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Spencer Hutchins

Greater San Diego Area

Serial entrepreneur, with focus on digital medicine & health services companies. Particular focus on team building, business model development, and early sales.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Founder Sales

    The first few sales for any start-up are critical, and in healthcare often require unique structures. I've spent a lot of time thinking about, designing, and implementing strategies such as early commitments, selling before product is complete, and using early customers as investors, product partners, and validators

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Sales Strategy
    • Partnerships
    • Equity
    • Direct sales
  • Cap Table Decisions

    Company formation & early hires are a critical time to set the foundation of your team. Too often, founders and early team members are conflict-adverse, settle for "even" equity split or are most generous to the squeakiest wheel. I've made a fair share of these mistakes, and enjoy helping new founders & teams come up with fair 'deals,' that set them up for short-term and sustained success.

    • Finance
    • Valuation
    • Co-founders
    • Series seed
    • Founding team
  • Channel Strategies

    Technology innovation in health can take many paths to market. Employers, plans, hospitals, physician practices or consumer. As your business scales, you can sometimes select a few, but at the early stage you often have to chose your beachhead, and the choice is critical. I've spent the last decade as an advisor, investor & entrepreneur helping shape those decisions

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Distribution channels

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery


  • EIR

    CONNECT - San Diego | May 2016 - Current

    Helping mentor companies going through CONNECT's SpringBoard program