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Sharon Knight

San Francisco Bay Area

My expertise is in retail, gaming, and healthcare which share a strong consumer technology, product and service focus. However, I am particularly interested in healthcare solutions that promote improved patient access, more personalized experiences, or better engagement, connectivity and participation with a goal towards improved health and wellness. I also have a keen interest in food and nutrition and how healthcare and the food industry can partner to reverse the US obesity and diabetes trend rates.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Angel / Seed Investing

    Over the past 2+ years, I have personally invested in 10 early stage companies. I have learned a lot about deal structure along the way and can serve as a credible sounding board on investor pitches.

    • Funding Sources
    • Angel investing
    • Seed round
    • seed capital
  • Business Plan Development

    I have considerable experience leading strategic and financial planning functions across a diverse range of companies and industries. I can review your financial model and provide feedback on how to tighten and improve it to resonate better with investors.

    • Finance
    • Forecasting
    • strategic plan
    • financial plan
    • Revenue modeling
    • financial modeling


  • Sharon is awesome. She gave me so many ideas and new ways to look at my product that my head is spinning, but in a good way. She definitely knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to add valuable insight regarding your company.
     Angela Malone
    Thu, Apr 09, 2015
  • WM
    Sharon was a very dynamic leader within the European Publishing team of which Online was a part. She set very clear and well thought through direction. I supported her by defining the techology and operational aspects of the approach to delivering the online gaming P&L for Europe. Sharon is good at setting and meeting aggressive objectives but at the same time applying sound risk mitigation strategies. Sharon is also extremely skilled in managing people and is a motivational leader. I also worked with Sharon when I was the VP of IT for Europe and she was the VP of Product Operations for Europe. I found her very easy to work with as a customer. The projects which she sponsored ran very smoothly and successfully due to her clear vision and partnership approach.
    Warren Mayoss
  • TW
    Sharon is a highly talented leader. She is smart, people orientated and goal driven. Sharon understands the "bigger picture" while taking into account the nuances that make up the dynamics. If I had an opportunitity to work with or for Sharon in the future - I would. It is that simple. She is that good.
    Tom Waller
  • AS
    Sharon has been an incredibly valuable informal advisor for Wello as we've grown. She's a true advocate and has helped us with advice and introductions on numerous occasions. We have her to thank for some great opportunities!
    Ann Scott Plante
  • AM
    A pragmatic, driven and highly self motivated leader, Sharon sets the bar high while providing unflinching support to her team and reports to set them up for and see them through to success. As her direct report I found Sharon to be clear, fair and an inspiring mentor who leads by example, always taking time to share her insight and wisdom to help her direct reports realize their potential.
    Anne Miles
  • BR
    I had the privilege of working for Sharon at Electronic Arts. She is an excellent leader who is smart, driven, and passionate about what she does. Some people are excellent at vision and determining where to take a company, others are great at execution. Rarely, you will find an individual who is great at both, but Sharon is one of those leaders. She can sort through all the noise and determine the real issues, and quickly bring them to resolution. At the same time, she has the ability to rally those around her to drive the change and achieve the desired results. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sharon at any time and am grateful for what I learned while working for her.
    Beth Ritchie
  • JM
    Sharon is a solid thought leader with incredible drive on delivering results. She was a joy to work with and always perserved in every situation.
    Jim Metevier
  • ME
    Sharon is hands-down the most motivating and strategic leader I have ever worked for in my career. She has an extraordinary ability to lead and deliver on critical business initiatives in an entrepreneurial environment. Through tenacity, savvy and a strident focus on driving outcomes, Sharon accomplishes a tremendous amount with the resources at hand. One way Sharon does this is by being able to quickly identify the most critical outcomes and come up with a clear plan for how to get there. As President of One Medical Sharon provided the leadership I needed to stay focused on driving sustainable results in the key areas of the people side of the business. Sharon leads her team through her natural ability to inspire others to succeed. She breaks down barriers, partners in problem solving and uses her savvy to create solutions. When I worked for Sharon I always viewed her as someone who was truly interested in my success, both short and long term. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sharon again.
    Margo Ellis Christou
  • KM
    Sharon was a wonderful business partner during our time together with Gap. Her professionalism, business accumen, and positive outlook are all tremendous assets to her success. Sharon values business realtionships and is a great team leader. I really miss working with her!
    Ken Mancuso
  • JZ
    Working with Sharon's a pleasure - she's focused, organised, disciplined and importantly, a good listener. She consistently asks the right questions, encourages productive analysis, and finds pragmatic solutions to problems. A great person to have on-side.
    Jeff Zie
  • MS
    I met Sharon at a Watermark event for women leaders shortly arriving to San Francisco and was immediately drawn to her positive outlook and willingness to make a difference in her community. Sharon has provided invaluable advice and shared experiences around leadership that's helped me significantly. She's a super connector and has made countless introductions to equally inspiring and dynamic people. Sharon thrives on supporting leaders in whichever way she sees possible consistently responding quickly and honoring her commitments. If you've crossed paths with Sharon and have the opportunity to work with her on any level - you're in great company!
    Maria Sipka
  • RH
    Working with Sharon is a very positive experience. Immediately, one can see that Sharon has enormous drive and commitment for her job and the task at hand and this inspires those around her to participate with equal enthusiasm. Her ability to provide strategic direction while narrowing in on key operational issues is nothing short of amazing given the scope of her responsibilities within EA. Because of this, I always left a meeting or discussion with Sharon impressed with the quality of her input and fresh perspectives.
    Ron Henseleit
  • MF
