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Michael Robkin, MBA

Greater Los Angeles Area

Executive with 25+ years of corporate IT, and systems & software product realization with an emphasis on market research, Healthcare IT (HIT), medical devices, and healthcare revenue cycle. An accomplished leader with a significant record of success. I am deeply passionate about solving the big problems in Healthcare. With preventable medical errors finally recognized as the 3rd leading cause of death in this country it is vital to bring our best ideas to fruition, particularly in HIT, healthcare delivery, and medical devices that improve patient care, o...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare IT

    I worked in Kaiser Permanente IT for 10 years, ending as the most senior Enterprise Architect for all of national care delivery. I have experience in the selection, design, and implementation of large scale integrated IT and Medical Device systems almost every medical department or specialty.

    • Software
    • Health informatics
    • Consumer Health
    • Digital Health
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Global Health
    • HL7
    • healthcare integration
    • HIE
    • Health IT
    • Healthcare providers management software
    • Large healthcare system
    • Mobile health
    • Telehealth
    • market research
    • implementation
  • Systems Engineering and Quality

    25 years of Systems Engineering experience as a Engineer, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, and Instructor. My company has produced a complete, holistic Systems Engineering curriculum compatible with FDA and EU quality management standards and processes.

    • Software
    • Design
    • clinical information systems
    • Entreprise Software
    • Medical Software
    • Quality
    • Regulatory and Compliance


  • PP
    Michael is an extraordinary classmate and colleague. He has the amazing ability to analyze any situation to quickly generate creative solutions to any problem. He always adds value to the team and has a great sense of humor. He is a pleasure to work with.
    private private
  • JD
    I have worked with Mike for the past 5 years on a variety of Care Delivery projects. He very capably led a complex team of imaging specialists to create Kaiser Permanente's National Architecture for Medical Imaging as well as leading the National Imaging Summit involving roughly 80 imaging experts, physicians, and executives. He was a capable and trusted partner. It's been quite a pleasure learning from Mike, working with him, and laughing with him as well.
    John D Edwards
  • ST
    I have appreciated being able to work with Mike in the Regulatory Working Group within Continua Health Alliance. Mike and I co-chaired the group for quite some time and led efforts in regulatory educational sessions and participated in organizing and presenting at a 3-day summit at FDA discussing interoperability of medical devices. I have also worked with Mike on generating an FDA pre-submission outlining how the ASTM 2761 (ICE) standard might be used to help streamline efforts in regulatory science. Mike has a keen knowledge of processes and systems engineering, while also being able to maintain a sense of practicality in his approach. I have enjoyed working with and learning from Mike over the years and would recommend him highly for systems engineering type of work or general understanding of medical devices and interoperability in large, complex systems.
    Scott Thiel
  • SC
    I worked for Mike Robkin in 2012 on the Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MDPNP) project and with him in 1996 on the implementation of a pan-European Training Management System for General Motors Europe. Mike has great stamina, working from early to late. On both his project and standards work, Mike always takes strategic view and looks for opportunities to add value or unlock synergy with the team and the stakeholders. Mike is both a generator and amplifier of ideas: unusually free of pride of authorship, his reaction to others' ideas is to recognize instinctively the ones with genuine potential and then push, pull, or lead the team to until they are viable.
    Stephen Cobb
  • DW
    Michael was one of senior architects working on the clinical systems architecture across Kaiser Permanente. In addition, Michael represented Kaiser in many industry forums inlcuding Continua (an industry alliance to work on interoperability of medical devices). In any venue I asked him to work, he was politically aware and brought great depth to his work both technically and from an outstanding understanding of the healthcare business. Michael's many talents and desire for results combined with his deep understanding of healthcare, make him most valuable in today's healthcare IT environment.
    David Watson
  • RW
    Michael's calm tenacity underscores his many achievements. To any challenge he brings not only an unparalleled track record of technical experience, but a dry sense of humor which lightens the heaviest load. He is a pleasure to work with.
    Ron Williams

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Health IT, Payers


  • President & Founder

    Anakena Solutions | August 2009 - Current

    We specialize in market analysis and product development for the healthcare industry, focused on the difficult intersection of reimbursement, workflow, systems, safety, regulation, integration, HIT, and medical devices. We are looking for new products, new companies, and new teams seeking to best leverage their resources and products in our ever-evolving health care ecosystem. Our customers include Massachusetts General Hospital, Intel, and numerous start-ups. Unique value adds: o Cutting edge knowledge and experience at ever-evolving intersection of FDA regulation, ONC requirements, reimbursement, interoperability, mobile, software, privacy, security, safety, medical devices, and Enterprise HIT o Deep and practical perspective on collection and use of integrated clinical data to improve system quality, patient outcomes, workflow, and revenue cycle o End-to-end experience with the technology, data, and workflow requirements for almost every clinical department including medical imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, surgery, anesthesia, in-patient device integration, remote monitoring, and m-health o Software, systems, and architecture development, from rapid prototypes to large scale deployments

  • Treasurer & Member of the Board of Directors

    Continua Health Alliance | December 2006 - Current 2011

    Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit, open industry alliance of the finest healthcare and technology companies in the world collaborating to improve the quality of personal health, elder care, chronic disease management, wellness, and health & fitness. Continua was, and continues to be dedicated to making people's lives healthier and longer through personal and personalized care.

  • Principal Enterprise Architect

    Kaiser Permanente | December 1997 - Current 2009

    o Principal Enterprise Architect for care delivery ancillary systems, covering Pharmacy, Medical Imaging, Medical Devices, Laboratory, Anesthesia, Surgery, and other departments o Introduced Systems Engineering principles into the IT department including running all internal and external HIT system design reviews for 2 years. o Interoperability "evangelist" and liaison to the VHA, UK's NHS, and FDA. o IT representative to KP"s National Product Council - often recognized as the most diligent and comprehensive hospital medical device & imaging acquisition committee in the country o Lead Enterprise Architect for all KP Medical Imaging: 30+ Hospitals

  • Sr. Systems Engineer

    Perceptronics | December 1996 - Current 1997

    Jack-of-all trades for a variety of simulation and training products, including fire-fighting, air traffic control, and pharmaceuticals. Responsibilities ranged from business development to research and programming.

  • Lead Engineer/Engineering Manager

    Hughes International GmbH | December 1994 - Current 1996

    o Responsible for the infrastructure and technology of GM Europe's new "internal startup" training division covering executive, sales, HR, maintenance, and factory training courses in 26 countries and 22 languages o Company formation and internal integration was a success. Cannot claim the same about teaching 30,000 German car salesmen to be more friendly and polite

  • Sr. Systems Engineer

    Hughes Training | December 1986 - Current 1994

    Systems and software engineering on cutting-edge products from computer graphics, artificial intelligence, to massive multi-participant real-time interoperabe networked simulations.


  • Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management

    MBA | Presidentt's and Key Executive | 2009 - 2011