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Timothy Cook

Araruama Area, Brazil

Health Informatics Research & Consulting Services "Improving Health Care with Free and Open Source Software and Standards" Healthcare IT Live!, Host on YouTube. Specializing in workshops on the multi-level modelling approaches to developing interoperable, future-proof health applications. This platform is designed especially for developing healthcare applications of all types. Providing a foundation for semantic interoperability. Specialties: Government and private industry research fullfillment. International health system expe...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Information System Design

    The design of your foundation is the most important aspect of IT development.

    • Software
    • Data science


  • NL
    Tim is a valued member of the openEHR foundation and we worked together on installing Zope/Plone as a change management tool for the software developers of the foundation. His knowledge and experience of the both deployment environments and the Plone tool was thorough and impressive, and he was instrumental in its setup. Tim and I discussed other Health Informatics areas, specifically on the topics of health record system deployment and administration, as well as areas of information security for protecting the systems and the data.
    Nathan Lea
  • RP
    Tim has been working in the general area of bioinformatics for a while. His understanding of the issues - technical, economic and practical is impressive!!
    Rob Page
  • SH
    Timothy is a visionary working in Health Informatics. He has been a major contributor to the openEHR specifications - which has formed the basis of the new European electronic health record standard. As well as a leader in his field, he is well grounded in the reality of creating and maintaining systems clinicians can actually use. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Sam Heard
  • JR
    Tim Cook was doing self-directed research at Masters level on an innovative area of informatics in the health domain. He showed considerable application to the work, produced a well-articulated deliverable and an in-depth knowledge of a very specialist and emerging theme.
    Jean Roberts
  • IV
    Tim Cook is remarkably forward thinking and able to notice and capitalize on trends long before others. He is a skilled database and software engineer as well as being a tenacious thinker. For his leadership and pioneering work, he was awarded the Inaugural Linux Medical News Freedom Award in 2001. This award has become a prestigious industry award and it all began with Tim Cook.
    Ignacio Valdes
  • ED
    Tim has been very active at the nexus of open source, healthcare and informatics. I grately appreciate his patience, candor and guidance as I have endeavored to learn more about the open healthcare realm and the possible role various IT platforms may play in the future of delivery of care.
    Ed Dodds
  • FT
    Tim Cook deserves his industry reputation as a top healthcare IT professional. His public comments are intelligent, his code is well written and clear. What else would you expect from a former Marine?
    Fred Trotter
  • IB
    Tim is a knowledgeable thorough hard working IT person. He is deeply committed to health informatics and has depth and experience in that area. We have asked, because of his experience, that he join our Board of Directors for the FreeMED Software Foundation.
    Irv Buchbinder, DPM

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare Delivery


  • Project Lead

    Multi-Level Health Information Modelling | December 2009 - Current

    The Multi-Level Health Information Modelling (MLHIM) project is an innovative constraint based modelling approach to semantic healthcare information interoperability.

  • International collaborator

    National Laboratory of Scientific Computing | February 2009 - Current

    International collaborator for the National Institutes of Science and Technology - Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing (INCT-MACC). National Laboratory of Scientific Computing, Ministry of Science and Technology (LNCC-MCT), Brazil

  • CTO

    MedWeb 3.0 - The Semantic Medical Web | September 2013 - Current

    Tasked with technical direction of the company.

  • Member, Implementation SIG

    IHTSDO | June 2011 - Current

    Collaboration with the Implementation SIG volunteers.

  • Host, Creative Developer

    Healthcare IT Live! | December 2012 - November 2013

    A live, weekly web interview show covering topics across the healthcare spectrum. Guests and panel members are selected from an international pool of healthcare IT experts.

  • Research Consultant

    Astronaut LLC | August 2011 - November 2011

    AstronautVista - Enterprise Web Developer (EWD) integration.

  • Advanced Interoperability Workgroup Member

    Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology | December 2009 - Current 2009

    The Advanced Interoperability Work Group recommends optional criteria and technical testing, taking advantage of newly approved standards, to certify advanced EHR technology which can demonstrate compliance with these future “road-mapped” criteria, above and beyond that required by current certification programs.

