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Kostas Trakas

Toronto, Canada Area

Forward-thinking healthcare leader with 16 years of experience in market access, health policy, strategic marketing, and business model development; able to balance today’s business needs with the need to design the future of healthcare. The commercial model is no longer just about distilling market research insights into clear and meaningful messages. Successful commercialization of healthcare products requires optimizing the intersecting impacts of evidence, messaging and access/reimbursement.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Value Proposition Development

    Are you addressing an unmet medical need? Are you developing the right evidence? Will you be able to detail with the message you really want? These questions all stem from your Value Proposition. I have built these for multiple stakeholders and can help you determine if your VP is: a) viable; and b) aligned to your commercial goals.

    • Business
    • Pricing
    • Reimbursement
    • Market Access
  • Business Model Development

    New reimbursement paradigms and technologies are allowing for the development of new business models. New, may not always be better. Having worked across the value chain of products in healthcare, I can help you to pressure test the assumptions underlying your planned business model and what alternatives may be appropriate.

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • business model innovation
    • Reimbursement

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Payers


  • Principal

    Prometheus Healthcare Strategies | May 2014 - Current

    Global consultancy aspiring to help healthcare companies in need of transforming their business model to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Areas of Focus: - Integrative Healthcare Solutions - Personalized Medicine Models - Non-Traditional Market Access Strategies