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Srikanth Srinivas

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

1. Know the right thing to build: a) Blue Ocean Strategy to create uncontested market space and differentiation b) Technologies to enable rapid cycles to support implementation of Lean Startup principles c) What is the Value? The ROI? Align pricing with value d) Avoid the Big Data Hype. Infuse analytics seamlessly into your applications 2. Build it the right way a) Loosely coupled, cohesive units b) Idea to Impact Framework that ensures rapid, contemporary user experience working in all form factors and browsers

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Areas of Expertise

  • Value Based Pricing

    I have done a lot of work around the potential value delivered (e.g. Impact of reducing readmissions), what that would translate to on a per patient basis (provider / health system perspective) or per member basis (payer perspective) and how to translate that into Pricing, Marketing / Leadgen, Discovery kit for sales, aligning Implementations and building Case studies.

    • Business
    • Pricing
  • User Experience

    If you need to cut time to demo / test market concept down from weeks & months to hours & days, quickly validate ideas live with customers, incorporate their feedback rapidly, ensure that there is no "leakage" between what you are demoing & what you will end up delivering, while also making sure it works in all form factors (phone, tablet..) & browsers,.. Call me (I am passionate about this!)

    • Software
    • Design
  • Analytics Infused Applications

    While there is a lot of hype surrounding big data and analytics, most times, users get drowned in the Big Data. How do you distinguish noise from signal? How do you infuse your applications with analytics so it flows seamlessly and logically into decisions and actions? Do you need help with this? Another eye looking at this? I have myself fallen for this trap many times, and can guide you...

    • Software
    • Analytics

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT, Payers


  • SVP Solution Innovation

    Medecision | December 2013 - Current

    For more than 25 years Medecision has led the care management market with technology solutions for population health. Medecision's Aerial suite of products power the nation's largest plans, health systems and physician groups who collectively manage the care of more than 40 million Americans.