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Mike Ryan

San Francisco Bay Area

CEO, CEO for 25+ years at technology, healthcare and consulting companies. Expertise in starting, growing, leading, advising & guiding 500+ companies in Internet, healthcare & technology. Served on 60+ board of directors. BrokersWeb #1 Insurance Inc 500 CEO, public...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare startups

    expertise in 500+ startup during the past 25 years

    • Healthcare Delivery
    • Integrated healthcare systems
  • CEO Mentoring

    Serve as CEO coach and mentor

    • Business
    • Management
  • Boards

    Serve on 60+ board of directors during the past 25 years with US, India, China and Australian companies providing strategic advice, governance and financial leadership

    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Board of directors
    • CEO Coach


  • JB
    It has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with Mike on the board of one of our investee start-ups. Mike is an excellent board member and coach, a trusted advisor, a uber connecter, and above all, a fantastic human being, whom entrepreneurs love to work with. I look forward to do more things together with Mike in the years to come.
    Jishnu Bhattacharjee
  • JG
    As CEO of Logos Health Systems, I have greatly appreciated having advice from Mike based on his wide range of expertise and contacts that he has been very willing to share with us as an emerging company. I am confident that Mike will play a key role for us as we grow our business within the healthcare arena.
    John Gardner
  • JH
    Michael Ryan's work with the American Red Cross was extraordinary in the amount of time and effort devoted to the wonderful cause of Red Cross. Michael's business know how was important during years of change and upheaval within America's most beloved charity. Michael worked well with all of the Chapters and Chief Executive Officers across the full state of Louisiana.
    Jim Hubbard
  • DD
    I have known Mike for 15 years since we served on a healthcare professional association board of directors together. Mike is recognized as a healthcare leader and advisor who brings extensive insights, skills and expertise in serving his clients
    Denis D'Amico
  • JJ
    It has been a privilege and honor to work with no better-qualified person, whom I believe, possesses the experience and credentials than that of Mike Ryan. The thing that impresses me the most about Mike is his professional and personal integrity. He approaches every project focused, calculating risks and making solid determinations, while focusing on the “big picture.” Additionally, Mike’s desire to stay on the top of his game is clear as he consistently offers fresh perspectives and creative approaches to businesses, turning negatives into opportunities.
    Joseph Jackson
  • SF
    Mike was a task oriented, performance driven boss. He helped his management team develop goals and assisted them in meeting them. He had excellent relationships with all employees and members of the medical staff. He nurtured and guided those of us that had less experience in Healthcare. He served as not only a boss, but a mentor. I know that our relationship will last a lifetime.
    Shannon Foster
  • DS
    I observed Mike as he assumed increasing responsibility at our organization. He ultimately was responsible for multiple divisions including numerous for profit susidiaries of our local health system. Mike was a bright, self directed and energetic administrator. He was given assignements that were very challenging and ground breaking at the time. Mike was a very able and creative administrator.
    Drew Snyder
  • AD
    Michael is one of the few people who is able to synthesize technology, business, operations, markets and more into insight and actionable recommendations. He's simply a value add at any level.
    Ash Damle
  • JS
    Since joining our board in Jan 2009, Mike's contribution to the growth of our company has been exceptonal - as both strategist, networker, health industry expert and mentor... Mike is rare in that he combines the wisdom and experience of his extensive, varied and impressive career, with the openness and enthusiasm of a great entrepreneur. I couldn't recommend him more highly, as both colleague and friend.
    Josh Swinnerton
  • AC
    While working with Mike in Monroe, La., I found Mike to be enthusiastic, and goal oriented. His work in the creation of a Materials Management Assessment document was a significant contributor to the successful implementation of a centralized Materials program that grew to be a model for automated supply chain replenishment for the rest of the country.
    Al Cook
  • AR
    Mike Ryan is a true visionary who can keep many balls in the air at once. His ability to imagine, create, design, and then, implement is unmatched. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Just look at his smile-a joy to work with and a pleasure to be around! Engage him and watch your ideas soar!
    April Rudin
  • BB
    Mike's extensive healthcare industry start-up experience made him the most suitable first member of the Takes All Types Advisory Board. He has thrown himself behind the cause, contributing his deep expertise, professional connections and resources, all of which have yielded concrete, positive results. Moreover, Mike has been directly engaged and available throughout the rapid growth of this non-profit start-up, which for a social entrepreneur represents invaluable support.
    Ben Bergman
  • KS
    Mike Ryan has been a trusted and valuable advisor to not only my company, but to me personally for a decade. His depth and breadth of experience is applicable to almost any healthcare setting and he has always been helpful and responsive to any question or issue I've had to deal with throughout my career.
    Keyur Sathe
  • SB
    Mike is a Board Member everyone dreams about. He is immensely approachable, proactively reaches out on a regular basis to keep himself informed and always ready to lend a ear when I need one. I don't think I can write enough about his contribution to Salorix/my personal growth: his enormous circle of friends should be an ample testimony for the same.
    Santanu Bhattacharya
  • MB
    I have known Michael for more than 40 years. In that time, I have known him to be of the highest integrity and to possess a keen knowledge of his endeavors. Michael brings a breadth of experience and know-how to his clients and colleagues, which has afforded him a great opportunity for long-term relationships and extraordinary respect.
    Monica Bailey, CPA
