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Naveen Rao

Greater Boston Area

Naveen is an experienced healthcare professional with a background that spans data analysis, quality improvement, project management, policy analysis, market research, writing, and social media. In more practical terms, he is a proven dot-connector, a quick study, an insight seeker, and a big-picture thinker. He has worked with companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 50 corporations and offers his clients a unique combination of industry knowledge, business experience, and a curiosity-driven work ethic.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Market Positioning

    I've helped companies come up with optimal taglines, positioning statements, target markets, etc.

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Go to market
    • Strategy
    • Competitive analysis and intelligence
    • Branding
  • Go To Market Strategy

    Should you target payers, providers, employers, universities, government programs, or go direct to consumer? Depending on the regulations, incentives, market opportunities, product design, and so on, I've helped companies find the best area to make their first foray into the market.

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Go to market
    • Segmentation
    • Target market
    • Product market fit
  • Competitive Landscape

    I've put together numerous overviews of competitors, allies, partners, and other companies in a target market. These can be high level on a swath of companies, or more focused on one or two key competitors and their product/business differentiators.

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Other
    • competitive strategy
    • competitive analysis
    • Competitive analysis and intelligence
    • Landscaping
    • Channel sales

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery


  • Health IT Analyst

    Chilmark Research | September 2011 - Current

    Conduct market research and intelligence in the US health IT market: competitive analysis, growth forecasting, technology assessments and comparisons, vendor profiling, regulatory landscape, consumer trends. Research focus includes: mHealth, wearable tech and connected health, patient and consumer engagement, population health management, and more. Contributions include direct client work, subscription-based services and reports, and blog posts, viewable here: