faraino
  • CH
    Joy is a SUPERSTAR! From her great attitude to her relentless efforts, working with Joy has been an absolute pleasure. She constantly looks for creative alternatives to solve problems and is very involved on the entire trajectory of her clients. Never drops the ball and is always available and on top of things! It's like there is more that one of her. Public Relations is her true calling..
    Cristina Hermida
  • MO
    I've had the pleasure of knowing Joy as a colleague and friend for nearly 8 years. She has progressed through the ranks of every position I have seen her in because of her deep dedication to learning and commitment to her field. I highly recommend Joy for any endeavor and am confident in the quality of her character.
    Michael Orbino
  • DJ
    Joy is the best small business media relations expert I've ever seen in action. She is on top of issues related to branding, PR, business development, and market positioning and has valuable contributions to make to any fast-growing business. She's also capable of attracting great talent, so you're sure to get Joy AND a great team when you bring in Leverage PR.
    Davis Jones (李志鹏)
  • BH
    Joy has recommended a number of great strategies that have helped us with our Killeen 12-plex acquisition. Joy's unique knowledge and experience help the investor produce super-normal returns and stability in their portfolio. I highly recommend Joy's services if your goal is to increase the profitability of your investment.
    Bryan Hancock
  • CN
    I once ran an advertising agency, and have hired many over the years. I know when an agency is doing work for the client, and I know when they are doing client work for themselves. Joy and her team always put the clients' needs first. After the first assignment they did for me I told her she was aptly named, for it was a joy to work with her.
    Carl Nordgren
  • PP
    I have worked with Joy on a number of Commercial Property acquisitions. Her tasks have been to compile research data, create investor proformas, evaluate project profitability and recruit investors into the projects. Joy has a wonderful balance of comfort with the details of a complicated spreadsheet and - at the same time mind you - comfort in relating to all different sorts of people. She is a trusted advisor to many members of my network, a fountain of quality information and a tireless networker. I give her a four star recommendation and am pleased to know I will be working alongside her into the foreseeable future.
    private private
  • DL
    We recently worked with Joy and Leverage PR to help us gain greater visibility and PR. Joy did a GREAT job. She not only succeeded in getting us several press mentions (in prominent publications), but she taught us a lot about PR. She was able to quickly get up to speed on our business and was very efficient. I highly recommend Joy!
    Dave Lavinsky
  • DS
    Having eight years of managing multi-million dollar properties, six years of leasing and five years in sales I get a lot of investor questions. The main question I get is, “What type of rental property should I buy?” And my answer is, “ You’re safer diversifying, and Joy with the PPA Group is who you need.”
    Donna Scoggins - Sales and Property Management
  • MT
    I have worked with dozens of PR firms over the years, and most of them have been great. But Joy stands out in the crowd - she is a true gem. Not only is she a giving and kind person but her approach to publicity is unique, thorough, timely and creative. Joy always considers thoughtful and out-of-the-box angles to a pitch and she practically does the work for the author! Joy makes my job easy and my readers happy by providing great resources, great ideas and a thorough outline of her proposed story. Whether you are a reporter, blogger, producer or other media specialist - or if you are seeking a public relations firm that will help you raise brand awareness AND capital, I can't recommend anyone more strongly than I would Joy Schoffler.
    Marla Tabaka


  • Executive Committee Member

    CF 50 | July 2013 - Current

    CF50 is the premier international organization of 50 leaders in the crowdfunding space that have demonstrated considerable leadership and initiative in creating a sustainable ecosystem for the future of capital formation.

  • Board Member

    Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) | January 2013 - Current

    Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, or CFIRA, was established following the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. CFIRA is an organization formed by the crowdfunding industry’s leading platforms and experts. The group will work with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and other affected governmental and quasi-governmental entities to help establish industry standards and best practices. For more information, visit

  • Principal

    Leverage PR | October 2010 - Current

    Joy Schoffler, Principal, launched Leverage PR after recognizing a need for public relations and market development services for growth-phase businesses. Leverage PR combines entrepreneurial thinking, creative communication and guerrilla tactics to develop unique public relations and marketing campaigns to help our clients meet their goals. Within Leverage PR, Joy runs the day to day operations and leads the Public Relations and Strategy Development Departments. Joy understands that when it comes to PR and marketing, it’s all about results. If your business and political campaigns are unsuccessful, you don’t just miss the mark — you close your doors. With a history of success in the start-up community, finance and government, Joy brings valued experience, skills and most important results to her customers.

  • Executive Board Member

    Crowdfunding Professional Association | December 2012 - February 2014

    The mission of the Crowdfunding Professional Association is to facilitate a vibrant, credible and growing crowdfunding community through programs and initiatives focused on providing a unified voice which advocates on behalf of all participants in the crowdfunding environment.

  • Board Member

    Athletes for Change | October 2011 - June 2014

    At Athletes for Change (AFC), we believe that teens in crisis deserve a loving, supportive environment where they can benefit from the guidance of caring professionals in a home-like setting. In addition to licensed therapists and counselors, AFC has the commitment from the professional athletic community to mentor our students and act as positive role models. Athletes for Change, was started by former NFL Philadelphia Eagles football player Dennis DeVaughn and his wife Maureen to bring together the professional sports community to improve the lives of troubled teens in the juvenile system.

  • Communications Director for Rep Dan Flynn

    Texas House of Representatives | December 2010 - July 2011

    Serve as a part-time communications director through 82nd legislative session, developing strategy to increase constituent out reach through: development of comprehensive social media plan, on-going advisory on media issues, web-site and social media re-brand, development of strategies for future fundraising campaigns, press releases review, and advising on other issues as needed.

  • VP of Marketing and Business Development

    TalentGuard | August 2010 - June 2011

    TalentGuard helps companies at a number of levels—from HR and line management to executive leadership and individual contributors—by helping them align their talent to their overall mission and goals. Using their unique Strategic Talent Management Framework and systematic approach, we have helped many Fortune 1000 companies build better talent and achieve outstanding business results.

  • CEO

    Solution 4 Growth | May 2009 - April 2011

    Solution 4 Growth is a small consulting firm aimed at helping companies obtain working capital and branding.

  • J9- Strategic Initiatives Officer

    Texas State Guard | December 2008 - January 2012

    The Texas State Guard is one of three branches of the Texas Military Forces (TXMF), reporting to The Texas Adjutant General located at Texas Military Forces HQ, Camp Mabry (Austin), Texas. The Commander in Chief of the Texas Military Forces is the Governor of Texas. The TXSG is a volunteer organization consisting of Texas residents which assist Texas Civil Authorities in times of State Emergencies and in On-Going Support of Local Communities. We are Texans Serving Texans! With-in the TXSG I organize media campaigns to promote recruitment. Additionally I work with Texas State Representatives and other leaders on strategic planning.

  • Market Intel Mngr

    Efura | December 2006 - Current 2007

  • Finance Officer

    2122nd US Army | December 2001 - Current 2006


  • Pacific Lutheran University

    BA | Economics