  • JC
    Mike and I worked at competing healthcare facilities, but we worked very hard at putting aside our organizations' differences for the betterment of the overall community. I have known Mike for a long time now and find him to possess great knowledge, compassion and integrity. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
    John Chamberlain
  • BO
    Mike wears many hats and what's really extraordinary about that is that he is successful in all of those roles. He is the ultimate go-to guy when one needs advise, a connection or information!
    Ben Olivares
  • DH
    How disappointed you would be if you had the opportunity to meet Michael and didn't. He is quick, salient, quick-witted and focused ~ a treat to be around! Creating is a particularly delectable talent of his; his imagination out of the seemingly impossible is an art. Danielle Halsel (913) 638-4600
    Dani Halsel
  • JB
    Michael have been known to me for many years and he has always been a true professional advising his clients on a vareity of issues,. predominately on informatin technology applicaitons. His advice has been on target and helpful to me and ot others.
    Jack Buckley
  • JC
    Mike is not only a great friend, but he is an astute business professional with wide ranging experience. Over the years, I have always used Mike as a sounding board for various business ventures and opportunities that I have come across. He has helped me immensely with his thoughts and advice. His help has been invaluable.
    John Chon
  • DD
    I have know Michael for 10 years and he is a tireless networker with a broad background of skills. Michael has stayed in touch with his contacts aggressively over the years and cultivates strong relationships.
    Denis D'Amico
  • NB
    It is my pleasure to give Michael my highest recommendation. I found Mike to be a person of the highest integrity, excellent knowledge and excellent reach within the healthcare field. Mike not only understands how to get deals done, more important is his professionalism, process and ethics, qualities that are impressive and increasingly rare in todays business environ. I am proud to call Mike a friend and would jump at the chance to collaborate with him again. Nick Burton Chief Investment Officer Second Wind Investments, LLC
    Nick Burton
  • JG
    Michael's extensive and broad experience in the medical industry provided my company with the necessary scope and depth we needed, as a start up, to validate and pitch our value proposition with a high degree of confidence. I recommend Michael to any medical startup or mature business to engage him in any number of areas.
    James Guzzetta
  • HR
    Michael brings a creative and open thought process to problem solving in today's healthcare environment. His innovativeness to bringing both practical and efficient answers to his clients is one of his greatest strengths.
    H. Ralph Hawkins, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP
  • JG
    Mike has developed an impressive world wide rolodex of business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, innovators and know how to use them for his clients benefits.
    Joseph G. DiLorenzo
  • HG
    Smart, engaging, quick witted, amazing, wonderful sense of humor, caring father and great husband of mine.
    Hagit Glickman
  • JV
    It is a great pleasure to have Mike as one of our advisors. He really goes the extra mile to help us, especially with contacts in the industry. We are new to the healthcare industry and Mike is a veteran and his knowledge and connections has given us great leverage building our company Thanks Mike for your effort!
    Jose Vargas
  • BH
    Ryan is a well-connected executive in healthcare industry. He has unique insight and valuable knowledge in his field. He would be a resourceful advisor with funding network especially in healthcare space.
    Bess Ho
  • JB
    Michael is one of the most 'connected' people I've met in healthcare circles. His Rolodex includes some of the biggest names, and his access is not often equaled. I have found Michael to be helpful in providing insight and direction as an advisor to Logos, and would recommend him highly to any who are looking for a discerning and resourceful advisor.
    Joe Beaver
  • DF
    Mike has been a coach, a mentor, a trusted advisor and a friend to me. Since connecting with Mike three years ago, I have received two promotions, both unsolicited! His style is relaxed, engaging, and effective. Mike has a combination of high quality experience and connections that he skillfully leverages to the benefit of those who work with him. He has taken the time to get to know me on a very personal level and to offer the type of support,advice, and guidance that few others could possibly do.
    Delvecchio Finley
  • PP
    Michael has a vibrant, cooperative personality and has always been happy to take my call. He is always willing to extend his expertise in the form of advice, referrals and can provide insight into any number of companies or industries. He exudes a keen business sense carefully balanced with an infectious personable attitude. If on the off chance he can't help you he can, and will, definitely refer you to someone who will.
    private private
  • MC
    Mike and I met as recruited team members of a SF startup. Mike is a no-nonsense tell it like it is - results oriented professional. I recommend Mike without reservation.
    Michaela Conley, MA MCHES CSMS
  • DM
    Michael is the great person to work with, he is very dedicated, hardworking and self motivated person and yet easy going. I love to work with him future.
    Daniel Martin
  • DF
    I have the privilege of knowing Mike Ryan for nearly 30 years dating back to our time together at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. During my 25 year career with Ascension Health I was in frequent contact with Mike as a collegue and friend. Mike held executive operating postitions in several Ascension facilities. I have admired his entreprenuerial spirit, his insights into innovation and his wisdom and viewpoints in helping individuals and companies succeed.
    Douglas French
  • RC
    In a world full of people who claim to be the real deal, Mike Ryan is one of the few who is. I am constantly amazed at the depth of experience and value of his advice. I am a better business person because of him and anyone that has Mike on their side, can take on the world. If there was ever a true health-care insider, its Mike Ryan. The depth of understanding, contacts and brain-power are unmatched in an single other person that I met during my time in the healthcare field. If you are lucky enough to work with Mike, you are working with the best. Its a pleasure to reccomend such a great asset to any project or team.