    Sharon led the change efforts to rapidly improve the FP&A function at EA. She has an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm for doing what's right and getting the job done. It was a crazy busy time and we achieved a lot. Thanks Sharon for your leadership.
    Mat Fogarty
  • NL
    Sharon is one of the best connectors I have ever met. She pretty much singlehandedly built the first San Francisco Women's Initiative Board, bringing friends and colleagues to our organization with her passion and dedication. She is an effective problem solver and motivated "doer". Whatever the team is, you want her on it, or leading it! It's truly an honor working with her.
    Nicole Levine
  • AK
    I reported to Sharon for about two years when she was the Sr Director of Corporate FP&A. One of Sharon's hallmark strengths is her ability to drive results. She is a creative problem solver who knows how to harness her team's talents to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. During her tenure in Corporate Finance, Sharon significantly increased the amount of collaboration and partnership between Corporate and the divisions ----- resulting in improved work product. She would be an asset to any leadership team.
    Aina Konold
  • JC
    Sharon is an incredible leader. She has edge, vision, ethics, passion for the business - and knows how to execute transformational change. Her global perspective, commercial instincts and innate ability with people make all the difference!
    Janet Curtis
  • MP
    Within the span of one year Sharon has built an exceptionally strong shared services organization at EA, which fostered innovation, operational efficiency and pursued bold cost reduction initiatives, while helping deliver the largest and most diverse product plan in the games industry. She leads by example of integrity, hard work and genuine creativity in approaching all business challenges. I would work again for Sharon in a heartbeat.
    Mihai Pohontu
  • AX
    Sharon was a mentor to my team and me at Beam Technologies while we were in the Rock Health accelerator. Sharon was helpful and dynamic as she took extra time to connect us with investors and potential partners. Many of my SF connections today I can trace directly back to Sharon!
    Alex X Frommeyer
  • BH
    Sharon is smart, personable, approachable and creative. Working with her I always felt like any problem was surmountable and, despite the tremendous stress and tight deadlines at the Gap, Sharon handled the pressure with grace and ease. She has an incredible work ethic, has a great sense of humor, and is a joy to have on any team.
    Barbara Haedtke
  • SS
    If you are willing to work hard - Sharon is one of those rare bosses who will look out for you and take you places. In fact, it has been over 3 years since I worked for her and she still coaches me and connects me to people. In professional situations I often find myself emulating Sharon's style and work ethic. I admire her focus, energy and drive. She is a tremendous leader and I learned a great deal from her while we worked together.
    Simran Singh
  • DJ
    Sharon is an extremely strong corporate executive who has the ability to synthesize complex issues into priority goals. She is very skilled at converting those goals into measurable tactical plans and communicating her vision to the other executives, partners and team members in a very effective fashion. I look forward to the chance to work with Sharon again - I trust her.
    Doug Johnson
  • ET
    I give Sharon the strongest of recommendations. She has a rare combination of direct-to-consumer business acumen, a huge network of high-quality people, a very sharp mind, and extensive knowledge and insights into today's rapidly changing healthcare markets. She has materially helped my company CollaborativeHealth in many ways: strategy, customer development, product development, and fund raising. We are very fortunate to be collaborating with her. Sharon also has a winning personality, strong leadership skills, and great interpersonal skills. I will always want Sharon on my team in business and in life. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about her.
    Elliot Turrini
  • DG
    Sharon was a great business partner who provided a lot of support and guidance to me from the Corporate Finance team when I ran Finance in Europe. Her friendly personality, combined with a strong work ethic, made her a pleasure to work with.
    David Gibbons
  • KT
    We are blessed to have Sharon's presence, influence and expertise on our Advisory Board for Fertility Planit. She is an outstanding advisor, leader and human being. Her support and strategic advice for our start-up has had important, positive impact on the direction of our business and has opened our eyes to possibilities for marketing, revenue generation and product development that we would not have seen otherwise. She is extremely selective, has the highest standards, and, once she believes in your mission and agrees to work with you as an advisee, works tirelessly to help your start-up make important strides forward. As a person, she is wonderfully approachable, engaging and generous and a true pleasure to spend time with. She is the ultimate advisor for any start-up lucky enough to attract her.
    Karin Thayer
  • SS
    Sharon is a ridiculously capable leader. She has a rare gift and finds the simplest path to solving complex business issues. Sharon quickly masters new skills in emerging industries, segments, or functions. I have had the privilege of collaborating with her for 8 years in many capacities including investing in Avik Venture supported start-ups. She adds incredible value and ROI beyond her core focus to any company or team. If you ever get the chance to work for, or with Sharon, take it!
    Susan Solinsky
  • HH
    Sharon is the rock star advisor who shows up to do the hard work. She is an A+ connector, extremely generous in opening doors and very thoughtful about what connections really matter when. She is great at tactics and strategy. She is in constant contact sharing insights, news, unique ides for partners. She holds the bar high and is on a mission to push companies, to push the whole healthcare industry forward. I have no doubt that Sharon could take any company and accelerate growth.
    Hilary Hatch
  • SI
    I learned a tremendous amount about great leadership from Sharon. She is a fantastic motivator and collaborator who has mastered the balance of empowering her team while delivering results. Coming from a big company to a start-up, she transitioned seamlessly and jumped in with a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Sharon really helped me think through how to structure my teams and processes to enable growth and allowed us to scale. It was truly a pleasure to work with Sharon everyday.
    Sarah Israel
  • AS
    Sharon was my primary client with whom I partnered as HR Director /HR business partner over a period of 4 years, both when she was based in the UK and latterly when I worked with her in the US. I hold Sharon in the highest regard for a number of reasons; her high integrity and sense of fairness, her business savvy and intelligence, her work ethic, and her constant desire to provide a stimulating and challenging environment in which her people could really contribute their best (for which her teams loved her!).
    Alison Stevens