  • Member

    Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde (SBIS) | January 2009 - January 2011

    Brazilian Society of Health Informatics

  • Member, Health Information Technology Standards Panel

    American National Standards Institute | December 2009 - Current 2009

    I work with healthcare interoperability standards.

  • Visiting Researcher

    Universidade Federal Fluminense | February 2008 - December 2013

    Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department to perform research in clinical decision support systems.

  • Owner

    Timothy Cook Research & Consulting,LLC | December 2008 - December 2009

    Research and consulting on health care IT specifications and implementation planning with a special focus on open source applications based on the openEHR information model.

  • Honorary Research Assistant

    University College London | December 2007 - December 2010

    Health Informatics research and standards development in the Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education (CHIME).

  • Researcher/Consultant

    Researcher/Consultant | September 2006 - February 2009

    I currently hold workshops and attend conferences/workshops on health care information standards and application development.

  • Member, Architecture Review Board

    openEHR Foundation | January 2004 - February 2009

    The openEHR Architecture Review Board (ARB) has been established by the openEHR Foundation Executive to advise on its technical work, including deliverables, programmes of work and strategic direction. The initial membership includes four founding permanent members, two from UCL and two from Ocean Informatics. The overall technical approach of openEHR, covering requirements, architecture, engineering and implementation, are documented in the openEHR architecture Change Management Plan (CMP), which provides a framework for the technical work programme that the ARB will manage and quality assure. The Terms of Reference will be kept under review, as required, by the Foundation Executive, in consultation with the ARB members. Goals The goals of the ARB are: * to assure the quality of openEHR technical outputs (documents and software); * to guide the technical strategy of the openEHR Foundation, in keeping with its overall mission and objectives.

  • Level 3

    UK Council for Health Informatics Professionals | December 2004 - Current 2010


  • Member

    American Medical Informatics Association | October 2003 - December 2008

    I am the founder of the Open Source Working Group and a current member of multiple working groups. More about AMIA is at

  • CIO

    CHASE Health Informatics, Inc. | December 2003 - August 2006

    Health Information Systems Research

  • President

    Free Practice Management, Inc. | August 2001 - April 2003

    Developed a two-level model web-based EMR.

  • Member

    Open Source Health Care Alliance | April 2001 - Current 2010

    I am a co-founder of the organization and currently a member.

  • Technician

    Med-Pro Biomedical Systems, LLC | January 2000 - April 2003

    Part-time biomed equipment technician.

  • Chapter Chairman

    American Red Cross | October 1998 - January 2001

    I was the County (Chapter) Chairman as well as a trained Emergency Services worker.

  • Information Systems Operations Manager

    Baptist Healthcare Corporation, Memphis, TN | November 1997 - January 2000

    Hospital IT systems operations manager.

  • Partner

    EBS, Inc. | April 1986 - June 1989

    Novell networking specialist.

  • Managing partner

    ClipCASE, Inc. | March 1985 - August 1990

    xBase CASE tool development.

  • Engineering Tech.

    Gould Defense Electronics Division | December 1983 - September 1984

    I designed and built test equipment for next generation passive sonar arrays design teams.

  • MSgt

    United States Marine Corps | November 1975 - April 1997

    Air traffic control and air defense systems design and maintenance. Information systems design and implementation. Certified TQM facilitator. Certified Small Computer Systems Information Specialist Certified Government Contract Specialist Certified Secure (cryptographic) Materials Management Specialist Considered a leadership expert and was called in multiple times to correct productivity and motivational issues in areas of electronics maintenance, information systems, logistics and personel management. 1994-1997 San Diego Recruit Depot 1985-1994 Memphis Naval Air Station 1984-1985 Inactive Reserve 1982-1984 Va. Beach, Va. 1981-1982 Quantico,Va. 1980-1981 29 Palms,Ca 1977-1980 Cherry Point,NC 1976-1977 29 Palms,CA 6/1976-9/1976 Parris Island,SC


  • University of Central Lancashire

    MSc (w/Merit Distinction) | Health Informatics | 2004 - 2006

  • USMC

    Certificate | Cryptographic Materials Management | 1990 - 1990

  • USMC

    Certificate | Informations Systems Management | 1988 - 1988

  • USMC

    N/A | Electronics | 1979 - 1981

  • USMC

    N/A | Electronics | 1976 - 1977