    Rocco Chappie
  • KW
    Michael excels at bringing the right people together towards a common purpose. He brings a wealth of valuable connections to the table and has a deep understanding of how peoples' various interests and experiences can create value for each other.
    Kim Weiss
  • JE
    Mike is the “go to person” in the healthcare world with his extensive network of people he has advised, consulted, coached and mentored during his career. He is usually one or two degrees of separation for someone you might want to know or need. I would recommend anyone to contact him and watch for positive results
    Janice E. Linver
  • TL
    Michael is a smart, inventive guy who gives 110% of his effort every time out.
    Tony Lee
  • NF
    Mike is just one of the best healthcare professionals I know. He is intelligent, well-informed & insightful. He has a good sense of strategy & can assess what will work and why. He was always a step ahead of everyone else, but didn't intimidate or appear arrogant. People like and trust Mike, and because of that, he can get things done.
    Nona Fain
  • SH
    Michael is a great guy and very well connected.
    Steve Hoffman
  • RH
    Brilliant, Super Connected and Successful. If its biotech its mike...
    Richie Hecker
  • AM
    "The depth of Mike's education, contacts and experience in the healthcare arena, makes him an invaluable asset in healthcare consulting and business development. If you want to start,build, grow or strategize about your healthcare business, Mike's the person you want to talk to."
    Arvin Marchel
  • PP
    Straight shooter, good man.
    private private
  • NB
    Every so often you get the unique privilege of meeting someone of Mike’s caliber. Someone whose integrity, knowledge and understanding stands above all the rest. Mike is not only extremely well connected he brings world class leadership skills and solutions. Mike is committed to value based relationships. I am privileged to call Mike a friend and would jump at the chance to work with him again.
    Nick Burton
  • AR
    Michael is friendly, thoughtful, and has a world of wisdom thanks to years of travels through many ventures and adventures. I learned a lot both from what he said to me, and how he listened to me.
    Adam Rifkin
  • TP
    Michael is one of the most networked people I know. He is second to none in the healthcare world with his 25+ years of connecting people, resources and solutions. His deep contacts, leadership insights and worldwide network give him an unsurpassed perspective on future trends and their impact. Connect with Michael.
    Thomas Power
  • NP
    Over the years, whenever I have needed advice about any aspect of starting, running, or growing a business I have turned to Mike. He has the experience of a CEO, the guts of a venture capitalist, and personability of a good friend. He always asks the right questions, often the hard ones, that make sure decisions being made are the right ones for the current circumstances.
    Nico Peruzzi, Ph.D.
  • WK
    I have known Michael for over 20 years. In that time, I have found him to be driven, insightful, resourceful and, most importantly, ethical.
    Walter Kelly
  • PN
    Michael is one of the most driven and focused men I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have had a relationship with Michael over a 30 year period of time and know that he is a thoughtful, intelligent person with high aspirations and personal goals.
    Paul Noone
  • DS
    Michael has served as a senior level advisor to our medical software company since the Fall of 2003. Notwithstanding his extensive knowledge and network in the healthcare industry, Michael demonstrates the ability to connect high-level strategic concepts with their low-level tactical implementation conterparts. This ability can only come from result-driven experience.
    Daniel Shields
  • BJ
    “Mike provided our company with practical strategy, marketing and national sales leadership that included exceptional “C-suite” access to the largest health systems in the US in a very rapid timeframe. We eliminated months off our sales cycle by tapping into his CEO network.” We found Mike personal, professional and very much a pleasure to work with.
    Bobby Jones
  • TK
    Michael and I have worked together in a professional organization for the past year. He is a good listener and always offers positive input during discussions. He is supportive of the other members of the group and is a team player. He is easily approachable and an all around good person to have on your team.
    Terrie Kurrasch
  • BH
    He is one of the brightest consultants I have partnered. Mike's ability to see broad, integrated solutions allows clients to easily solve business problems. Detailed and creative.
    Brent Henley
  • EV
    Michael Ryan is an extraordinary individual and leader. I have known Mike since 1995 and believe that he is a singularly talented and effective leader.
    Enrique Vitug
  • JG
    Michael can evaluate situations from many views (investor, customer, vendor, etc.) and craft solutions to meet the needs of all parties. I enjoyed working with him on professional association projects and always learned through those interactions - more from observing and listening to his thought process. He helped me improve my ability to think strategically and that has boosted my career.
    John Gilchrist
  • AS
    I have known Mike for over twenty years. He is recognized in the healthcare industry as an effective executive who gets the job done. Because of his background, experience and personal skills, Mike is the type of healthcare professional who brings true value added and creatvity to the projects he works on.
    Arthur S. Shorr
  • DK
    Mike's deep healthcare industry expertise has been valuable asset to Aquave. He is one of those rare people who really know how to bridge the worlds of healthcare management and new technology entrepreneurship.
    Dmitriy Kruglyak
  • DP
    Please accept our endorsement of Mike Ryan without any reservation. Mike has been active in mentoring our company and Brightstar's management group is extremely "Blessed". He has devoted much time and effort to showing us the path. We have the highest regard for him.
    Dan Pinoski
  • RP
    Mike's familiarity with our healthcare system and with the many executive managers who seek his expertise is near legendary. Working with him is a pleasure. Ronald J. Pion MD Healthcare Strategist
    Ron Pion MD

