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Zhen (Michael) Xu

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

End-to-end system design and development, covering sensor material, electronics hardware, electromagnetic shielding and compatibility design , system integration, and data analysis. - Sensor Material: fundemental physics of sensor principle, nano sensor synthesis, processing and experimental characterization - Electronics: sensor instrumentation, design circuits, PCB layout, testing, RF simulations. - EMC/EMI simulation, design and compliance test according to international standards - Algorithms: machine learning,signal processing,

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Areas of Expertise

  • Magnetic therapy, magnetic particle and thin flims device

    4 years hands-on work experience on design and calibration of all magnetic sensors and magnetic materials. Prime investigator of government funded project for design 10Hz-10 kHz magnetic field high accurate coil magnetic sensor to test magnetic materials. 5 years hands-on PhD. in physics research experience in sensing system hardware engineering, magnetic nanomaterials and femtosecond dynamics.

    • Research and Clinical
    • Bioengineering
  • Pulse Oximetry and optical sensors

    Improve device accuracy from multidimensional opto-electronics-biomedical perspective for wearable biowatch. Redesign optical sensor; Firmware adjustment to achieve better SNR; Design algorithms and signal processing techniques to remove noise signal for ambient light and acceleration.

    • Research and Clinical
    • Bioengineering
  • EMC/EMI design and compliance test for sensor device

    EMC/EMI design and compliance test for sensor device . Design EMI robust high accurate magnetic coil sensors to detect 10-10kHz alternative magnetic field, Real-time multi-channel electrical signal automatic processing. Strong in RF and EMC shielding design and test for device.

    • Manufacturing
    • Quality and Process

My Interests

Health Sectors
Medical Devices, Biotech, Diagnostics