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Kriss Kirchhoff

United States

Kriss Kirchhoff is an experienced Angel Investor and is the immediate past President of the Boise Angel Alliance and is a recent past member of the Executive Committee of the Idaho Technology Council board. Kriss serves as a member of the board of directors for several companies in Idaho, California, and Oregon. Previously he was the President of ACCO Brands a NYSE traded public company and a Vice President and General Manager for the Hewlett Packard Company where he ran businesses ranging in size from $700M to over $1B. He has significant experience i...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Practical strategy for product and services companies

    I have developed countless product and services businesses across B2B and B2C global markets. How to develop and manage product strategy and portfolio strategy together and how to get it all done fast and with limited resources while learning and adapting to market changes.

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Strategic Planning
    • competitive strategy
    • company structure
  • Building market focused businesses

    How to build a business and culture that is driven from the outside in and avoid the trap of being internally focused. How to avoid building a product or service that no one cares about. How to create a brand that is well integrated and reinforces a strong and well differentiated position for your business in the market.

    • Business
    • Customer engagement
    • customer experience
    • Product development
  • Leadership

    How to balance management and leadership. How they are very different and why either alone or out of balance is a problem. How to will your company to success by inspiring your customers, investors, and most importantly your employees with a vision and belief in what you are doing. Basic things you can do to be a manager, a coach, and a leader.

    • Business
    • Management


  • SB
    Kriss is one of the most exciting and inspiring leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working under. He is at the cutting edge of new theory, ideas, technology and strategy. He has personally brought so much to the ACCO business which I am confidant will help keep us at the top for many years to come, and personally I have learned and seen what great leadership is all about.
    Sam Bradley
  • JD
    Kriss was the HP representative to's Board of Directors for more than 6 years from business launch to more than $30 million in annual sales. During this time, Kriss was extremely helpful in supporting our strategic and business priorities. Kriss provided valuable mentorship to several of the founders of Mimeo in its early year helping us better position our products and services to the market. He was very supportive of the Company and its management and was a pleasure to have worked with.
    John Delbridge
  • PP
    Kriss is one of those leaders who attracts people who want to work for him. He has that rare combination of vision, business acumen, technical expertise and people skills that enables companies and their employees to reach new heights and feel good about it. Kriss was a manager, mentor and coach and I learned a lot from him. My only regret is that I did not have longer to work for him. Kriss would be wonderful as a director at a public company where he would be able to excel at many levels.
    private private
  • EM
    Following an extensive review of the old GBC business back in 2006, ACCO Brands made a decision to establish a brand new business unit formed from a large number of previously separate regional businesses and to place a new leader at its helm. In December 2006, Kriss became that man and he made a rapid and very significant impact to the new BU and its internal and external customers. I reported to Kriss as a member of his global executive team and was inspired by his ability to pull the disparate parts of the business together and get us all working as a team to transform into a world class global business in its own right. He has a remarkable ability to focus like a laser on the bits that really matter and rise above the political, distracting and unnecessary. I learnt an enormous amount from working with Kriss and considered him a mentor and enabler than merely a "boss". A colleague described Kriss as an exceptional executive of Corporate America. Since Kriss has a truly global view of business, I'd prefer to describe him as a Tier 1 Leader of the Corporate World. Without doubt the individual from whom I have learned the most in my career to date. If you get the chance to work with Kriss, grab it with both hands.
    Ellis Mugridge
  • AZ
    Kriss is by far, the finest executive I have had the privilege to direclty work for, in my entire career. He is a true example of what Jim Collins calls a "Level 5 Leader" demonstrating at all times personal humility, professional will and a true resolve to benefit the company and not himself. Kriss is amazingly sharp, well-rounded and well-read, he acts and expects action with a sense of urgency, yet with a keen eye on strategy and vision. Kriss leads the organization to arrive at sustainable business results as well as creatition of new value for the company. He artfully leads his team to excel at the execution level with a laser sharp focus on results, as well as the vision level through continuous engagement with macro global trends and defining new paths for growth. Above all, Kriss is a remarkable human being; he is kind, considerate, honest, helpful and though an encyclopedia of knowledge and expertise himself, always open to new perspectives and approaches. I, personally, have gained an immense amount of knowledge, growth and personal fulfillment working for Kriss. I will miss him terribly and I hope to be lucky enough to work for him again in the future. He will be, as he has been, a world-class executive or a board member for any company wanting to make a difference and to win.
    Arezou Zarafshan
  • MC
    “Kriss Kirchhoff demonstrates remarkable thought leadership, insightful strategic capability and an amazing passion for technology driven consumer solutions. I am continuously impressed by Kriss’s ability to recognize core organizational competencies required for success, evaluate product and partnership opportunities, and lead practical change in the ACCO Brands organization. Kriss’s solid understanding of the application of leading edge technologies would be especially valuable to any consumer driven company in today’s complex and ever changing marketplace.”
    Martha Curren
  • RM
    Kriss is one of the absolute best and most complete leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with. He’s super smart, articulate, strategic, and an exceedingly effective manager and leader. Having said this, the thing that really makes Kriss special is that he truly embodies the notion of Servant Leadership. I think Kriss’ legacy at ACCO will be about the style and tone he was able to bring and embed within the organization. Words like integrity; transparency, inclusiveness, empowerment, trust, support, listening, and team come to mind, which is about the best compliment I can give. Needless to say, Kriss’ departure leaves a big hole to fill.
    Rick McCallion
  • MD
    Kriss, is one of the finest executive professionals I have ever been associated with in 25+ years in corporate America. His ability to develop and coach a team is second to none. Kriss's communication style and mentoring invites constructive debate, generates out of the box thinking, and creates an environment of thought provoking actionable ideas. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work on Kriss's team and would recommend him highly for any senior executive leadership opportunity.
    Mark D'Amico
  • GS
    Working for Kriss was like taking the best class I could have taken and getting paid for it. Kriss is blessed with the ability to see every opportunity from multiple points of view. He is a tremendous listener, always asking the right questions to reveal the full picture. He has the discipline to uncover the best long term outcome and the pragmatism and bias to action to move an organization quickly through points along the way. Beyond his powerful intellect, everyone who has known Kriss for five minutes would tell you that he is a born leader. He is charismatic and inspirational. He inspires confidence and determination in the face of adversity. He makes the hardest work fun and the most complicated problems solvable. The first bad moment I had working for Kriss was the day he said he was retiring. I looked forward to every interaction I had with him and I and everyone who had the pleasure of working with him will miss his wisdom, his humor, and his vision.
    Gideon Schlessinger
  • ES
    Kriss is truly a world class CEO & leader. He approaches corporate structure from a global prospective while having the ability and intellect to understand technical issues to their core. I am used to glossing over intricate technical issues with Presidents & CEO's. But with Kriss he gets it. He asks pertinent questions makes relevant suggestions and gets a fundamental grasp of any issue. This ability helps Kriss lead with knowledge few people posses. He looks at issues from Business & Technical perspectives and is able to steer and organize based on the fundamental needs of a company and its employees. Kriss is also a very kind & good person. I have enjoyed talking and spending a little time with him in and out of the office. I have enjoyed my time working for Kriss & look forward to opportunities to continue working for him.
    Ezra Szoke
  • SS
    Kriss was a great boss to work for, combining tremendous business insight and experience with strong and clear leadership, while at the same time giving space and empowerment to his team to run their operations
    Steven Swift
  • TS
    Kriss Kirchhoff has been my boss for the last two years...but a better title would have been mentor, leader, and inspirational visionary. Kriss has a wonderful way of bringing out your best, challenging your thinking to be broader and deeper, and leading you to better results as a partner in business success. I appreciated my association with him and wished I could have learned at his shoulder much longer. I would want him as my "boss" anytime, and am certain that his leadership will continue to inspire those around him in every endeavor.
    Tim Spencer
  • BW
    Kriss gave me a good understanding about what it takes to be successful in this day in age. He willingingly gave up some of his time to sit and talk with me and I highly regard him as a very professional person. Thanks Kriss for showing me this website! Brandon
    Brandon Wubs