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Biotech, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery, Diagnostics


  • Investor & Advisory Board | September 2007 - Current

    Serve as Advisor/Investor at, Inc. in 2007.'s acquisition of BrokersWeb in 2008, which transitioned our business model to vertically-targeted CPC marketplaces on our proprietary platform. Reached #20 overall on the Inc 500 list for 2011 (#1 in Insurance category), and #50 overall (#1 in Insurance) for 2012 - with over $50M of annual revenue in 2011.

  • Investor & Board of Directors | April 2010 - Current

    Salorix raised $4.7 million in 2011 & 2012 from Inventus Capital Partners & Nexus Venture Capital Salorix team leadership position at Google, PayPal, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, eBay, Real Media, Amgen, HCA, Sanofi Aventis, Biogen and international IT companies. Salorix provides a suite of social listening & engagement, campaign strategy & management, and custom analytic & optimization solutions for brands that desire a completely outsourced social media solution.

  • Investor & Advisor | June 2010 - Current

    Calithera is a development stage pharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing novel small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. We are applying our scientific expertise to build a pipeline of unique anti- cancer drugs that selectively target metabolic and apoptotic pathways critical to tumor growth and survival. Calithera Biosciences raised $40 million in “Series A” venture funding by lead investor Morgenthaler Ventures along with U.S. Venture Partners, Advanced Technology Ventures, Delphi Ventures and Mission Bay Capital

  • Chairman, Board of Directors

    meCareHealth | April 2006 - Current

    MeCareHealth focuses on people being the "Center" of their care system and responsible for managing their health, fitness & wellness using innovative technology, eHealth, mHealth, healthcare games & leveraging their social networks. Twitter: @meCareHealth

  • Executive in Residence (EIR)/Mentor/Advisor

    The George Washington University | February 2006 - Current

    Mentor/Advisor to students at The George Washington University Health Services Management and Leadership Program in Washington, DC.

  • Chairman | February 2002 - Current @ExecutiveMpact EiG is a boutique global advisory company specializing in growth and companies experiencing change or transformation. We provide our clients with senior level partners on each engagement with the goal of surpassing their expectations. Our areas of expertise are in providing a successful "pathway" for companies in Strategy, Business Development, Human Capital Solutions, Leadership Assessment and CEO/senior management mentoring & coaching. EiG has expertise in technology, healthcare, life sciences and biotech industries.

  • Advisory Board

    Trinity Surgical Worldwide | June 2005 - Current

    Surgical Center Development & Management Company.

  • Board of Directors, Founder & Managing Partner | January 2011 - Current

    Advisors to financial industry with offices in New York, Dallas and San Francisco. Providing insights, advice and consulting to clients world-wide. @CORadvisorsLLC

  • Executive Producer

    Michael Gordon Ryan Channel | January 2012 - Current

    Michael Gordon Ryan Channel Videos about startups, Linked In, Recognizing Talents, Building companies, Funding and other topics.

  • Founder Mentor/Advisor

    Peek | May 2015 - Current

    'Story Star'​ App Helps You Find, Share Artists'​ Snaps And Usernames

  • Head of Strategic Partnerships

    PeerWell | December 2015 - Current PeerWell leverages the power of peers to make lives healthier together. Our mission is to change the status quo by making it simple for people to take control of their health. We are building the first healthcare model that combines technology, behavioral science, and community.

  • Advisor to CEO

    Fledgg | July 2014 - Current

    Connect with Entrepreneurs and Mentors globally.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Bellybaloo | April 2014 - Current

    Bellybaloo is a cloud-based world for Moms and her family & friends to celebrate and share. It begins with our service that liberates fetal ultrasound images including color stills and video clips – and makes them available immediately anytime & anywhere, for free to share with her social network. Bellybaloo is enabling Moms to immediately access and share her baby’s ultrasound images/videos directly from their OB/GYN offices with their family and friends. Our technology provides a world for Moms to share with others in a simple, secure and social way. Bellybaloo is led by CEO Mike Ryan. The company was founded by maternal-fetal medicine specialist Adam Wolfberg and athenahealth VP Jamie Mallinger, along with Bill McCurdy, CEO of Premier Diagnostics, the largest freestanding ultrasound services provider in New England.

  • Advisor

    Compugen Ltd. | September 2013 - Current

    Compugen (CGEN) is a leading therapeutic product discovery company focused on therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies to address important unmet needs in the fields of immunology and oncology. Unlike traditional high throughput trial and error experimental based drug candidate discovery, Compugen utilizes a broad and continuously growing infrastructure of proprietary scientific understandings and predictive platforms, algorithms, machine learning systems and other computational biology capabilities for the in silico (by computer) prediction and selection of product candidates.