Investing Profile

Investor Overview
11+ investments
Invests $25,000 per company

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery
Markets, Health Indications, Health Issues
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Consumer engagement
  • Mobile health
  • Health Care Services
  • Patient Engagement
  • Wellness
  • Consumer Health
  • wearables
  • Women's Health
  • Patient experience
  • Disease Prevention
  • Telemedicine
  • San Francisco Bay Area


  • Advisor

    Vital Score | September 2014 - Current

    The new vital sign for primary care that delivers personalized advice for the behaviors that cause chronic illness in one minute of the doctor’s time.

  • Board Member

    Collaborative Health | October 2013 - Current

    CollaborativeHealth's RapidHealth is an online / mobile online and mobile health platform grounded in behavioral science, entertainment, social media and gamification.

  • Advisor / Investor

    AVIA - Innovation Accelerator | July 2013 - Current

    AVIA is a member-driven innovation catalyst. We partner with healthcare providers to build new technology-enabled care delivery models. We serve as extender to our members’ executive teams, helping them to identify, evaluate, select, and implement the best emerging solutions that align with their strategic/innovation priorities. For six months in 2013, I consulted for AVIA on the development of a strategic framework and diagnostic tool for patient engagement solutions and identification of new technology enabled services and products. I also provide operating advisory support to AVIA's portfolio companies.

  • Advisor

    Therapydia | November 2014 - Current

    Therapydia is a national network of company owned Physical Therapy clinics that also feature ongoing wellness programs like Yoga and Pilates. They are seeking to transform PT delivery to focus on lifetime wellness.

  • Mentor at InciteHealth

    Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care | February 2015 - Current

    Delivered keynote presentation (Primary Care 2020) at the Feb 20, 2015 launch event. In the one-year, part-time fellowship, InciteHealth fellows work with patients to create and execute ideas that will transform health care. Inventions focus on everything from designing a new technology or care delivery model to integrating diagnostic tools to complement and strengthen primary care practice.

  • President and COO

    Hawthorne Effect, Inc. | July 2016 - Current

    The Hawthorne Effect is a psychological phenomenon that produces an improvement in human behavior or performance as a result of increased attention AND is the name of a new company driving innovation in and efficiencies for patient follow-up. Hawthorne Effect, Inc., founded in 2014, is a technology-enabled network of experts (that we call HEROs) who use a patient-centered approach to deliver comprehensive data for clinical trials.