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Digital Health, Biotech, Health IT, Diagnostics
  • Boise, Idaho Area
  • Greater Salt Lake City Area
  • Portland, Oregon Area
  • Greater Seattle Area
  • San Francisco Bay Area


  • Board member

    Sawtooth Ideas, Inc | March 2012 - Current

  • Founding member and officer

    Treasure Valley Angel Fund | July 2012 - Current

  • Advisory Board Member to the TECenter

    Boise State University | August 2012 - Current

  • Member of the Board of Directors

    Aquarium of Boise | November 2014 - Current

  • Founding Member

    Boise Angel Fund | December 2006 - Current

  • Retired

    President Public Company; Angel Investor | May 2010 - Current

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor

    PADI | May 2005 - Current

  • Advisor

    Social Good Network | June 2013 - December 2013

  • Advisor

    Revelation, Inc. | March 2012 - June 2014

  • Board Member and Member of Executive Committee

    Idaho Technology Council | October 2012 - February 2014

  • President and Board Member

    Boise Angel Alliance | September 2012 - September 2013

  • President and Executive Officer of the Corporation

    ACCO Brands | December 2006 - April 2010

  • Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

    Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce | December 2003 - Current 2006

  • Board Member

    Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) | December 2003 - Current 2004

    Southwest Idaho Economic Development

  • Board Member | March 1999 - June 2005

  • Board Member

    HP Federal Credit Union | December 1989 - Current 1992

  • Vice President and General Manager

    Hewlett-Packard Company | May 1979 - November 2005


  • Stanford University Graduate School of Business

    Executive Education | 1990 - 1990

  • The University of Dallas

    MBA | Management | 1983 - 1985

  • Texas A&M University

    BS | Engineering | 1974 - 1979