  • Chairman Board of Directors

    Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. | April 2014 - Current

    Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. is a venture capital funded company. It's leading solution is the Intelliblast Health communication system allows hospitals, healthcare systems, agencies and their healthcare professionals the ability to communicate by two-way phone text and/or email instantly, eliminating hours of wasted effort on the phone.

  • Chairman, Board of Directors

    Executive Impact Group | October 1994 - Current

    Advisory firm serving investors, boards, CEOs, founders, VCs, PE, HF, especially in growth and transitioning companies in healthcare, wellness, eHealth, life sciences, medicine, biotech, medical devices, technology industries world-wide

  • Chairman

    Linked In EiG Global Advisors Moderator | September 2003 - Current

    Global network of EiG Advisors in 160+ countries.

  • Social Networks "Test Pilot" a.k.a. Chuck Yeager

    World Class Technology Companies | January 1993 - Current

    A recognized "Power User" at early stage technology especially social networking companies. Early adopter and "Test Pilot" new social media & networking technologies building online communities since 1993. Companies include American Online (Hosted weekly online community in 1996)Linked In 2003 "Most Connected" person; & Hashable 2010)

  • Advisor

    mHealth | October 1992 - Current

    Advisor to various stealth companies serving the mHealth industry leveraging mobile, telehealth and remote monitoring technologies

  • Fellow, 1995-2011

    American College of Healthcare Executives | September 1982 - Current

    Fellow and board certified healthcare executive. + Fellow 1995-2011 + Member since 1982 + Service awardee + Founding board member California Association of Healthcare Leaders. + Chairman, Career Transitions - ACHE NOCAL Chapter + Regent's Advisory Council- Northern California. + National CEO Committee + Founding editorial board member + National Board of Regents + Louisiana Regent + Regent's Advisory Council - Louisiana + Winner best national publication award ACHE Congress

  • Board of Directors Member

    Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. | September 2013 - April 2014

    The Intelliblast Health communication system is an awarding-winning healthcare communications software utilizing the innovative IntelliBlast Communication Technolgy platform. Founded by an entrepreneurial healthcare practitioner in response to the need for more efficient staff communications, IntelliBlast Health is the first software communications solution designed for healthcare that offers two-way messages via voice, SMS and email with real-time response capture and system automation. IntelliBlast Health automates vacant shift fulfillment notifications and important organizational messages so that your company can focus on patient care instead of phone calls.

  • Advisor

    Novartis | June 2011 - August 2013

    Novartis provides healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of patients and societies. Focused solely on healthcare, Novartis offers a diversified portfolio to best meet these needs: innovative medicines, cost-saving generic pharmaceuticals, preventive vaccines, diagnostic tools and consumer health products. Novartis is the only company with leading positions in these areas. In 2010, the Group’s continuing operations achieved net sales of USD 50.6 billion, while approximately USD 9.1 billion (USD 8.1 billion excluding impairment and amortization charges) was invested in R&D throughout the Group. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis Group companies employ approximately 119,000 full-time-equivalent associates (including 16,700 Alcon associates) and operate in more than 140 countries around the world.

  • Board of Directors | February 2009 - March 2012 Board of Directors. DeskActive offers the world's leading software for office health, safety & wellbeing.DeskActive provides a simple, cost-effective solution to all office needs for occupational health & safety (OH&S) and health, safety and environment (HSE). DeskActive also delivers real corporate health and wellness benefits.

  • Advisor | May 2009 - June 2012

    Takeda San Francisco - Center for Excellence in Therapeutic Antibody Research Takeda San Francisco, Inc.(TSF) is Takeda's global center for excellence for biologics. TSF was established in November 2007 and supports Takeda's therapeutic antibody research through our antibody technology platform. This platform is based on discovery, optimization and development technologies used to efficiently generate Investigational New Drug (IND) candidates for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is Japan's largest pharmaceutical company, and is the world-leader in oral diabetes medicines.

  • Board of Directors | November 2009 - December 2010

    Advisor to CEO/Founders of Syren Systems since its inception 2008. Serve on Advisory Board since November 2009. Syren Systems creates exclusive online communities to educate and empower patients, to promote peer, family and care provider recruitment, and facilitate patient access to innovative therapies. Syren Systems provides Clinical Research Organizations valuable efficiencies in patient recruitment for the clinical trials required by the FDA for new pharmaceuticals and devices to go to market.

  • Chairman

    Career Transition & Development Committee (CAHL) | January 2008 - December 2009

    Provide volunteer leadership serving as chairman of the Career Transition and Development committee serving American College of Healthcare Executives members/affiliates in Northern California.

