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Paul Heinzelmann

Greater Boston Area

- Practicing, board-certified physician at Massachusetts General Hospital (Primary Care). - Founder of RemoteCare Solutions, LLC ( Focus is on novel and disruptive innovations including mobile and on-call services, telehealth platforms, mobile device apps, digital devices, sensors, and social media. Project consulting, program oversight and clinical staffing since 2007.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Telemedicine

    Leveraging communications technology for healthcare encounters and transactions.

    • Healthcare Delivery
    • Telehealth

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery


  • Advisor

    MediSprout | July 2014 - Current

    MediSprout is leading the charge to disrupt healthcare delivery through telehealth innovation.

  • Board Member

    Interlock Media, Inc. | June 2015 - Current

    Interlock’s mission is to promote environmentally sustainable practices and social justice by: * producing original works in film, video, and new media * providing media training to enable communities to address critical environmental issues and implement their own long-term strategies

  • Medical Director - Suffolk University, Office of Counseling, Health & Wellness

    Massachusetts General Hospital | April 2013 - Current

    Medical direction and oversight of student health services.

  • Reviewer

    Medical App Journal | April 2013 - Current

    Review the form, function and utility of medical apps

  • Founder and Medical Director

    RemoteCare Solutions, LLC | June 2007 - Current

    Consulting, development and oversight for a variety of healthcare-related service projects including: - On-call and online medical services for feature film, television and live productions ( - Flu Vaccine program for an employer and a national pharmacy chain - New product review (software, devices, mobile apps) - Private home care solutions - Amateur athlete pre-participation screening and clearance program

  • Primary Care Physician - MGH Primary Care Boston

    Massachusetts General Hospital | April 2012 - Current

    Patient care for adults.

  • Instructor, part-time

    Harvard Medical School | January 2007 - Current