  • Advisor

    Buoy Health | April 2016 - Current

    Buoy (f.k.a "Qur") is a computerized, concierge doctor, providing personalized medical information in place of late-night Google searches and scary internet forums. At its core, Buoy is a machine-learning, adaptive diagnosis generator with the ability to express compassion and humor.

  • Advisory Board Member

    Leo Health | February 2015 - Current

    Leo is re-imagining healthcare for kids.

  • Board Member

    ella health | October 2012 - Current

    ella Health is a venture capital funded 3-D mammogram and women’s health services provider.

  • Founder

    Avik Ventures | April 2012 - Current

    In creating Avik Ventures, my goal is to partner with entrepreneurs and investors, providing both capital and expertise to help early stage companies be more successful . . . faster. My professional experience is in consumer products and services, gaming, and healthcare. I am particularly interested in healthcare solutions that promote improved patient access and experience or consumer education and engagement with a goal towards improved health and wellness. At present, my portfolio includes Seed or Series A investments in, CaptureProof, ella health,, FitStar, RidePal, Ringadoc (acquired by Practice Fusion), nVision, AVIA, Portfolia and HumanAPI. My deal flow is primarily referral based.

  • President

    One Medical Group | August 2009 - May 2012

    One Medical Group is a membership-supported primary care model staffed by high-quality, tech-savvy physicians. One Medical provides a modern, service-oriented experience that eliminates many of the barriers that prevent people from regularly seeking care and living a healthier lifestyle. As President at One Medical, my focus was on revenue growth via new patient member acquisition strategies, improved member retention through improved customer experience, billing and collection optimization, and identification of new partnerships/business models, as well as improved planning, forecasting and analysis. During my tenure, the company expanded from 4 offices in SF to 15 offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington DC.

  • SVP Operations

    Electronic Arts, Inc. | July 2007 - February 2009

    Recruited to build Central Development Services, a cohesive shared services organization from 6 disparate existing functions globally: Localization, Quality Assurance, Certification/1st Party Relations, Motion Capture, Outsourcing and Mastering. Acted as general manager for this portfolio of service businesses with $140M R&D budget and staff of 2,100 in 15 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia which serve 18 game development studios worldwide.

  • General Manager, Europe Online

    Electronic Arts, Inc. | February 2007 - July 2007

    Concurrent with prior position, briefly led evolution of EA Europe’s Online Commerce business, a 2006 start up with $22M revenues, before being transferred back to US HQ. Led team of 15 in delivery and growth of online commerce revenue streams through dynamic and static in-game advertising, web advertising and sponsorship, PC and console digital distribution.

  • VP Operations - Europe

    Electronic Arts, Inc. | May 2005 - July 2007

    Partnered with EA’s development studios and 3 console manufacturers to localize and certify software to achieve simultaneous global street dates. Oversaw 5 direct reports and staff of 300+ located across Europe with annual budget of ~$30M. Reorganized team into distinct functions to create scalable model supporting packaged goods, online and mobile products. In last year of assignment, concurrently served as General Manager for 350-person, multi-function Chertsey, UK campus.

  • VP Finance

    Electronic Arts Inc. | December 2002 - May 2005

    Recruited by CFO to transform Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis to achieve global consistency in measurement, improve quality and quantity of analysis, increase transparency of results, and strengthen general company-level controls in support of Sarbanes Oxley 404 compliance.

  • Senior Director, Finance

    Gap Inc. | March 1999 - December 2002

    Drove management reporting and analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and long range planning processes at the Gap Brand and Gap Inc. level.

  • Director, Finance

    KFC Corporation | May 1995 - February 1999

    Provided financial leadership, strategic direction and analytical support to multiple cross-functional project teams simultaneously, focusing on same store revenue growth and margin improvement. For 9 months, focused exclusively on driving development of new home delivery and multi-brand concepts; built compelling financial analyses that led to approval of profitable initiatives. Participated actively in spin-off from Pepsico and formation of Tricon Global Restaurants (now YUM Brands).

  • Vice President, Corporate Banking

    Harris Bank | July 1987 - April 1995

    Advanced from Commercial Banking Trainee to Senior Relationship Manager responsible for portfolio of 25 corporate relationships with loan commitments exceeding $250M.


  • Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management

    MBA | Finance and Organizational Behavior | 1991 - 1993

  • Smith College

    BA | Economics | 1983 - 1987