  • Chairman, Board of Directors | September 2008 - July 2012

    PharmaCapture is in the business of innovative solutions; namely the providing of branded utilization text messages to patients on behalf of Pharma/Medical/Lifestyle or healthcare related entities. From this interaction, PharmCapture evolves the one-way communication gap, bridging it to an open two-way communication which actualizes the real time capture of health-related information. This process innovation provides: • A unique branding opportunity to a relevant population for the manufacturer • An increase in utilization by patients for the health plan • Healthier outcomes for the patient themselves. We believe that there is a productive way to utilize and integrate technology solutions to better the treatment, care, and outcomes for all patients. We group our teams around a matrix and product structure where the team is built around a product; and then that team interfaces with the technology team directly. We pride ourselves on being a market mover and deliverer of superior results, to patients first, and then our clients.

  • Advisor | October 2007 - August 2008

    Phenomix is a drug discovery and development company building a portfolio of internally discovered, novel therapeutics for the treatment of major human diseases. Phenomix' lead program, PHX1149, is a DPP4 inhibitor in Phase 2b clinical trials as a once daily oral treatment for Type 2 diabetes. Phenomix' second program is directed at the treatment of hepatitis C infections through inhibition of the NS3/4A viral protease. Phenomix is based in San Diego, California. For more information, visit

  • Advisor | November 2007 - May 2011

    Advisor to CEO & CFO at NovaBay. NovaBay was named a "World Most Innovative Companies in 2010" by FastCompany magazine as #7 Biotech focused on developing innovative product candidates targeting the treatment or prevention of a wide range of infections in hospital and community environments. Many of these infections have become increasingly difficult to treat because of the rapid increase in infectious microbes that have become resistant to current drugs.

  • Advisory Board, Advisor | December 2007 - May 2010

    Founding Advisory Board member Serve as Advisor to Founders from concept to operational growth. As Advisory Board member connect founders to American Red Cross national headquarters and other resources. Takes All Types is a non-profit Grassroots organization dedicated to creating the first national network for blood donation. There are always shortages of blood throughout the nation, even though there are plenty of potential donors out there. After All, we all have blood we can share. The main issue is communication! Takes all Types is providing social media (including Facebook) applications to allow people to sign up as blood donors and receive alerts by phone, text, e-mail, Facebook, fax, whenever blood is needed in their local area. This will help people be more connected with the process, contributing all together in a common solution, and should vastly increase donor participation

  • Advisor | April 2007 - August 2008

    Proacta Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company working to translate hypoxia-activated prodrug lead compounds into marketed drugs that treat cancer. Proacta holds exclusive worldwide rights to 25 patent families, across more than nine chemical families. Ongoing development of the portfolio is supported by significant grant funding and led by acknowledged international experts in the field at University of Auckland and Stanford University. Proacta's strong IP and ongoing research activities in hypoxia-targeted cancer therapies give it a leadership position in meeting a substantial unmet need for the large and growing oncology market. To date Proacta has raised $47 million in Series A and B financings. Investors include Alta Partners, Clarus Ventures, GBS Venture Partners (Australia), Delphi Ventures, No 8 Ventures (New Zealand), Endeavour Capital (New Zealand), Roche, and Genentech.

  • Advisory Board | September 2007 - September 2011

    #1 in Inc.'s Fastest Growing Companies. 8,127% Growth! BrokersWeb is a leading premium, vertically targeted, pay-per-click (PPC) traffic source for over 150 top-rated insurance advertisers. With roots as an insurance sales organization, we understand the conversion needs of our clients. BrokersWeb has grown into one of the leading ROI-driven, online marketing channels for PPC advertisers, delivering tens of thousands of ultra-targeted consumers to our advertising clients on a daily basis. The company's websites and publisher partners reach millions of consumers every month. For more information visit:

  • Advisor

    Proteolix | June 2006 - October 2009

    Proteolix, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and marketing pharmaceutical products that target certain cancers and immunological conditions by inhibiting the proteasome and thereby disrupting protein turnover in cells. In addition to its lead product candidate, carfilzomib (PR-171), which is delivered intravenously and is currently in multiple clinical trials to evaluate its safety and efficacy in multiple types of cancer, Proteolix is developing next generation proteasome inhibitors, including an oral proteasome inhibitor and a selective immunoproteasome inhibitor, to expand the therapeutic potential of this new target class. Proteolix is headquartered in South San Francisco and sold to Onyx Pharma 2009 for $851 million.

  • Advisor | September 2006 - January 2009, inc. is a leading online provider of health, beauty, vision and pharmacy products. The company offers health, beauty, household and other non-prescription products and prescription medications through our website at,;, and March 24, 2011, was acquired by Walgreens for $409 million, inc., was founded in 1998 to serve the health, beauty and wellness consumer with selection, convenience, information, personal service, and a trustworthy and reliable pharmacy. The pharmacy is licensed and able to dispense prescription medicine in all 50 states and is proud to be certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy's Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program.

  • Board of Directors

    California Association of Healthcare Leaders | August 2006 - December 2012 The California Association of Healthcare Leaders (CAHL) is the American College of Healthcare Executives Chapter for the Northern and Central California Region. The chapter represents a merger of three previous chapters; Bay Are Healthcare Executives (BAHE), Healthcare Executives of Greater Sacramento Valley, and Sierra Pacific Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

  • CEO

    EnerLook | June 2002 - May 2003

    CEO, EnerLook an interactive technology company providing trendsetting bedside technology.

