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Wayne Caswell

Austin, Texas Area

Currently working to launch Intelligent Sleep, a sleep wellness center positioned between mattress retail and sleep medicine to improve the health, safety and performance of nearly 100M Americans who don't sleep well, even after spending $32B per year trying. With decades of experience and the ability to recognize and exploit big opportunities, I know the positive effects digital technologies can have on society and the challenges of adopting them. Before leaving IBM, introduced the company to the Digital Home market and helped lead product development ...

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Areas of Expertise

  • Market Analysis & Strategy

    Introduced IBM to Digital Home mkts before retiring in 1999. After IBM, established CAZITech Consulting, led Wireless & Home Gateway standards development, served on FCC Consumer Advisory Committee, successfully lobbied Texas legislature to save municipal Wi-Fi, co-founded a nonprofit homeowner advocacy, founded Modern Health Talk, and co-founded Intelligent Sleep.

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Sales Strategy
    • sleep
    • insomnia
    • stress
    • bio feedback
    • Sensors
    • wireless
    • brain fitness
    • lighting
    • home networking


  • CD
    When I met Wayne, I quickly noticed that he spoke very articulately about many professional and worldly issues. I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge Wayne possessed. I asked Wayne to coffee, and he was very willing to speak with me for many hours regarding many subjects. What I love to see in Wayne is his will to speak life into a younger professional. He had a way of encouragement, and a way of molding my thoughts that was simply ingenious.
    Christopher D. Gentry, PMP
  • JL
    Wayne is a great marketing guy - well organized, lots of energy, and knows how to get a message across in ways that connect with people. I worked with Wayne on HomeRF, and he was superb in helping us brand and position the technology. While HomeRF was not a commercial success (through no fault of Wayne's), we did help create momentum in the marketplace for VoWLAN that has gained a lot of traction. I always liked the logo, too!
    Jim Lansford
  • JG
    Wayne is one of the most thoughtful and articulate professionals I have ever encountered in the advanced home electronics market space. He knows the market in both a quantitative and qualitative sense and can provide solid consultation to large companie seeking to tap this lucrative market.
    John Galante
  • AC
    Wayne Caswell brings outstanding depth and a wealth of industry expereince to ay marketing team. He is often the voice of reason, able to look at the big and ensure that marketing programs, materials, intiatives, are spot on and effective
    Anne Camden
  • MS
    Wayne is a forward thinker. Based on his understanding of technology, starting at his days at IBM, he is a passionate advocate for how we can improve our lives through innovation. Modern Health Talk is a prime example of how technology can reduce health care cost and improve quality of life for seniors by allowing them to remain in their homes as they age. It has been a pleasure working with Wayne to help him help others.
    Michael Simpson
  • DW
    In Austin, Wayne was my go-to guy for great information about the digital home. I used his recommendations for state-of-the-art wiring to great advantage when I built my home there. Wayne's a great guy and a fountain of knowledge.
    Dave Whittle
  • MJ
    I enjoyed working with Wayne and found him to be proactive, creative and detail-oriented. He was very thoughtful, passionate, hard-working and never afraid to speak up and push for the best solutions. Wayne was always able to add a fresh perspective to our work and discussions.
    Matt Jorgensen
  • SD
    I met Wayne as I was entering the broadband field and quickly learned I could rely on him for deeply knowledgeable information about technological topics. His grasp of the facts, excellent writing and verbal skills and commitment to honest communications are qualities that truly characterize Wayne. I have valued knowing him and would recommend him highly.
    Scott DeGarmo
  • SB
    Wayne was a vital source of information for me when I was lobbying on cyberliberties issues with the Texas legislature. He is someone that keeps his finger on the pulse of various industries and is a maven of knowledge. He has also participated on various educational panels I have organized. So he is not only knowledgable but also conveys that knowledge well. I plan to permanently keep him on my rolodex (figuratively speaking ;-) .)
    Silona Bonewald
  • JS
    Wayne Caswell was a trusted source of information on the digital home, aware of emerging industry trends and a grasp of the industry need to assess those trends for market actuality.
    Joe Savage
  • DH
    Wayne is a proven expert on home networking technology, and he has a very good grasp of national and local broadband public policy issues. I recommend him highly, without any reservations.
    David H. Deans