  • Online Host

    America Online | September 1999 - February 2002

    Creator and Host of a weekly “live” interactive online forum for healthcare industry covering news,operational issues, emerging trends and management information for healthcare leaders,nurses, CEOs, executives for America Online.

  • Founder & Senior Vice President

    HealthOnline | December 1997 - November 2000

    Co-founder of BancBoston Ventures backed healthcare technology company serving leading health systems with private labeled IT solutions. Raised $15 million in capital and grew company from $500,000 to $75 million capitalization in two years. Directed national sales and marketing functions. Developed national sales strategy, plan and sales systems. Recruited national sales and marketing team; Developed management and communications systems. Responsible for multi-year and multi-million dollar sales contracts to billion dollar health systems in eight states.

  • Chairman

    Better Business Bureau | September 1996 - March 2001

    Chairman, Better Business Bureau (Northeast Louisiana) Vice Chairman, Board of Directors Chairman, Technology Committee, BBBOnLine development Member, Finance Committee

  • Board Member, Chairman Medical Division

    United Way | April 1994 - April 2001

    Served on board of directors of United Way of Northeast Louisiana. Chairman of Medical Division 1996. Served on Finance and Fund Raising Committees.

  • Founder, Chairman

    Children's Museum | June 1994 - October 2000 Founded and served as Chairman of the Children's Museum of Northeast Louisiana ( Wrote the business plan, secured 10,000 sf building, obtain exhibits and lead $1M fund raising efforts including corporate sponsors, hundreds of donors, and Louisiana state funding. Museum provides interactive science and technology exhibits for more than 50,000 visitors from 30 states. Received United Way's "Golden Rule Award" in 1997 for efforts.

  • Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Board

    Ryan Group | April 1994 - June 2002

    Founded national healthcare consulting and contract management company. Provide contract management, national sales, marketing and business development to hospitals, healthcare companies and emerging technology companies, Fortune 200, health systems, and eHealth companies. Expertise to growth companies on their national “roll out” or expansion plans by utilizing extensive experience and national healthcare network.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Specialty Hospital | April 1994 - June 1999

    Founded and operated specialty hospital and provided multi-year contract management and consulting services. Served as a contracted CEO of this start-up specialty hospital, part of HealthTrust (now NYSE: Hospital Corporation of American- HCA). Recruited 130 physicians to the medical staff and hired 300 technical, clinical and support staff for this $30 million operation. Directed all overall management, business development, information services and marketing functions.

  • President

    Catholic Health Association of Louisiana | January 1993 - June 1999

    Served as volunteer leadership executive for Catholic Health Association members in Louisiana's including hospitals, nursing homes, home health and healthcare organizations. President, 1996-1998 President-Elect, 1995-96 Board of Directors, 1993

  • Vice President Professional Services

    St. Francis Medical Center | May 1992 - April 1994

    Managed $110 million annual budget and 400 professional and technical staff within $1.5 billion FMOL Health System. Provided leadership in directing clinical and support departments for leading regional medical center.

  • Chairman, American Red Cross of Louisiana

    American Red Cross | September 1992 - November 2002

    Responsible for developing policies, diaster relief services, fund raising and governance for American Red Cross in Louisiana. - Chairman, board directors from 1999-2002 - Vice Chairman, State Service Council from 1997-98 - Chairman, State Fund Raising Committee 1996-97 - Member, Southwest Regional Board of Directors 1999-2002 - Chairman, Northeast Louisiana Chapter 1996-98 - Chairman, Capital Funds Committee 1995 - Volunteer of the Year 2000 - Louisiana State Community Service Award 2001 - "Golden Rule Award" 1999 from United Way

  • President, Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development

    American Hospital Association (AHA) | January 1989 - November 2000

    - President,AHA, Southwest Society of Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas) 1998-2000 - Board member 1994-2000 - President, AHA, Capital Area Society for Healthcare Marketing and Planning (Washington, D.C,Virginia, Maryland) 1989-1992 - Editor, Newsline Newsletter 1989-1992 - Founding Board Member 1989-92

  • Vice President Operations

    Real Estate, Construction & Property Management | December 1988 - May 1992

    Responsible for managing corporate real estate division which included purchasing, buying & managing commerical and medical properties. Operations included construction company and property management firm. Managed three medical office buildings and 60,000 square feet offices including a "medical mall" pharmacy, dental clinic, eye center & DME. Managed primary care clinic with 22 physicians as well as diagnostic and imaging centers in Washington, DC and region. Worked with company Chairman the late Larry Horning

  • Vice President of Operations

    Ascension Health - Providence Health System | December 1988 - May 1992

    Served as vice president operations and planning for $200 million healthcare holding company and various hospital operations including purchasing, material management, dietary, telecommunications, medical office buildings and retail pharmacy. Responsible for P & L of $60 million budget and 300 employees. Direct management of several for profit companies including internal hospital consulting company, MRI, construction company and a joint-venture family practice at Fort Lincoln Clinic with Georgetown University Medical School. Served as chairman of Ethics Committee.

  • Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President

    Ryan Advisors | November 1986 - December 1988

    Opened office of international healthcare consulting company in Florida. Provided healthcare marketing, contract management and facility planning services to 200+ hospitals and health systems in United States and internationally. Including building a 1,500 bed National Taiwan University Medical Center,the largest public project in Taiwan, ROC at the time. National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei and National Cheng Kung University Directed corporate operations, national sales and marketing functions for staff of 25. Provided multi-year senior level contract management and outsourced services to hospitals.

  • Founder, Executive

    DePaul Properties | January 1985 - January 1987

    Founded DePaul Properties for buying and selling of commerical properties in Northern Florida region.

  • Administrative Resident

    Saint Thomas Health | October 1983 - September 1984

    Saint Thomas Health Services is one of the Tennessee s leading faith-based health care organizations that offers social and medical care services for disadvantaged individuals. It maintains various medical facilities, including Saint Thomas Hospital, Middle Tennessee Medical Center, Hickman Community Hospital and Baptist Hospital. The organization manages a staff of more than 8,000 associates. It also operates a network of rehabilitation facilities, health care clinics, surgery centers and diagnostic laboratories. Saint Thomas Health Services clinics offer cancer treatment, health status monitoring, and family and caregiver counseling services. It also provides orthopedic recuperative, women s health and cardiac care services. The organization s facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission. Saint Thomas Health Services is a part of Ascension Health, one of the United States leading Catholic nonprofit health care systems.

  • Vice President of Administration

    Ascension Health -St. Vincent's Health System | January 1982 - December 1986

    P & L responsible for $35 million and 22 divisions in $300 million healthcare holding company. Directed the start-up of 12 new healthcare related companies including the acquisition of a full service media and marketing company. Developed and managed one of the country’s largest ambulatory care systems with 15 outpatient clinics. Served as CEO of rural hospital and received “Letter of Commendation” from Florida’s Governor for management expertise in financial turn-around of operations. Served as Administrative Resident at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN. Served as STAT messenger, nursing staff office assistant and unit clerk in critical care unit at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC.

  • White House Intern

    The White House | January 1980 - September 1980

    White House Intern serving under Social Secretary Gretchen Poston and Ambassador Robert Strauss. Served as co-coordinator for “Artist and Athletes” program working with national sportsmen, National Football League, leading performing arts, performers, stage, televisions and screen actors, musicians and celebrities. Pretty cool gig for a 20 year old calling people saying "Mr. (Johnny) Cash, this is Michael Ryan calling you from The White House on behalf of the President of the United States..."

  • Actor

    Donn B. Murphy Productions | May 1979 - August 1979

    Actor with Donn B. Murphy Productions with lead role in original children's play performed at The Wolf Trap Farm for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia.

  • Editor-In-Chief

    News Group Communications | September 1975 - January 2000

    Served as Editor-In-Chief for News Group Communications, Inc., publishers of 50 specialty corporate, business and healthcare publications. Editor of monthly Ryan Advisory Newsletter for Healthcare Governing Boards with paid subscriptions in all 50 United States. Provided news, trends and commentary of healthcare industry including healthcare Boards, CEOs, senior executives and government leaders. Began as staff research assistant in 1975, served as marketing assistant and eventually served as Editor-in- Chief.

  • CEO

    MGR Arts | February 1974 - September 1976

    At age 14, started my first company and immediately promoted younger brother Steve to “vice president” on his business cards that were in the shape of an artist palate ---No, it was not a lemonade stand, but a graphic design company which provided original art work, logo designs and my graphics for several Washington, DC based companies, shops, law firms, associations, including the Metropolitan Athletic League, The Washington Corporation (which later became part of a $4 billion NYSE roll-up)Medical Designs and Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr. That was my first entrepreneur venture, it was great and I haven’t look back since!

  • Research Assistant

    Ryan Advisors | March 1969 - August 1978

    Began my healthcare career at age nine (9) sitting around the family dining room table helping my parents "launch" their latest venture healthcare consulting, facility design and contract management company from our house of seven children's spare room. Clearly recall licking labels, stuffing business cards and company annoucements to prospective clients in first marketing effort. Six months later the firm moved to the Chevy Chase Building (MD/DC) for 15 years, and later "The Ryan Center" with offices in California, Florida, Singapore, and Rome(Italy). For over a decade did numerous jobs including: research on potential cients; drafting plans; answering phones; binding reports; and taking out the trash! It was a great "school of business".


  • Stanford University

    Computer Science

  • University of San Francisco


  • Copenhagen Business School

    Lecturer/Advisor | Entrepreneur Studies | 2008 - 2008

  • University of Gothenburg

    Lecturer | Business | 2007 - 2007

  • University of California - Berkeley

    Communications | 1998 - 1999

  • The George Washington University - School of Business

    MHA, School of Business | Business Administration specialized in Healthcare Management | 1982 - 1984

  • Georgetown University

    1981 - 1981

  • Regis University

    Bachelor of Arts | Communications | 1979 - 1981

  • Regis University

    Bachelor of Arts | Political Science, International Relations | 1979 - 1981

  • St. John's College High School

    Diploma | College/University Preparatory and Advanced High School/Secondary Diploma Progra | 1974 - 1978

  • St. Elizabeth Elementary School

    Diploma | 1966 - 1974