My Interests

Health Sectors
Digital Health


  • Founder & Senior Editor

    Modern Health Talk | February 2011 - Current

    Modern Health Talk ( is an online community about health reforms and low- and high-tech solutions that help seniors live independently at home, rather than in institutions. It’s a labor of love that combines my interests in Connected Home technologies, super-fast (BIG Broadband) Internet access, mobile applications, wireless sensors, and technologies for people with disabilities while addressing an important and growing social need. In my small way as a consumer advocate and social entrepreneur, and through my blog and social media, I'm promoting Universal Design principals and working to influence the future of healthcare and home building. And while home automation focused on high-end homes for years, I see untapped mass-market potential in applying these technologies to home healthcare and seek complimentary projects and news stories.

  • Communications Director

    Homeowners of Texas | August 2008 - August 2010

    ■ Co-founded HOT ( as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit working to reform residential construction laws for sound, safe and quality homes while protecting homeowners from unscrupulous builders & contractors and from laws protecting industry rather than consumers. ■ Provided media relations, website design, marcom, IT support, strategy, and political lobbying. ■ Successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature to pass new consumer protection laws and abolish an abusive state agency, the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC). WATCH THE VIDEO below. ■ Helped establish Legislative Strategies, LLC, a new lobbying organization that opened doors for Public Interests where success hinges on strategy and advocacy. ■ Provided website design and management consulting to the Texas Association of Landmen, a new trade organization that wanted to differentiate themselves from the American Association of Petroleum Landmen and the special interests of big oil companies, as opposed to independent landmen.

  • Messaging Manager

    Dell | July 2006 - May 2008

    ■ Produced & enforced consistent marketing messages across all media worldwide, working with teams in Engineering, PR & Analyst Relations, Sales, Legal, MARCOM,, photo labs, and outside agencies. ■ Focused primarily on consumer desktop PCs but extended influence across laptops, graphics, displays, sound options, Blu-ray Disc, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi home networking, and services.

  • Founder & Principal Consultant

    ■ CAZITech provides management consulting for the Digital Home, Connected Home, a | November 1999 - August 2008

    ■ CAZITech provided management consulting for the Digital Home, Connected Home, and Smart Home industries. Services included strategy & tactical advice, education & workshops, and market & competitive analysis. Clients included 3M, Continental Automated Buildings Association, Electric Power Research Institute, Homeowners of Texas,, International Wireless Packaging Consortium, Parks Associates, Siemens, Technology Futures, and Texas State Technical College. ■ Influenced telecom policy as member of FCC Consumer Advisory Committee ■ Successfully lobbied the Texas legislature to protect the rights of communities to install municipal wireless networks

  • Market Segment Manager, Microelectronics Division

    IBM | May 1997 - October 1999

    ■ Developed business plan to enter home networking and residential gateway markets and a broader plan for Internet appliances ■ Sprearheaded 1st CES Home Networking pavilion ■ Represented IBM interests as Marketing Chairman for telecom industry and wireless standards groups

  • Various Other IBM Positions (see below)

    IBM | September 1969 - October 1999

    ■ Progressed from computer operations through applications programming, systems programming, and systems engineering before shifting from enterprise to consumer solutions and from technology focus to marketing and strategy. ■ Helped launch the IBM PC and later supported PS/2 & OS/2 marketing across 10-state territory ■ Developed strategies to sell OS/2 to consumers, teleworkers, and game developers ■ Introduced IBM to Digital Home market & helped pioneer Residential Gateway


  • American University

    BS | Management Science

  • Florida Institute of Technology

    Computer Science

  • IBM Continuing Education

  • Northern Virginia Community College

    Three Associate Degrees